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  1. 3 4 3 is suitable for some of the players. We saw that few times and played some of best football so play that system again on Saturday please.
  2. Good. I bet you're gutted that he's not playing upfront for us. 😃
  3. Haha fair enough David. Enjoy. Cheers 🍻
  4. I hope people finally realise that now. Yeah but people still think this stuff is causing the delay etc. I don't know why they think that way anyway.
  5. Have you been drinking or something? That's funny.
  6. Great news. Now drop Waghorn please Wayne.
  7. At least Wayne Rooney isn't idiot for going on the football forum to say good thing about himself unlike Robbie Savage.
  8. Because independent commission panel said so. EFL are appealing different one against us and that ain't going to be points deduction anyway.
  9. Which is I think we'll appoint new manager after the weekend against Wycombe Wanderers.
  10. There won't be any points deduction for us anyway.
  11. Because it probably won't announce after we played Wycombe Wanderers.
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