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Turn the music down!


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Turn the music down! forever having to shout to the bloke directly next to me just so i can be heard!

Shoot towards to SS in the second half.

As someone has mentioned above, scrap goal music.

More visual displays on match days in the stands. Crystal Palace are an excellent example. Visual affair every match day, definitely boosts atmosphere.. MORE FLAGS/BANNERS! Cost could be covered by a fan fund raising campaign? although i believe this is already in the pipeline with 1884Group.

Encourage fans to get in the ground early to build atmosphere.

Scrap fan cam.

Alternative half time entertainment. something to keep the crowd engaged with matters on the pitch. Children dance groups just don't cut it im afraid, its not what the majority of the crowd (which is male dominated) want to see. Fans tend to switch off at half time, naturally when the players return on to the pitch and kick off, the atmosphere is very lazy and flat. If we keep the crowd cheering, laughing at half time, perhaps this will continue when the players return?

Manchester City do half time entertainment well.

When it becomes legal, SAFE STANDING!


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