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  1. Who sold the black Africans to the White slave trader?
  2. Herb Jeffries (who darkened his skin) and Spencer Williams in Harlem on the Prairie (1937) Woody Strode in Sergeant Rutledge (1960) Bill Cosby and Yaphet Kotto in Man and Boy (1971) Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte in Buck and the Preacher (1972) Cleavon Little in Blazin' Saddles (1974) tho you took joy in metioning "a spoof western satirising racism" I do believe Mel Brooks saw it as a Film. The post was..".I wad reading something recently about how a large proportion if cowboys were black, but they didn't seem to make the cut in those old Westerns" I merely sh
  3. A shame. Sadly I believe it will be targeted by those on social media who wouldn't have known it was there imo, Now it's in the limelight it could be seen as fair game.
  4. And here we have it, You've had time to think, People are very quick to point an accusing finger straight away as it's fashionable for the time, That google search took 30 seconds. There's people out there doing the same, When a little time to reflect could help a damn site more.
  5. This is your quote. "I wad reading something recently about how a large proportion if cowboys were black, but they didn't seem to make the cut in those old Westerns." You can squirm all you want, I've proved you wrong.
  6. Westerns seem not to be a film of your choice, May be the Apache Indians killed them all, Or maybe your using a failed racist argument. There's plenty more if you care to look
  7. She found racism was low on the reasons why her voters voted for Brexit, It was a them and us situation, Where the gap has grown bigger since, Where her voters said Westminster say one thing but do another, There is no trust in our system, Where the EU looked to be a private club. It's how she was ostracsized by her own party for daring to go against Labour policy and agree with her constituants, How only 3% of the then serving MPs were from working stock, How people didn't believe in Corbyn. Just a small sample of working class peoples thoughts on Politics.
  8. Please have a read of this, It's from Febuary 2019 by Gloria De Piero ex Labour MP for Ashfield and why some voted for Brexit...it was eye opening for me from a Labour MP at the time. https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/staggers/2019/02/i-talked-my-leave-voting-constituents-about-brexit-what-i-learnt
  9. Because you were all out there protesting on election day, We snook in the back door 😉
  10. Spot on...It's only a message board...But. People can't help having an opinion or their say on any given subject, This subject being the most contentious, Race will forever be a stain on any society that treat people of different colour differently. Seeing a post people agree/disagree with we're compelled to respond, Either by a positive/negative counter reply, My above picture of the Blackface had recieved 35,000 negative responces from the female who wanted it taken down, There were 3000 to keep it up...It's been there for god knows how long without even a bat of an eye as far as I
  11. Well she got her wish, Only locals took it down not the Council, To be saved maybe for another day, Who knows.
  12. Having chops looks to be the fashion of the day, And from the Right. And he invented the Paper Clip 😁
  13. Knock knock knock. Who is it? It's the Police. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52964839
  14. It was set for Sky as was the Reading game, 5mins later both games wiped and substituted with PNE away
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