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Get behind the team


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Injuries play a massive part in the outcome of a season just look at Arsenal 2008 when they were cruising at the top before an injury to Eduardo. That's one player which wasn't vital to their play we have Martin  and Thorne and their back ups out. They will be back after the international break and with 7 games to go there all to play for. 6 wins will be enough to go up automatically. For all thats said about our poor form we have only performed badly against fulham, norwich and last night.

Yes in my opinion the manager has made a mistake by not integrating Thomas more who is more like Martin instead of Russell but 9 times out of 10 he has got it right,


We need to remember how inconsistent the top 8 have been all season and they have to play each other and will drop points.  Even if we had drawn tonight which a lot of people before the game would have taken we would still be 4 points of top. 


All that matters is the positions on the final day not now. Enjoy the performances, Don't look at the table till the last day and stop whining. Up the RAMS.  

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