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  1. The greatest goal scorer Englands ever seen 357 of em, Some of you guys may have never heard of him, Retiered at 31, Became an Alcoholic, Fought through it, Then resorected his career on the Saint and Greavsie show, Towards the end of the film I had tears in my eyes, Not through laughter but sadness 😒 If any of you have BT Sports a watch is a must πŸ‘
  2. Cracking post Bucks. If I knew how to upload a youtube clip I would, Here's the thing, It's in a USA colledge, An African-American female asked all the white students to leave the class as the African-American students felt uncomfortable...Segregation πŸ™„ Here it is.
  3. Watching since 1966, Yes Lee was a diver, The incident with Hunter was from a dive and a penalty awarded, Which simmered until the pot lid blew off, I'm pretty sure you know what I'm getting at, The slightest touch and an ambulance is called, The time wasting, The theatrics to con the Ref in getting another player a red or yellow card, Yes they were there then...but it was honest cheating πŸ€₯ Uruguay and Chile were the definition of brutality back in the day, Italy were more cunning, Dirty Leeds brought a style of intimidation with talent something I admirered but hated. Where in the days of thuggery it was the "norm" and was accepted 😁 today it's the "norm" also, The game has changed today, Faster, More tactics involved, Bigger squads, Less atmosphere, Seating, VAR 😑, I'm falling out of love with "the beautifull game". Off to work in a mo, I taped Jimmy Greaves from BT sport last night...looking forward to seeing crap pitches, Packed grounds, Players fighting, Fans going hell for leather at one another. It's a strange one for me, I have both BT and Sky, I watch as much football as I can on the box, I get involved in all the controversy during and after the game, Nothing I can do about the game today. Yep it's an age thing alright, I loved the 70s-80s, They were mad decades. All the best from a curmudgeonly old timer ☺️
  4. There were no A1 "gangstas" or YBCTG "ganstas" around in those days, You got a good meal, A decent pint and you could take your Wife/Girlfriend without fear or provocation, The only shot you heard was a car back fireing on Harvey Road that's being sold cheap. The trouble with CR was he thought because who he was he should get treated with the highest respect when he says "do you know who I am".
  5. They all happened and without doubt more, As historical cases come to light and those put somewhere they'd rather not be, As I said, Maybe it's an age thing, We accepted the social norm back then because it was the norm. Todays normalcy where social media is concerned...it's words, The only words that have done harm is Ready Aim Fire, I'm not on social media so I don't fall into the norm, Might be a good place, Might be a bad place, Not something I'm not fussed about. This message board gives you and I if we use it in the right way a vehicle to post our opinions and that's all they are...opinions.
  6. I have to admit i'm with Dethorn on this, People today are very easily offended, The use of a faux pas as a reason to fight back, Maybe it's an age thing, I'm well into my 2nd half of life, Social media and the thought police have a vice like grip on life where the many can be offended, Where in days gone by a phttt would surfice or some good old fashioned Anglo Saxon language would be enough for the instigator to move along. I remember being de bagged at 16 years old at work, Today it would be sexual assault, Getting a quik feel from the girls at school at 14-15 years old again sexual assault, Being thumped, Slippered, Caned by the headmaster at school physical assault, Getting a back hander from the local OB for being cheeky...he would be sacked today, Scrumping and being chased by the owner and caught and thumped...a trip to the Police station and maybe a court case today...Plus many many more instances from yesteryear. We dont live in Orwellian times as of yet, We're on that slippery slope but not at the end yet, There will be tons of quotes, Quips, Misspokes, Faux Pas's that will be taken to the limit by those who may not have been brought up in the 60s 70s and find it their duty to report...all because they're offended, Or they will report because it may enhance their job description or just that they like to be the one who hopes to become the savior. As for Dethorns comments on football he's right imo, Todays game is going down the pan for lack of honesty and chicanery and where cheats do prosper.
  7. Trouble with CR was his attitude, Twice I'm aware of his attitude worked against him in the Blue Peter and Ritzys on Babbington Lane when at DCFC.
  8. Agard Street? or Roman House Friar Gate? both closed for Government cuts. My Daughter worked at both as a VAT investigator until she was offered re location to Nottingham or losing her job, She moved through gritted teeth, Austerity hit her very hard 1% if lucky per year pay rise, Where walking to work was cheap travelling on the train and paying train fares was financially painfull, But hey she still had a job. Several years later, And taking more exams she's getting to the top in her pay scale, She travells to London for meetings, Sometimes by mini bus laid on by the Government or 2nd class train to St Pancras paid for by the Government, Meals she pays for. Now she can work from home 2-3 days a week, Time and money saved.
  9. Lots of instances. The Romans...Twice, The 1st instance Julius thought this land wasn't worth staying, Damp, Wet, Full of uneducated natives who painted their faces, 2nd time Claudius and his mob decided to stay for 360 years, Taking all our mud huts...really the cheek of it. Then there was. Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Vikings, Normans, I remember talking to Nigel Clough about this, He said "they should go back to where they came from"
  10. To be fare to the awfull man in the middle from where he was i'd say he couldn't see the handball, But the useless speciman of a linesman could. Calamitous defending gave them a 3 goal start, Poor really poor no one taking responsability and all over the place, Sunday Morning teams can marshal their defence better. 67% posession acording to the beeb, Oh well onto Saturday and Huddersfield ☺️
  11. Swinging the lead - A person pretending to work (or claiming to be ill) when he is not. Pre-modern days, seamen would check the depth of water by dropping. a lead weight, attached to a thin marked rope, to the bottom of a. waterway. Some lazy sailors would take as long as possible about it.
  12. No your not, There's always a place for a good Acronymist. Have I just made a new word?
  13. We used to call it "not pulling your weight"
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