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  1. I miss the Tin Man. He was great on the pitch and as a commentator. Ramage is fine but he gets a little shouty.
  2. I would love to give Evans a chance at CB - he really looked classy end of last season - granted small sample size. We have Shiniesta but another all action central mid would be great to allow the luxury of Sir Tom. The biggest hole is Wilson’s goals. The money and energy needs to go to into top talent winger. A young Mr Kinkladze would do the trick.
  3. Very encouraged by Evans at CB - hope he is the solution. Seems to be able to play the ball and has good timing and enough physicality. Hopefully this is a solution and we can focus on an all action midfielder - someone who can make up for slow (but great) Tom and a tricky speedy winger (replacement for Wilson) who can dazzle.
  4. West Ham Winger. https://www.teamtalk.com/news/exclusive-west-ham-winger-wanted-by-championship-trio
  5. Mason Bennett - feel like Twan Sheepers is going to get the best out of him
  6. Hoping for a magical Lee Grant type deal where he be no 3 at Man City or the like we get some funds for Phil
  7. I didn’t see Given in any of the management team pictures today. Seemed odd.
  8. Ashley Cole fits the profile Mel talked about and I seem to remember something cryptic about one of his tweets about are you again or something to that effect. Shaun Barker would be an inspirational addition - guy is a hero coming back after his injury. I can’t see it being Mac after the Newcastle rubbish.
  9. I feel like Sam Rush’s facial hair bears some responsibility for those disasters
  10. I wonder about the exciting signing that Mel is adding to the backroom staff - the English coach with Championship knowledge. Expect is it is a name hence exciting, some kind of Derby connection and some knowledge of Championship. Can't see it being Mac. Ashley Cole Michael Johnson Chris Powell Shaun Barker Pesch Hallselbaink has experience working in England and the Dutch connection Simmo - unlikely to leave England
  11. Željko Buvač - Klopps former number 2 - the Brain. Inventor of heavy metal pressing - team him with a strong number 2 with a bit of flair (Igor)
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