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Blimey, the list is never endless....


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Blimey, the list is never endless :

  • Wifi that works
  • Better sing a long (happy to keep it rocky) songs as teams emerge at start and half time
  • After game stuff to watch/do - I am quite happy to hang around the ipro for a good half hour afterwards to avoid the queues and traffic if only there were something to do. And I would even buy stuff if that were available.
  • Must keep Steve Bloomers Watching. Everyone bar none claps  and sing in the East Stand where i sit. 
  • Why are we charged a fee  for buying tickets on-line when that reduces staff costs and admin at HQ ?
  • Extra time clock please
  • Send all ticket office staff on intensive customer care courses for the first time in their lives and do something about the 'back office' staff in the ticket office with their feet on the desk, eating burgers and checking their mobiles even when there are huge queues 
  • Half time is an absolute drag to me. How about showing videos of historic Rams events on the big screen ?

Think thats enough to be going on with for now

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