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  1. AlfonzoBurlonzo

    Kelle Roos

    Shaky this season? I think some fans need to wake up and see that they ain't gonna find much better in the Championship. Darren Randolph has made some atrocious errors this season and is regarded as the best keeper in the league! The Preston goalie let the ball run under his own foot into his net! It's ridiculous, that's what it is. No-one's suggesting dropping Mason Mount when he certainly hasn't been very good recently. But let's not question a guy who's been here 6 months, let's question the guy who's time and time again got us out of sticky situations. I'm not suggesting dropping Mount by the way, just making a point.
  2. AlfonzoBurlonzo

    Kelle Roos

    The loyalty of some fans on here is truly astonishing, Carson has been amazing for us for 2 seasons. Questionable form? What questionable form? Me made a mistake in the Leeds game. So did pretty much every player on the pitch - they were all poor. He saved us against Bristol City, he saved us against Norwich, he saved us against Middlesbrough, he made a great save in the game against Sheffield United. There are many, many amendments we can make to this squad and our system, but our goalkeeper is certainly not one of them.
  3. AlfonzoBurlonzo

    Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread

    I'd go: S. Carson A. Wisdom R. Keogh F. Tomori S. Malone G. Evans B. Johnson M. Mount D. Holmes M. Waghorn T. Lawrence At the end of the day Waggy was brought here to play as a striker and has proved he can play there so we should give him a chance up top - particularly as we are lacking physicality up top (as much as I love Marriott). I also think two defensive midfielders will serve us better going forward as Bryson and Mount in midfield makes our midfield too lightweight. In my opinion a midfielder needs to be top of the list for the transfer window - we need one desperately. We need an absolute thug in the middle - maybe Louie Sibley? Heard he's quite the bulldog.
  4. AlfonzoBurlonzo

    Change of formation needed!

    I just think Leeds were far better than us in every position last night and it wasn't down to the formation - although I do prefer Nugent playing with Marriott as they seem to compensate for the other's weaknesses. If you actually look at their goals they were HUGELY fortunate and they didn't actually create that many chances - not that they didn't deserve to win - they did. However, Carson would normally catch that ball from the corner and the second goal was just misfortune in a ten second period. If it doesn't work against struggling teams such as Reading, Wigan and Millwall then it's time to worry and start thinking about a change. It is not the time to worry when we've just faced four of the top six and still remain in the playoffs with a 4 point cushion to 7th if the results stay the way they are.
  5. AlfonzoBurlonzo

    Burton Albion Watch 18/19

    Folks, we scored a whole 2 goals in 4 games against these guys ­čś▒­čśČ
  6. AlfonzoBurlonzo

    What Players are Derby fans happy with?

    The player that has impressed me the most is probably Ikechi Anya. Sometimes goes missing in games thou...
  7. AlfonzoBurlonzo

    Crazy Keogh hating

    hahaha don't worry I've been reading for quite some time but never really got round to posting - and trust me it isn't just forum users who moan about Keogh. Christ Almighty, the man a few chairs down from me got in an argument with the guy who sits next to me over Keogh (quite amusing to be fair). then he went up the other end and scored against Preston which sent me and the man next to me quite wild
  8. What does everyone think of the possibility of playing Nugent and Marriott together. Personally thought they linked up really well in the second half against the Saints. Nuge may not be the most prolific goalscorer, but having Marriott trying to win long balls is quite painful to watch and with Nugent there it allows them both to make up for the other's weakness.
  9. AlfonzoBurlonzo

    NFL 2019 Season

    Go Rams! Who do you think is going to win the Super Bowl guys? My Order of who's most likely: 1) New Orleans Saints 2) Kansas City Chiefs 3) Los Angeles Rams 4) New England Patriots 5) Indianapolis Colts 6) Philadelphia Eagles I think this is definitely one of the most open post-seasons because Indy and Philly have both been on fire lately. I just think the Saints have the best all round team but I would love to see the Rams pull it out. Gurrrrrleeeeyyyyy
  10. AlfonzoBurlonzo

    Burton Albion Watch 18/19

    Why does Jake Buxton suddenly look absolutely awful?
  11. AlfonzoBurlonzo

    Crazy Keogh hating

    What annoys me are people who solely hate on Keogh then completely brush over the mistakes of other defenders! I would prefer there to be no criticism of our lads unless there is some lack of effort - but if we are going to criticise lets recognise that others make mistakes! The amount of awful defensive headers made by Tomori - well lets just say I've ran out of fingers to count them on. And who saves him from the ignominy of making a goal-costing mistake? Keogh.
  12. Jesus Wept when are people going to realise attendances mean absolutely nothing. As long as each person who goes to the football match is passionate about their club then I don't see what the problem is. Just because, I don't know, York City have significantly less supporters, does not make their support invalid because the supporters who do go are passionate about their club.

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