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  1. Until there are confirmed photos of any of them sneaking out of Bubbles with their collars turned up looking mightily relieved then its all just media gossip as far as I'm concerned.☺️
  2. Thanks for the advice. I do already go home and away and partake in a singalong. Maybe the point was missed and the significance of who might be there blurred.
  3. Fair point how about a full minute of the old classic" we love you Derby ..we do etc etc" maybe more upbeat. I also considered clapping at 84 minutes might not go down too well with all those clearing off five minutes early around us!.☺️
  4. Ok so a little time before the next home match. Given we know that there has been some genuine interest in potential new ownership its fair to say there would be some representation in the ground for home matches going forward. How about a show of support for the club with something like a minutes applause in the 18th and 84th minutes to honour the year we were founded 1884. Standing ovations would be more potent. I know the atmosphere has been great lately but might just highlight the loyalty of our fan base and prove we are with the club through thick and thin. I know we show support by being there and all show support in many ways but anything extra the Derby Army can do might be good for solidarity and show we are all in it together. Bit of time to get the message out there but im no expert in how to do that! Someone with media links or maybe the club itself getting involved? If its been mentioned elsewhere apologies I dont post much but just thinking of something different. We do it to commemorate people passing ar certain times but this is to show we are very much alive and kicking!
  5. Made it after missing first few minutes. Sang ourselves hoarse. Clapped until our hands hurt. Didnt want to leave at the end. Great support and what an effort by evetyone associated with the club. Proud rams tonight.
  6. My boy stuck at a school footy match in sinfin. They've been waiting for 2 hours for the bus up to now to take them back to his school for their bags and so on. We'll grab him from there and try and get there but cant see it happening at the minute given we would still be 30 odd minutes from the ground. Changed all my work schedule today to be local for this one as well. Left the house at 3.00am to be back mid afternoon. Bloody typical on the day we all desperately want to get behind them. Had the boy in tears. Life ain't easy as a ram these days thats for sure but sincere thoughts and best wishes to anyone with loved ones involved in the carnage. It's only a game for us.
  7. Reform could be on the cards if enough clubs want it. Championship is full of very rich owners who can fund their clubs very easily if they could. Its their cash so its up to them to decide how they spend it. However, they are restricted by the rules despite any desire to put something into the local team (coates family an example). Other clubs who bounce up and down to the PL will be terrified of what is happening to us, Stoke, Blues, wendies and every other club of decent size who are now uncompetitive due to rules. Everything hinges on an automatic return. the super league debacle I wouldn't be surprised to see PL2 resurface and a reduction in PL to 16 or so clubs in each league. The money generation would be huge and attractive to Norwich, fulham, WBA and so on. Starves the smaller clubs sadly and takes the romance out of small teams competing fairly. Ultimately the game may just have to follow the cash to fund quality TV time. Very sad but bigger clubs will hold the cards maybe but how can you say its a level field now with some getting a £50m season headstart. The gap gets bigger.
  8. Strange to be feeling elated after the last game of the season. Normally feel pig sick and quiet ride back up the M1 pending!
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