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ST prices for kids


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I suggest club don't ask for £180 for a five year olds season ticket in main stand. Only place my daughter likes to sit, watches game avidly, knows all players ....disliked massively our one venture to the Family stand as can't see/follow play as well as an adult can.....and finally when two decent seats came up....I get told have to,pay £600 for adult and £180 for a five year old. 

I am well aware of club possibly being able to take in more than £600 for the two seats sold game by game ....but club have made a success of free kids season ticket but having followed Rams for years, got my daughter really into games we are now faced with picking a few away games to go to. Today would have cost £52 for us to sit in the main stand together.

alternative club could give me was to spend on home and junior membership of £80 and then buy slightly cheaper home games .

being priced out at £780 for two seats I am mightily pissed off.

daughter calmly the information that her friends got free kids season ticket and said "they are being greedy Dad .....maybe they need the money to buy players ". That cheered me up....but as a result of my little one liking main stand so much from five or six visits last season we are now totally priced out. 

Blackpool, Watford and Bournemouth all offered and gave her stuff fkr free before we sat with their fans watching derby last season. Derby charge £30, the main benefit of which was to provide a free seat. With no free seat zero point in becoming a junior ram.  

So now we plan a few away games in non busy home ends, and hope we get a home game in FA Cup.   Championship at £54 for adult and five yr old is nuts.

never been more disilusioned than being priced out in my life. So DCFC now have enough 1-5 year old fans ...MARVELOUS. So pleased we got a millionaire owner 

may even send Mel a cheque for £180 as a thanks for letting us attend last season, so memorable it was 

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