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  1. Got to admit , I like the deon burton and lee Morris idea , hopefully brings in Marco Reich as assistant in some capacity ?
  2. Not sure if true or rumors ? Apparently Lee Morris and deon burton were seen checking out of the Travelodge opposite PP ?
  3. Can’t understand why no one is suggesting Phil Brown?
  4. Not sure what you lot think ? Maybe Both Nigel’s back ? Pearson and Clough working together ?
  5. Didn’t think of that ! Still doesn’t explain why Branko Strupar was with them ?
  6. Fabrizio Ravanelli just been seen coming out of Frankie and Benny’s with Mel
  7. Don’t shoot the messenger , just rumors I’ve heard doing the rounds , Assistant manager: Candido Costa
  8. Just heard the latest about Lampard , so could be truth in the rumors I’ve heard ?
  9. I reckon so ! Candido Costa as assistant ? not sure if true just the rumors on the street
  10. What’s the difference between bing Crosby and Walt Disney ? Bing sings but Walt disney ( scottish accent needed of course )
  11. Are the rumors about Jeff Kenna returning as manager true ?
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