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  1. A ConservaTORY, I hope this doesn't get moved.
  2. It will at the next election imo, It wont take a great deal for those that voted Blue to return to red, Some may think they're unwashed, Some to teach Labour a lesson, Some for Brexit, Some against Corbyn, Some for BJ being a character, The red wall that was replaced by alot of blue bricks wont topple down at the next election but it will slowly be dismantled...unless something Catastrophic happens in the Tory party that forces a GE.
  3. Tomorrows Press healines..The Sun-Dodgy Durham Police, The Guardian-Durham Police Chief(Vote Leave)should resign, The Daily Mirror-Rightwing Durham Police fail again, The Daily Mail-Dom Dines out on Durham Police, The Daily Star-Dom ate my Hamster.
  4. This is the one I was talking about, Spent most of the evening in there after trawling the high street and back streets.
  5. I read Eddies post yesterday about Ursula von der Leyen giving a speach in their Parliament and wishing we had someone as her equel or better. So I had a nose at her full speach...turned out she spoke well, Hoping to get a 750 billion € deal through with €500 billion in grants to go with the National debt in the member states of the European Union in the 3rd quarter 2019 of a over Trillion €s , Spain Italy and Greece were all for it, But the ‘Frugal four’ (Netherlands, Austria, Denmark and Sweden) oppose borrowing such a large amount and giving grants to the countries in need. Getting a club of 27 to agree on such things takes time and effort, Not so when you're only 1.
  6. As you've highlighted all 3 of my examples, I'll mention L. Kuenssberg B.Rigby and K. Burley from the journalist profession and E.Cooper Andrew Selous and Jackie Doyle for MPs, There could quite easily be more, But chosen to post 3 from each category. 1. Maybe this "dangerous pinko" doesn't want to lose any readership to other rags...but I couldn't be sure to be honest, Not a reader of the Mail. 2. You forgot to put...IMO against "from the most incompetent politician ever to rise to the highest office in the land" I scrubbed your epithet on the rising of bread as it didn't do you justice. 3. As for an incompetant Politician in modern day Chris Grayling would be hard to beat imo but to become Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain did a fair job waving a piece of paper when alighting an aeroplane back in the day.
  7. Yeh we get that as horrendous as it is, When there's those that like to "stick the knife" in there's those that want to "stick their knife" in, There's 2 sides to every story...this one is a Monster in itself, It's now evolving into something more than a coin with 2 sides, We're all digging out those who think they speak for us or who believe they hold morals that are whiter than the driven snow , We speak for ourselves as this thread shows. Most on here would like DC to go, But, We're becoming a little entrenched in our Political views, And using that to show up the medias/journalists agendas is the only way we can show our angst.
  8. I wonder why. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1285316/bbc-bias-brexit-midlands-north-programming-tony-hall
  9. It was a storm in a tea cup, Now it's a Tornado that wont blow out, It's being perpetuated BY SOME EDITORS/JOURNALISTS/MPs for Political/Personel reasons, Only 2 people to blame BJ and DC, It aint big it aint cool to stiff the electorate, There's bigger stories out there that don't get airtime I guess and this is creating a HUGE distraction.
  10. I remember the Cooper-Letwin bill, It went through by 1 vote, Then onto the Lords, Cooper was there to witness the Lords voting it through, Never got to see her smug mush on the day of the election result in December unfortunately.
  11. The Prisoner is 50: But who was Patrick McGoohan's No. 6 really... and who is No. 1?...
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