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Would you go to try and give something up ?

LONDON -- A former banker who is unable to quit smoking <a href="http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/world/view/20090801-218309/Banker-seeks-exile-on-island-to-quit-smoking#" target="_blank">


</a>is to spend August on a remote uninhabited Scottish island in a bid to break the habit, newspapers reported on Saturday.

Geoff Spice will be a castaway on Sgarabhaigh (pronounced Scaravay) in the Outer Hebrides -- a group of islands off the north west corner of Scotland.

He will camp during his stay as the island has only three ruined "bothies" -- huts once used by shepherds -- and no electricity or running water.

Spice, formerly a senior banker at NM Rothschild in London, hopes the solitude will help him give up his habit.

"This is my last chance. I've been smoking 30-a-day as usual but I think I can crack the habit," British newspapers quoted him as saying.

"I also hope that living on the island and surviving by myself will mean that I will not pile on the pounds (weight) as other people do when they give up," he said.

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