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  1. Is it today that we'll find out any updates?
  2. Just in time for new season starts then and play him CB rather than CDM tbh
  3. You mean we paid under £3m for Nick Blackman? We paid £6m for Butterfield not Blackman
  4. TH been decent for us so far and was on form before got injury this season at Barnsley away
  5. Hope EFL don't have same ideas as this one tbh
  6. Doesn't seem to have much damage to the front end....considering the claim made!
  7. Roy McFarland and Chris Martin I'll take that tbh
  8. Mart Poom Wayne Rooney Igor Stimac Chris Martin Stefano Eranio
  9. 1) richinspain 4) G Star Ram? 5) i-Ram?
  10. Phil Brown Paul Jewell Nigel Pearson Paul Clement Billy Davies John Gregory Forgot to add another one Nigel Clough
  11. Agreed with you on that mate they deserved the shout out tbh
  12. It was brilliant day I'll never forget haha
  13. mr_rams


    Always find something to do which will do you world of good tbh
  14. Please see my reply to Wolfie20 many thanks
  15. No problem with your opinion Wolfie20 but will see about it
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