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  1. Youth maybe the long term game but with the potential of this investment this may change the objectives some what in the short to medium term
  2. I agree full reset as there is no better time to do this if we are still way off the pace come jan
  3. I agree @bucks big things are happening.
  4. Less of a cost per players more the cost to run the academy however im sure i read somewhere that any one player if signed at say 9yrs old right through to u23 cost in the region of 250k each in development.could be wrong tho.
  5. Yes thomas went for 1.2 mil but alot more if he does well ie sometimes the young lads go for pretty small fees but have large sell on clauses if they do well and move on.
  6. I do agree with all that you say but i believe we have been trying for a better academy for a different reason and that is to make money look at Southampton.if you can produce x1 15mil player every 1-2 season that is what will keep you out of FFP and fund the purchase of more quality this then allows you to build with very little spend from the owner.thats my take anyway.
  7. Then your info is flawed mate im closer to this than alot of people know.you made the first and very bold claim is you that needs to prove it.
  8. Wrong he resigned then we let him go
  9. And your a fool to think mel has any involvement in picking players. You read the papers to much mate
  10. To be fair its quite simple- up to U15 it is mainly players from a local talent pool as you up the age the talent pool is made much larger.we are always going to stuggle at these lower ages mainly due to our pool being so small compared to others that it covers a much larger area. ie chelski, liverpool etc. Plus if you want the best talent it costs money and alot of the clubs im sure are happy to shower parents with gifts(cant be sure but didnt Chelsea get done for this?) to ensure they get the very best kids.its how its always worked im sure.(only opinion and not fact)
  11. Some very good points and i think some of the players will get put in before the end of the season. the one thing cocu doesnt say is some times you have a young player that is so good he just has to go into the team ie (Rooney at everton) i remember watching him when he was 13 yrs old in everton U16 and you could already see he was a cut above.at 16 he makes his debut and i guess the rest is history.
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