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  1. Re Brentford: we will never have a Brentford style recruitment with the amount of money Mel has pumped into the academy. Brentford don't have an academy anymore, their B team plays friendlies against other youth teams. Brentford buy all of their players to sell for a profit. This might work in the championship but I don't think it will work in the premier league. They would be the only prem team without an academy, getting the quality of player they would need without any youth structure would be very difficult. They would never be able to produce a world class player as they are always spotted at a very young age. Mel's idea of sustainable is to develop our own youth players, supported by purchases to fill in the gaps. This has so much more scope than the Brentford system, we're just starting to see the first signs of the investment on the academy coming into the first team
  2. Derby 2 - 1 Fulham FRGS Lawrence
  3. If we keep hold of the academy lot then we need a GK, a CB, a winger and possibly a striker depending on what happens with Marriott and Martin. Would love Harvey Elliott on loan for a year, or Curtis Jones. The CB and keeper needs to be permanent deals to build a solid triangle with Te Wierik. Or possibly Bielik next to him if Bird and Rooney is the way forward?
  4. If you looked at Max Bird last season you would've thought he'll never make it. I was confused as to why Lampard kept picking him, especially after watching us against Villa away. This season though he's been one of the most consistent performers since Christmas, he's been incredible. Morgan Whittaker reminds me of Max Bird last season. But there must be a reason he keeps getting into the team, if you watch any of the youth games he's a level above. Bogle and Bird are both the same age (19) but if Bird has a bad game the excuse is 'oh he's still finding his feet' but if Bogle has a bad game there's so much more of a negative reaction. Same with Bielik at the start of the season, him and Lowe are both still 22, but there's so much weight on their shoulders if they have a poor game. People forget how young this team is, they're not gonna be a 8/10 every game, if they were they wouldn't be in the championship. Just think of the players they will become in 5 or so years when they're in their prime...
  5. Was a bit strange that he had full tracksuit on, with Leeds t shirt underneath and got into a Range Rover afterwards as well. Looked too much like a footballer to be a fan 😂
  6. Any idea who this is? Was in Little Eaton Starbucks this morning
  7. Thanks, I think the full backs are the best assets we have. Agree with the cb partner, would be happy for it to be a loan too. Not too sure on Jordan Ibe though, he was great when we had him for that year but I don't like the reputation he has. Would rather us go for a prem youngster on loan who wants to work hard to prove himself. Would love Curtis Jones or Harvey Elliott at Liverpool.
  8. I agree but I don't think Waghorn gets the credit he deserves. He has 11 goals from 26 games, if he continues at this rate for a full season he gets 19 goals. I know he was awful at the start of the season but they all were. Been playing really well recently and the missed penalties at the start of the season would have massively damaged his confidence.
  9. Would agree if this was away but I think Lowe and Bogle provide width at home as they push high up the pitch which Fozzy wouldn't do as much of. I know he got the assist for the Martin goal against stoke but Lowe was one of the best performers up until his red card
  10. Was a toss up between the 2. Cocu's first signing at PSV was Luuk De Jong whose massive so I think it's an important position for him to have the right player
  11. Exactly that, although I think missing out on Benkovic is a blessing in disguise. It's allowed Cocu to get a cb I'm assuming he wanted on a permanent deal albeit 6 months later than wanted. We're desperate for pace as well
  12. Didn't think we were awful against Bristol, my team: Roos Bogle, Wisdom, Clarke, Lowe Rooney, Bird Lawrence, Holmes, Waghorn Martin
  13. Hi, first time poster, long time stalker of the forum. I don't think things are as bad as they look. A new keeper, cb, and a winger and I really think we could push for promotion next season. This is what I would do with the current squad of players with a reasoning. I know this will be unrealistic as you can only sell players if they have a buyer, but here it goes: Release: Huddlestone - although I think he triggered another year, we already have a lot of depth in this position and he is the easiest player to move on Anya - quite self explanatory, one of the worst value for money buys ever Sell: Malone - With Lowe and Fozzy ahead of him, plus Buchanan coming into the first team picture, I think he himself will want first team football Jozefzoon - Really not worked out after 1 decent season with Brentford, just doesn't show the quality or consistency he supposing has Evans - Similar to Huddlestone, we have a lot of options here. I actually thought he was one of the best performers at the start of the season, but with Rooney and Bird playing in his position since then, I cant see him getting many minutes Marriott - I know a lot of people like him, but considering the hype he gets, it has to mean something if our last 2 managers haven't made him our first choice striker. I also think out of the 3 strikers we have he has the biggest sell on value which will be much needed Roos - at 27, I don't think you're gonna get much improvement from him. As a backup keeper, surely Ravas, Barnes or Foster will be good enough? This would leave us with the below. Assuming a target of 2 first team players per position in a 4231 plus some of the academy breaking through we would have a well balanced squad GK - New, Ravas RB - Bogle, Wisdom, Ebosele LB - Lowe, Forsyth, Buchanan CB - Te Weirik, New, Davies, Wisdom/Forsyth CDM - Rooney, Bird, Bielik, Shinnie, J Brown, Dixon AM - New, Lawrence, Holmes, Knight, Sibley, Mitchell-Lawson, A Brown ST - Waghorn, Martin, Whittaker, Hector-Ingram, Hepburn-Murphy 20 first team players plus support from the academy is a lot more sustainable than what we currently have. I have obviously been really optimistic about us not loosing any of our main players or youngsters such as Bogle, Knight, Bird etc but would love to hear your thoughts
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