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  1. Reform could be on the cards if enough clubs want it. Championship is full of very rich owners who can fund their clubs very easily if they could. Its their cash so its up to them to decide how they spend it. However, they are restricted by the rules despite any desire to put something into the local team (coates family an example). Other clubs who bounce up and down to the PL will be terrified of what is happening to us, Stoke, Blues, wendies and every other club of decent size who are now uncompetitive due to rules. Everything hinges on an automatic return. the super league debacle I would
  2. Strange to be feeling elated after the last game of the season. Normally feel pig sick and quiet ride back up the M1 pending!
  3. Isn't that the point of a fans forum? Sharing and challenging opinion with folk who support the same team. My point with WR is that he takes aim at someone every time we lose. Not saying some dont deserve it but should be kept inside the club to preserve confidence in the younger ones particularly. Use it as a learning tool rather than some form of public execution. Poor training session and you are dropped, named and shamed. Don't score a worldy every game you are dropped, named and shamed. Just my opinion. Thats all.
  4. Who will he single out today. Sibley? Bird? Stretton? Ref? Physio? Kitman?
  5. Every single ball into their box ends in a free unchallenged headeer for reading. Whats the point? Change it and take them on.
  6. Thats my whole point. Game plan backfired.
  7. Watched the game fully expecting the same lame performance seen every game lately. Totally devoid of attacking intent. Just passed it around as usual. No real response to going behind yet again. Its so predictable and painful. Their keeper not tested at all. Teams know we cant score but also know they'll get a chance. If they take it game over! Three centre halves for a home match says it all. Set out not to lose rather than go out and win.
  8. Reminded me very much of how they played when thry didn't get paid a few month ago. Some justification then maybe. Today?
  9. If the very basics of effort and application not right this is what happens. No shape, no plan, no guts, no desire, no leaders out there just lots of abject acceptance every time a goal went in,
  10. Struggled to make an impact in many times when given chances. Didn't seem to have the aggression and desire of a knight, sibly or Buchanan but undoubtedly a very talented player in there. Maybe not suited to our style of play under Rooney? Given our position on and off the pitch can see the logic in allowing him to go if he isnt banging on the first team door. Gutted in a way because I really, really want all of home grown lads to play 500 games for us and have a statue outside greggs one day. May just be the making of him. Good luck either way Morgan.
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