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  1. Just had a look at our fixtures, we have 3 postponed games, Millwall (A), Reading (H), Preston (A). Its highly likely we will have more games moved, but currently we have 3 midweek slots left before the end of the season will have to be moved
  2. Just done my predictions and this is what I have the table at before the final day: Would be madness, 9 teams could get in or out of the play offs 😵 This is what I have it looking like at the end of the season: Ahhhh ffs, I don't think I can go through that again
  3. Time to build off of the loss last night and look at next season. Might feel like a crap result now but it will benefit us in the long run. 6 academy graduates, oldest one is 22 and 9 of the 11 are here next year. Hamer Bogle Evans (Wisdom if fit) Clarke Lowe Bird Rooney Knight Sibley Whittaker (Lawrence if fit) Waghorn Really wanna see more of Evans, was playing well before the injury. Did nothing wrong of note last night either. Sibley deserves his first league start after last night. I also think Whittak
  4. I don't know why but I thought Lyle Taylor was early 20's like Ollie Watkins, turns out he's 29! Same with Mitrovic, thought he was early 30's, he's 25?! Feels like he's been around for ages 😱
  5. I think we have that leadership now with Rooney, we literally have a coach on the pitch for Cocu to get his message across with. No one in this league goes up having a winning momentum throughout a whole season. If you look at us since the Wigan away game we've got 19 points from 11 games which is 3rd in the form table, 2 points off of Forest who are 1st. We've managed to keep it up for 2 months, and we're still 13th. If we can carry this into next season we will have a proper push. Need to sort out away performances as well.
  6. 1-0 Birmingham, told ya 😂
  7. Not too sure how the Birmingham player missed that, they've been the better side so far
  8. Re Brentford: we will never have a Brentford style recruitment with the amount of money Mel has pumped into the academy. Brentford don't have an academy anymore, their B team plays friendlies against other youth teams. Brentford buy all of their players to sell for a profit. This might work in the championship but I don't think it will work in the premier league. They would be the only prem team without an academy, getting the quality of player they would need without any youth structure would be very difficult. They would never be able to produce a world class player as they are always spotte
  9. Derby 2 - 1 Fulham FRGS Lawrence
  10. If we keep hold of the academy lot then we need a GK, a CB, a winger and possibly a striker depending on what happens with Marriott and Martin. Would love Harvey Elliott on loan for a year, or Curtis Jones. The CB and keeper needs to be permanent deals to build a solid triangle with Te Wierik. Or possibly Bielik next to him if Bird and Rooney is the way forward?
  11. If you looked at Max Bird last season you would've thought he'll never make it. I was confused as to why Lampard kept picking him, especially after watching us against Villa away. This season though he's been one of the most consistent performers since Christmas, he's been incredible. Morgan Whittaker reminds me of Max Bird last season. But there must be a reason he keeps getting into the team, if you watch any of the youth games he's a level above. Bogle and Bird are both the same age (19) but if Bird has a bad game the excuse is 'oh he's still finding his feet' but if Bogle has a bad g
  12. Was a bit strange that he had full tracksuit on, with Leeds t shirt underneath and got into a Range Rover afterwards as well. Looked too much like a footballer to be a fan 😂
  13. Any idea who this is? Was in Little Eaton Starbucks this morning
  14. Thanks, I think the full backs are the best assets we have. Agree with the cb partner, would be happy for it to be a loan too. Not too sure on Jordan Ibe though, he was great when we had him for that year but I don't like the reputation he has. Would rather us go for a prem youngster on loan who wants to work hard to prove himself. Would love Curtis Jones or Harvey Elliott at Liverpool.
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