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Blonde Sky Sports presenter ordered to take down her 'too racy' Twitter page


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A television news presenter has been ordered to take down her risqué Twitter page after her suggestive commentary was deemed too racy.

Chloe Everton - a Sky Sports News host - had entertained the 2644 followers on her micro-blogging site with innuendo laden tweets.

But executives at the satellite broadcaster ruled that the comments were too much and in danger of damaging Sky’s reputation.

The 31-year-old blonde regularly updated her Twitter online messaging page with suggestive observations seemingly about sport or her life but full of double entendre.

Commenting on a recent Premier League match, she wrote: ‘(Rory) Delap is using a towel to mop up some of the wet ready for those long thrusting balls into the box.’

Another said: ‘Golf today. Played with three boys. I came first, must have been down to good length.’

One posted earlier this year stated: ‘The sign on the ticket machine I am at says: “slot out of actionâ€Â. I know the feeling.’

It is understood she was told by the broadcaster to stop posting such comments earlier this year, and any historic posts of a suggestive nature were deleted.

Miss Everton still has a Twitter page but it only has a single ordinary posting on it – dating from four months ago.


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