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  1. Use the DCFC website and you can see on there
  2. I think he signed new contract from what I've heard though
  3. 1 Elgin? 2 Bristol City? 5 Ross County? 16 Leeds United 19 Port Vale 21 Forest Green Rovers 26 Morecambe 28 Celtic 33 Livingston 35 Reddogs 36 St Mirren? 44 Peterborough 45 Barnet 50 Aldershot
  4. mr_rams

    Max Bird

    Oh did he? I don't remember seeing him played
  5. Thought this thread was about apple fruit never mind lol
  6. Why not help clubs like Bury etc rather than focus on this stuff for long time?
  7. Oh dear that won't happen for next month in Spain no chance
  8. mr_rams

    Max Bird

    Made a debut for cup game against Barnsley under Rowett era
  9. I think I see somewhere that the deadline for this on 31st March but things probably on hold for now due virus situation though
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