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Just listening to the Radio Derby Talk-in again, only got snippets of it earlier.

The question from Jim Wheeler at RamsTrust about having a supporter elected rep on the board. Folk like the Mortimers, Elaine Dean and Jim himself are good people and genuine fans and I've no axe to grind with them, but...

Please, please, please, NO.

I joined RamsTrust when the 3 amigos were in charge as for a spell they were the only organised voice against them. I then quit and helped out in a very small foot-soldier type way with the single issue RPG. 

The experience of being in RT was enough to convince me that such organisations should never be involved in the running a club in any way. Without wanting to be cruel, the type of people who want to be on committees are exactly the sort of people you don't want influencing anything.

(By contrast RPG was a benevolent dictatorship, did it's work, achieved it's aim and disbanded.)

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