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  1. Changed my mind, I don't see why I should leave because of a few bad apples. I don't see why people think I'm another clubs fan. I can see this horror show for what it is and not a denyer like some on here. We need to get mel out of our club
  2. Can nobody see that this football club is the laughing stock of the football pyramid. Its an absolute joke
  3. I'm really not, I said job done because I'm sick and tired of all this rubbish
  4. No link to it because it isn't true, the only thing we won was keoghs own internal appeal which shocked the world I'm sure. The tribunal was a massive failure and keogh rightly is owed the value of his contract.
  5. Why should he of accepted that? This club make stupid decisions
  6. 12 then we will appeal and it will drop to 6. Job done.
  7. Did you ever listen to him on talksport? Chatting utter garbage
  8. Devils advocate here regarding the whole ordeal, a little piece of me believes we should be a little bit grateful to middlesbrough for bringing up the allegations for the following reasons 1. If they hadn't brought other allegations we would have been relegated this season 2. If they didn't bring ourselves and Wednesday to EFL attention how bad could it have been? 3. I believe this ordeal is the main reason for Mel wanting shot. I see this and the keogh ordeal as a hard reset for us. 4. I think we have the quality under new management to see off any points deduction
  9. Never been a fan of passing the buck, it's as if people think the other two were children and didn't know any better. End of the day decisions like these all come down to money. Bennett = £300k at best Lawrence = 1.5-2 mil, we should have sacked all 3 or nobody at all.
  10. Mel strikes again 🙃 Probably would have got away with it if we sacked Lawrence and bennett aswell. We should have done.
  11. Can anyone translate this rubbish?
  12. You are blaming the wrong bloke, there's only one person to blame here and it isn't steve nobson
  13. You'd be surprised, just go on twitter and read people's comments.
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