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 1) improve the offer for Junior Rams ( Watford, Bournemouth, Blackpool were all effectively free, and send out for example a free club branded pencil cases which my daughter loves, plus free kids ticket etc. Our Junior offer is great for season tickets, but of no use for "half" fans and any child aged five is a challenge to get them to attend and like coming, so to shell out circa £30 for junior membership without knowing if young child will take to the whole experience is a lot......blackpools offer was very attractive, and did engage my daughter, even though we sat in home end cheering Derby on...ditto Watfprd and Bournemouth. For free she has branded pencil cases and balls from other clubs...sadly nothing from junior rams as membership fee is far higher than other clubs. Just having a reduced package would be beneficial to get "bums on seats" and more kids registered as Junior Rams 

2) Allow under 12 tickets to be purchased in main stand both for games and as season tickets

i started my five year old daughter at home cup games......sat in main stand for all of them. Did one league game in north stand.....and she won't sit there again,referring the better view and seeing more of the players from the main stand! And she got a better view of the south stand "bounce" and could hear the south stand better. I can't take her in there as she won't see a thing, so main stand is her preference, but club charges us an 18year old price ...obviously not wanting to "give up" an expensive seat for a small revenue due from an under 12.  As she can attend a non league game for free to pay out roughly £15+ for a five year old is a bot steep......yes we can sit elsewhere! bjt having carefully introduced her to games so we can go to many more it is a pain we can't sit where she has come to like sitting.......and whilst I seriously considered a season ticket I could nt have got a free child's under12 ticket in the main stand......and no way would she come with me for 23+ games and not sit in the main stand, she just like the atmosphere in there....ie she is loudest fan !! Which for a kid is exciting 

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