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  1. Who's vaulks pal? And Tomori wont be coming back
  2. 33 I believe now mate, isn't that just a touch off the pace of things now? Look at Huddlestone yesterday, I think same would apply, but I'd start him if hes fit enough as hes better than what we have!
  3. Right people, now our season is over, who feels this starting 11 is possibly the way forward? Roos Bogle Keogh New CB Malone Shinnie Holmes Lawrence New LW Waghorn Marriott
  4. My bad, I totally ducked that formation up 😂😂😂
  5. No mate I'm suggesting he plays CAM/CF as he did at Ipswich, he scored a belter with his head against Reading though? And playing football on the floor means you very rarely have to head the ball!
  6. Yes, because Josefzoon and Bennett are so much better....
  7. Lawrence is the player who likes to receive the ball 40 yard out and take the man on and get a shot in 20 yard out, look at his season at Ipswich, was banging them in for fun! Waghorn and Holmes out wide, with Mount, Wilson and Huddz in the middle
  8. I do agree with you, but 0 times this season has Lawrence been tried behind the striker. Yes we do have Mount, Waghorn, Wilson etc. Which backs your statement of too many wide players. And yeah, a lot of the time he takes the wrong option but already beating last year's goal tally and he's missed around 10 games due to injury!
  9. I think my team would be... Roos Bogle Keogh Tomori Malone Huddlestone Wilson Holmes Lawrence Marriott Waghorn
  10. Is it just me that thinks Lawrence would be 10x better playing more central? I.e behind Marriott/Waghorn. He's always cutting and and drifts more central anyway. If you watch his season at Ipswich playing CAM, arguably his best position and season so far.
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