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  1. Could not disagree more.remember there is different levels of ball playing GK and i dont care what anyone says hart would be a huge upgrade on what we have and without spending 10mil plus i dont think you would get a better keeper.from the mistakes alone this season hart would be worth at least an extra 15-20 points.this also doesnt take into account what a strong commanding GK would do to our defenders.a good GK is worth as much as a top striker.
  2. The money means nothing.just listen to his interviews of late he is dying to play football.id deffo take if for nothing more than he is sooo much better than we have.GKs dont tend to hit prime time early 30s.
  3. I know for alot of people at the moment being positive is becoming very hard, times are hard at the min. But mark my words good things are coming its just going to take time. We as a club are at a strange crossroads as it does feel at times like the media love dropping it on us. Thats why its very important we dont always believe what we read.good things are coming
  4. Only correct if you believe the papers.with it coming from the daily fail i would have little faith in it.but like they say if you wait long enough you will get your answer.i would take the waiting to find out if i was you it might surprise you.
  5. Yep totally agree and i dont blame anyone for being concerned about this as we have in the past as a club been burned.however i have enough knowledge to believe this will be a very carefully thought out transaction and one that will only benifit the club.
  6. True but sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate.whos to say the loan is not for the plaza the roof and more.it in the end will be for the good of the club.mel has already put millions in and maybe only wants to use his money for the football side.extra investment is needed to ensure we can develop our rev stream thus ensuring we can continue to complete at the football end.i dont know if any of this is true just my take
  7. Love it how so many on here discredit the papers then go on to almost say its true etc.this will end up a good deal for Derby mark my words.#keep the faith.
  8. It has never been about the money for mel he has other companys that make the money.buying the club was always about giving something back to the community.
  9. Highly unlikely but i see what you saying.like you have already pointed out no one knows.
  10. Agree but as far as i understand there were no other bodys waiting to be paid
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