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  1. How anyone can put Roos above Carson is beyond me. I personally think we need a new keeper but Roos is SO much worse than Carson.
  2. Believe it or not it's a journalist's job to make the paper money, not make 40 year old Kevin from Derby happy. Stop being so goddamn precious.
  3. What a lovely thing to do, blame the fans after losing a Playoff final that they paid 50+ pounds to get to and tell them how they should act and how much they should sing. How bloody condescending can you be. The amount you sing, does not equate to how much passion you have for the club. I, for one, was not singing as much but shouting encouragement which I think is far more effective than singing about how much we hate Forest.
  4. because he punched a total of one corner away? Give me a break
  5. The Stoke goals were actually made to look like mistakes because really he never should have got even a hand on them. Out of all the goals we've conceded you pick those two out as blatant goalkeeping errors? How about that ridiculous goal from Millwall, awful attempt by Roos as he couldn't get down to it. Brentford, he comes rushing out to Benrahma's shot. He's flapped at multiple crosses. I can't understand how Roos is better than Carson it actually baffles me. What has Roos done so well? Carson may not have been amazing this season but he proved how good he can be last season and I'd rather have someone who has been proven to be a good keeper than some guy who's been okay but doesn't look top end championship standard in the slightest. The goal at Blackburn is another prime example of Roos having the words CHIP ME brandished on his forehead. I've said it many times and I'll say it again. There are many, many problems we need to resolve in this team - Carson is certainly not one of them!
  6. How is Roos' distribution any better than Carson's? I dont understand that argument at all. None of roos kicks were very good today. It's not very hard to pass it to tomori about 5 yards. And Carson glued to his line? I'd rather him be there and have a chance at saving it rather than Roos rushing out and having CHIP ME written on his forehead.
  7. Sorry didn't realise this was the matchday thread and not the Kelle Roos thread. When on earth did I say the Birmingham result had anything to do with Kelle Roos. I was simply making an observation that I've noticed repeatedly over the last few weeks. Despite him not making a glaring error today he still rushed out on about 48 minutes for absolutely no reason and was only spared his blushes through a fantastic block by Cole.
  8. Why does Kelle Roos feel the need to rush out at EVERY possible opportunity. Carson may make the mistake once or twice but it's literally every chance that comes into the vicinity of our box hes out. Its gonna cost us and already has at times.
  9. I don't see how that has any relevance to what I said. I did not state what I thought happened, but you don't refute claims of racism because you didn't hear a gesture. It is entirely possible that the Brentford fan cupped his ears to like say "what you sayin now?" and Duane misinterpreted it. Or he was genuinely racist. There is no way of knowing - but to come on here discounting that his fan was racist 100% is gross imo.
  10. How on EARTH does that further your opinion. You said you didn't HEAR anything, a gesture is not something you can hear. You have no proof to disbelieve that there was not a gesture as you don't have 6,000 eyeballs up in that head of yours. You even said previously that there was a lot of Brentford fans gesticulating at Holmes, who are you to say that one of them wasn't a monkey gesture? Now get off the forum with your speculative thoughts which have absolutely no basis and go and join the disgrace that are the Brentford forums.
  11. Evidently I have to spell out the point I was making because you didn't catch on. The fact that you're complaining that we're dropping points to "teams like Brentford" whilst you're not acknowledging that other sides are also slipping up against EVEN WEAKER opponents. So how on Earth does your logic mean we would never get into the playoffs? The mind boggles. If you wanna sit there and spout this "realistic" BS at me, then so be it, however if we're keeping it 100% real, we are two points off the playoffs with a game in hand over Villa and have a very credible chance at getting in the playoffs. We even play Bristol City so it's in our hands. So "realistically" we have a very good chance at making the playoffs and if anyone's being unrealistic it's you for thinking that we have absolutely no chance. So maybe try being a little bit hopeful and not spout negative opinions when we've gone unbeaten for 5 games in a row? Thanks.
  12. That's such a harsh comment to make. Brentford are the 6th best team at home this season. To get a point and have an argument that we should've won it are massive steps forward from the demolition suffered at the hands of Villa. Surely Bristol City should be beating teams like Wigan at home, and Forest should beat Rotherham at this stage of the season. Yet, we have no chance because we drew with a side who have won 11/19 home league games this season.
  13. Tragedy, When he's four foot two And hes in the wall Its tragedy!
  14. What a performance! It was my 18th this weekend and we went to hospitality and the two times we've been to hospitality we've won 5-0 against Fulham and 6-1 against Rotherham! Just wanted to give a mention to Lawrence today. He may have made some questionable decisions in the attacking third, but his effort was 100% today. He ran his socks off and that's all we really ask of him. I was especially impressed with his tracking back to defend.
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