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Laptop Advice Needed

Sir Me

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Hello Forum users :)

A friend of mine is looking at buying her first laptop. She's in her 60's and only has basic computer knowledge. So she has asked me to find her one for under £300 that is value for money and the most important aspect for her, has a web cam.

I've 'found' this Lenovo IdeaPad G560 on Ebuyer for £279.00.


All she wants it for is to do some typing, general web browsing and for using Skype (when I've shown her how to use it...) to talk to her son who lives in Aussie land.

Is the laptop above any good?

Thanks in advance.

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I previously have had very poor experience from pcworld, if it was not for my legal knowledge I would have been stuck with a laptop and would have had to waste considerable time and money dealing with the manufacturers direct, even though the item was purchased via pcworls.

Maybe the company has changed since a couple of years ago but their after sales service was absolutely atrocious!

As you described your friend is senior and probably a little unfamiliar to the way computers work, Dell are very good but they do not sell at £300 but can be around £350 and you have to purchase over the phone and discuss issues over the phone (as with most pc's)

Alternatively, consider buying from an independent if there are any in your area? Computers can be the most frustrating gadgets and require considerable user know how, if and when problem occur. I recommend purchasing from a place where you have someone to talk to should there be a problem.

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Lenovo are a Chinese company, they bought IBM's laptop business a few years back when IBM decided to refocus their business operations. Lenovo started off by basically re-badging the existing IBM laptop range. Since then of course they have introduced their own product line. I've never used one myself although reviews I've read in the past have been generally positive.

Regards that particular model, I'd only say that 2Gb memory is a bit light these days but is about right for this price point. Remember that some of that 2Gb will be swallowed by the on-board graphics. As a general point, I'd also say that while your friend only has modest intentions regarding the use of the laptop now, she may find that she wants to do more once she gets comfortable with it and might start to get a bit more ambitious. You should always try to leave some degree of headroom when choosing a pc/laptop so that you don't outgrow it too quickly.

Just found this one on Ebuyer :- http://www.ebuyer.com/product/224893 - More memory, bigger hard drive, better graphics performance , processor is marginally slower but not so much that you'd notice especially with the extra RAM, for £20 more but still under your £300 budget. Samsung are a known brand to the general consumer because of their other products (tv's, etc), they also tend to get good reviews for their laptop range, good value for money, etc.

At the end of the day, you pays your money and you makes your choice.

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Thanks K.Ram and Hartley.

I have no qualms over buying from Ebuyer as I've been a customer with them for years.

Regarding the Samsung laptop Hartley, that seems like a better overall choice. And it has a free case which would have been around £20 probably so all in all it's around the same price as the Lenovo.

Case solved I think, thanks for all your help.

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