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  1. While I understand what your saying rooney does not strike me as a man that just oversees this kind of thing.lets not forget he stopped playing to do this and a club that at the time looked destined for relegation.whilst I'm sure both mac and liam have a lot of input in regards to advising rooney.the way he talks I have no doubt in my mind this is very much rooney in charge. Rooney could leave tomorrow and there would be plenty of clubs that would give him a chance even before he dipped his toe in with us. How long we keep him for is another thing but I get the feeling he is more than happy to
  2. Why was it not fair or consistent.you must have facts we dont??
  3. I dont at all doubt that it's not great but to spread fake news is damaging to both the club and mel.and I'm sorry but I wont just sit and let things be said that are untrue.this club has had more than enough of it's bad headlines over the years and more so this last 18months. Dont get me wrong some of it it's own doing so I'm not excusing that. Now days across the whole world fake news is destroying everything we have built and I'm just sick of it.there used to be a time when the news was the truth now it's all about dividing us instead of bringing us together. Sorry rant over.was nothin
  4. Why do people keep saying that about the groundsman its absolute rubbish.the groundsman have worked nearly all year round but due to the short turn around in seasons and some very poor weather they have struggled to get it back to good health
  5. I think with CKR it's his overall attitude that people really buy into as well. The unselfish nature he has and ability to bring those players up around him. The fact that even on a short deal with us the effort, work rate and overall passion he has for this team and club is just superb. Hes a true leader both on and off the pitch. In his interviews I love his honesty.its so so refreshing. And to top all this off he has been fantastic for us so far as well. Truly one of my favourite players at the rams in quite sometime.a true professional that kids look upto like the old days
  6. Nothing to do with money on the pitch those lights have always been used.the state of the pitch had nothing to do with money at all.was all down to the fact there was no time inbetween seasons to get it back to full health.
  7. Dont get me wrong I do as well and I agree we were very lucky last night and I agree the football was horrific. But in the place we are and have been for over half the season we just need points however they come. If rooney had come out and said we played well then I'd be scared but he didnt.
  8. How strange..... all games are about what ifs..... What if we had played really well and got compared to playing football like barca. We would all be saying we played well but that's no good if we cant win.last night is the reason I feel rooney is doing so well.not had a manager like this for a very very long time
  9. Did you watch the boro game???
  10. Perfect absolutely perfectly put
  11. No problem at all bud.no offense taken at all
  12. Fair play mate.but I'd find it quite hard for anyone to come to a solid conclusion without any facts only what they read in the media. I ment no harm just guilty of not reading the further posts so I'm sorry for you having to repeat for meπŸ‘πŸ‘
  13. One could no longer complete his job for which was employed the other 2 could
  14. We I'm afraid your opinion is based upon your misinformation.its absolutely ok to have an opinion but it doesnt mean its correct.
  15. Yer fair play to rooney I know it may have upset a few that are now no longer on the bench but this shows to me that rooney is all about winning no matter what.and I for one am all for it.
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