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  1. 1. Looking at the likes of Leicester, admiring what they've achieved and thinking that could have been us. 2. Play Off final defeats. In fact with the number of times we've made the play offs let's just call it "everything about the play offs". 3. Usually selling our best players on the cheap. Huddlestone to Spurs, Hughes to Watford, going further back Wright and Saunders to Liverpool rankle the most.
  2. I think that's a good fit and I can see Harry kicking on and stealing some more headlines with those free kicks. A decent season will improve his value as I don't think he'll ever break through at Liverpool (or be given the chance). But wish him all the best for the season ahead.
  3. Cocu has every right to demand that level of performance each game. It's always been about consistency with Tom. Has the penny dropped? I really hope so. I do think with Mount and Wilson gone he can be the main man.
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