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  1. The meltdown when we are losing actually is amusing in some ways :-).
  2. Imo a good performance especially when compared to where we were a few months ago. Shame about the defending at the end of the first half.
  3. If we win tonight then we really are in the mix for the playoffs but it's going to be a very tough game! I reckon this forum will explode if we get the win! Come on you RAMS!
  4. He definitely turned us around and played a major role in getting us back in the top flight. But that's football isn't it? We all have our own opinion 🙂
  5. I tried to forget that he did! He was a great player for us but a very poor manager!
  6. I have to be honest and say I did not expect Rooney to have such a big impact for us. In real terms he has been simply amazing! This makes me think of other players who have come to Derby towards the end of their career such as John Gregory and Dave Mackay. Rooney certainly does not have the mobility he once had but its amazing to see how his football brain gives him time. Also of course he's vastly improving those around him. John Gregory also oozed skill and quality as did Dave Mackay. I think from the 3, as its early days for Rooney yet I'd stick Mackay as top of the 3 simply for what we achieved whilst he played for us. I wonder if Rooney will follow in the mould of Mackay and eventually manage us. I've never really thought of Rooney as a manager but perhaps I'm wrong.
  7. Can anybody remember when Nigel Callaghan came back to Derby on loan when we were having a poor season? He only played a handful of games, perhaps a dozen or so. There was almost a verbal agreement with most in the Popside if not most of the Derby fans to make him the player of the season. Many thought the vote was rigged as he finished second. What a great playerr he was though!
  8. I think so. 9 points I believe last March.
  9. Yes I know its very early days but if you had to pick your player of the Season (so far) who would it be? For me it's between Max Bird, Duane Holmes, or Wayne Rooney. I'd have to go for Wayne Rooney not just for what he's done but also for how he's seems to be influencing the whole team! To all the older members of this forum can you remember how John Gregory did a similar sort of job when he came to Derby although I'm not saying he was in the same class as Rooney?
  10. I normally follow the match day thread as I enjoy the updates from SaintRam but gave up on it today with all the bitching etc. A superb win! For those who watched it how well did we play?
  11. Here in Spain I have many Dutch friends. They all rate him as a top coach with their only criticism being his lack of personality. I just hope we stick with him for at least the next few years so we can really see what he's capable of achieving!
  12. Exactly! For those of us who live thousands of miles away or for even those who simply can't get to the game they do give a great insight to the atmosphere at the game that you simply can't get anywhere else. To all the Derby Vloggers please keep at it as you are doing a great job!
  13. I think a very good point was made earlier in this thread which stated that if the finances had been run properly, within the EFL rules then there would not have been the need to "sell" the stadium. Did I also read that there were also irregularities about the financial reporting of player sales or something like that? IMO MM gambled to get us promoted. If he had succeeded none of us, including me would be going on about it now plus of course MM and the club would benefit from the riches the Prem provides. I think MM was nieve but many in the same position would be. And in all respect to MM he seems to have now addressed matters although now we have gone from one extreme to the other with no signings but I understand that has to be done. I just hope that this whole stinking mess gets sorted this season so next season we can kick on. We need stability now plus of course we need to give Cocu time. I actually think Cocu has done a great job so far when you think about the actual squad he has. Come on you Rams!
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