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  1. I think that's a good fit and I can see Harry kicking on and stealing some more headlines with those free kicks. A decent season will improve his value as I don't think he'll ever break through at Liverpool (or be given the chance). But wish him all the best for the season ahead.
  2. Cocu has every right to demand that level of performance each game. It's always been about consistency with Tom. Has the penny dropped? I really hope so. I do think with Mount and Wilson gone he can be the main man.
  3. Based on the last third of the season we all saw his value. Would cost a pretty penny to replace him with someone of similar quality. I also agree he is better further up the pitch and has an eye for goal. Might be controversial but would have been more annoyed if Bryson had stayed over Johnson.
  4. 100% agree with this (saves me typing this 😉) took me while to deliberate this and it's perfectly understandable why Chelsea have approached and MM gave permission. It was previously discussed and mitigated for in the contract in terms of compensation. But as soon as FL made the decision he wanted to see what was on the table (and probably felt entitled if this was discussed as the true exception) my feelings towards FL have waned. He could have said "no I'm not ready Derby gave me the chance and after all the love I've been shown I want to see this through" I think most in the game would have understood this and been hugely impressed by the integrity and maturity of that decision. As it is both us and FL are dancing to Chelski's tune leaving the inevitable disruption and loss of momentum. I'm almost in no doubt the Chelsea job is too big and too soon for him and after a promising start he'll go the way of Solskjaer and results will dip. What will then happen is a big name will become available that will be too alluring for Chelsea and FL will be sacked and then will realise he perhaps had a great thing at Derby where the fans were connected to him and the team and MM believed in him. Cocu is the first name I've been excited about although Hughton makes a lot of logical sense I felt that wasn't an upgrade. Actually I think it's more than just Lampard leaving in that it means another new manager and the loss of momentum when we all saw last season as transitional. Wouldn't it be nice to see continuity based on solid principles and momentum and actually build season on season. We've had quite a bit of managers being seduced by the overtures made by other clubs, perhaps just perhaps this might all actually turn in our favour for once if we get the right man.......
  5. Oh my, best away performance (given the context) I've seen since, well I can't think of one better. My highly dubious ratings as follows Roos - 8: Steady under high pressure, especially last 10 minutes. Really hope we get that contract sorted. Bogle - 8: Plays with no fear, more of an outlet this game and tighter at the back, immense for 18. Whatever happens we'll struggle to keep him in the long term. Keogh - 8: At fault for the first but put that behind him and played with composure and grit. What a pass for Marriott. Tomori - 8: Some rushes of blood which isn't surprising but he was a rock at the back as well. Malone - 4: Really hate to be negative but his positional sense is awful never tracks his man and never stops a cross. Would have been a 3 if not for that block. Won in spite of him (sorry). Holmes - 6: Was tidy and tried to carry the ball when he could. Johnson - 7.5: Protected the back four as much as could, real grit. Just struggles with the out ball when he regains possession. Wilson - 7. So composed for the penalty and always a willing runner. Loses possession too much and not quite on it with set pieces. Mount - 8.5 Battled so hard and such quality on the ball, crucial goal and a real threat with his dribbling. Lawrence 7.5. Better down the middle, willing runner and put in a real shift defensively. Loses possession too easily by trying to be fancy. Bennett 8. Really battled and the penalty win was massive. Linked up well with Marriott. Subs Marriott 9. (MOM). CHanged the game. Came in from the cold and was ice cold clinical. Natural born finisher and predator. HAS TO START at Wembley. Hudds. 7 Composed and protected the back four, just not mobile enough as we know. Cole. Not on enough for a rating but wish he'd started.
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