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  1. I've been diagnosed with two personality disorders. I remember Millwall away in the eighties. Sheffield Weds away like a cavern with nobody there. We had passion. Southend away - pitch invasion. Brilliant- apart from being bound over to keep the peace. Ahem. Bouncing round the pop side singing Roy McFarland's barmy army.. Stimac, Tommy Johnson, everything cheer. I'm ashamed of this forum. WE ARE Derby! We are here to support the team. The vitriolic atmosphere leading to players reacting to the crowd is why we're still in this league. You should all be very ashamed of yourselves.
  2. Not a clue about this chap. Goalkeeping is all about confidence though. Watched my lad in his first Sunday game. First 10 mins awful. Clucking like a chicken. 0 - 2 down. Grew into it though and at the end they were 3 - 2 up and he made a stupendous save to win the game. In Mel and Cocu we trust. I've proved I know nothing. But what I do know is - 1 we were brilliant at Huddersfield 2 Rooney's here in January 3 We're going to be top at the end of the season. 4 Duck it. I'm a Ram. It's not about winning the league it's about being the best and nicest place in the world to be anything.
  3. Robbie Savage should never have been allowed in the City never mind the club. Total bell-end and worst signing we've ever made.
  4. Not at all disagreeing with you but Amazon would still want to operate here even if their profits were taxed properly as they wouldn't have those profits otherwise. However we seem to be entering into politics rather than football so I'll just say I'd take the money off the Devil if it paid for Messi to be here..
  5. In order to achieve success you need good players and a good manager to keep them motivated. Rooney is CLASS, even at the grand old age of 33 he'll be the best player in this league. As has already been proven he'll also raise the profile of the club Worldwide, every Man U fan in the World will be keeping an eye on our results just to see how he gets on. (Admittedly nobody in Manchester will notice..) This added publicity will mean that more sponsors will want to be associated with us meaning we get more money into the Club. More money in the club means we can get better players who will also think that playing alongside Rooney is exciting and encourage them to sign. Plus he'll score a hat-full of goals, set up more and fire us into the Premier League. It's a magnificent signing full stop.
  6. Totally agree. They operate within the Law. It's the tax-dodging corrupt low-lifes that make those laws that are the problem. If our MP's didn't like the fact that most international companies pay little or no tax in this country then they could simply change the law so that tax was payable in the country revenue was earned or impose a tariff on their profits like the French have done If a sponsorship deal means we can buy better players and get back to the PL I'd cheerfully take money off Amazon or anybody else.
  7. Woooooooohooooooooo! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  8. Totally agree it was the best I've seen him play. He has received criticism for his performances since he's been at Derby and it's been well deserved. He's been frustrating as we all know what he can do but too many times after losing the ball or misplacing a pass he would get petulant instead of breaking his balls to win back possession. If this is how Cocu can get him motivated and playing then he could be our 2nd best player this year (After Rooney) Let's hope he can keep this up and not revert back to his old ways. If him and the rest of the team put as much effort in for the rest of the season then I'll be a very happy Ram and we'll be up there at the end of the season!
  9. il fait chaud dans les Midlands, surtout que nous obtenons maintenant Rooney! Allez les Bรฉliers!
  10. Can't imagine that Rooney will ever not give 100% and it's rumoured to be an 18 month contract so we won't still be paying for him 10 years after he's never played for us..
  11. You think he's actually done any thinking? ๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. I haven't been this excited since Wanchope scored at Old Trafford!
  13. Do people still use internet explorer? I thought that died years ago..
  14. I like. I like very much. Re Lawrence- I had my humble pie with ice-cream he was fantastic and deserved his MOM. Particularly his defensive work. COYR!
  15. OMGOMGOMG etc!!! Wayne Ducking Rooney? Duck yes please! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
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