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Club shop needs sorting


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The club shop needs sorting. I think, but will be corrected if wrong I'm sure, it's run by someone other than Derby at present.

The merchandise selection within it, leaves a lot to be desired, and the product mix, especially for the younger ones is poor.  They must be missing a trick with revenue lost, I wouldn't buy anything with a Derby logo on personally, but always get the kids and nephews something from there every year.  The problem is that the selection is limited, and when you do find something, dare I say often "chavy".  The size selection for the kits always seems to have gaps in to, makes me wonder if whoever puts the order in, has ever looked at the buying trend for previous years and compensated for the sizes that sell out early.  I'd also look at putting on promotions, like limited edition products, best one I ever came across was a Spanish team who had a black away kit made up of the names of the season ticket holders.  I see Parma have also done this recently.


Other than that, as long as the football is played as it has been over the past couple of seasons I'd be happy, the ambience is just a bonus, and having worked in clothing I always winge about the these things, when there looks like an opportunity is missed.


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