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  1. More positives than negatives from today. Always thought that we can only afford to draw one of the four home games so it's imperative that we claim maximum points against Stoke and Rotherham, particularly with some hard away fixtures coming up. Thought Keogh was immense at the back, made a few amazing last ditch tackles. Carson produced some great stops - had a couple of dodgy kicks but apart from that was fine. Tomori was good but just needs to not scare the life out of me by running a long way out of position. Malone was good - still shaky defensively - but almost scored an absolute worldie. Bogle was utter class today. That Roland Aarons fellow is probably still turned inside out at this very moment! Huddlestone was fantastic defensively and some of Johnson's passing - particularly in the first half was a joy to behold, yet he did drop off later in the game. Holmes was the second best player behind Bogle - he looks much better in midfield than out wide. Thought the only thing that let us down was our front three. Bennett was great until he came off and then Josefzoon was absolutely awful. I don't know where Wilson has gone but that isn't the same player we had two months ago. Waghorn did okay, yet he had a really good chance in the first half and his first touch was terrible - something that patterened throughout the game - who can blame him though? He's not had a touch of the ball for two months! Bogle really should've scored at the end, but at least we created chances today and worked their goalkeeper - the worrying thing about other dropped points in games was that we weren't creating any chances at goal or working the opposition goalkeeper.
  2. I say we absolutely go full pelt for this. I want to see that ridiculously high pressing football come back. I want the liquid football of West Brom and Middlesbrough. None of this rubbish about it being a derby and therefore we have to play in a cagey manner. No! We need to shock them, rattle their cages. After watching Millwall at home they'll know exactly how to nullify us. We need to surprise them, really come out of the blocks firing and put them on the back foot.
  3. DOTY is probably the pre season expectations. I wasn't expecting mountains to be moved when Lamps came in but after watching us in pre-season my expectations rose rapidly. And whilst it's only pre-season and it's my own fault for getting my own hopes up, the football we played came from somewhere. It was still a pretty much full-strength Wolves side and a full-strength Southampton side that we faced - why on earth can we not replicate that? The goal we scored against Wolves to win the match is one of the best team goals I've ever seen! Josefzoon's perfectly weighted cross, Nugent's back post header right onto the foot of Mason Mount who smashes it into the top of the net. Where is that? Where has that team gone? That for me is the biggest disappointment of the lot. Side-not - I also find it frustrating that we seem to not be bothered to press the opposition anymore. We pressed really well in the opening months of the season yet I think Marriott pressed Jordan Archer maybe once against Millwall? Yes, we will concede more if we press higher - however our defensive record isn't great anyway is it? And we would score so many more goals because we have pace and it would open more space up and open the game up.
  4. Slightly unpopular opinion but I don't think Bradley Johnson's passing is as bad as it has been made out to be. I think his short passing is pretty poor however his long spraying balls to the flanks are quite effective at times. Against Ipswich it was his lifted ball that started the move to score, and I seem to remember fantastic long balls in the games against QPR and Brentford (however I may be mistaken about the Brentford one). The thing I find with Johnson is that I don't think he offers enough defensively and he's very rash at times - making silly challenges and gifting teams great positions for free-kicks. I do think he's been unfairly put into the category of Butterfield as he certainly is not that bad of a player. I think him and Huddlestone playing together could actually work quite well as I get the impression that at Norwich he got forward and scored a lot of goals.
  5. I don't think Lampard's team selection was to blame at all. Yes, we are a better team with Huddlestone - but we should've won that game of football. Would Huddlestone have prevented Bogle from passing it straight to their player and them charging on the counter-attack? Ipswich were toothless all night and hardly created anything until we handed them a goal on a silver platter. We made yet another individual mistake which has cost us a goal - that had a 1-0 win written all over it but for some reason we can't defend like we did against Preston when we're 1-0 up against a team who are pretty poo lets be fair. Ipswich were poo and we couldn't beat them.
  6. Just because he isn't as good as Will Hughes doesn't mean he isn't a good player. Jayden Bogle and Jeff Hendrick are nowhere near the player Will Hughes is, does that mean they're inherently bad? No. Comparing him to Will Hughes is just ridiculous. You seem to brush over the fact that people are bringing Josefzoon into the argument and it's because it's actually a valid argument because he's been utter poo compared to Bennett. There are maaaannnnyyyy players we could all moan about - picking on a high potential kid who's had the worst luck with injuries (only beaten by George Thorne) is just unfair.
  7. I agree however I don't really see who we would realistically get as theoretically they are coming to warm our bench up. I'm sure there are a couple of decent youngsters who could step in. Plus lets not forget that George Evans can also realistically play centre-back, so honestly I'm pretty okay about it. I'm more interested in signing a midfielder as I think we're pretty short in that area.
  8. I cannot even believe we are having this conversation. Paul Ince is Tom's father of course he's a dhead. Before he came to Derby he had a bit of a reputation for having a slight attitude problem, and Tom Lawrence gets exactly the same treatment as Ince did. It's not a race thing - it's completely ridiculous. We have many players of different races in our side and you pick out the two players who get some stick and put a racism sticker on it.
  9. Insults? Oh so an opinion that people need to be a little bit more loyal to a person who saved our season last season offends you? I never questioned anyone's loyalty to the club, I questioned the fans loyalty to Scott Carson. Lord above I made one off the cuff comment that wasn't supposed to be taken that deeply. I apologise that I "questioned" people's loyalty, but I think you've taken the thing a bit far.
  10. Accusing me of thinking Scott Carson is bigger than the club is not an opinion. I'm offended that you think I would suggest such a thing. If anyone needs to lose the holier-than-thou attitude, it's you "fella".
  11. I wasn't speaking down to anyone. Some fans is fairly ambiguous to me. I was speaking about the people literally saying Carson was piss poor. You are allowed to have an opinion, I just think it's completely ridiculous for people to be scapegoating someone who has saved us a point against Bristol City, made sure we win against Norwich, save us a point against Boro and made a magnificent save against Sheffield United. I never implied anyone was bigger than the club - that is an absolute joke.
  12. oh my lord sugar me tits and call me Barbara, I'm not even going to grace that mess of a post with an actual response. Lord.
  13. did I say Scott Carson was bigger than the club? Of course not, that's a ridiculous assumption to make. I just think it's ironic that some fans are calling for Carson's head after a couple of mistakes and want him dropped for a guy who couldn't save a penalty if the person literally pointed to where they were going to hit it. I don't see any threads about Tomori being dropped after this howler today. Again, there are many problems with this team and out goalkeeper is certainly not one of them!
  14. Um have you watched Sky Sports whenever Middlesbrough play? Liam Rosenior basically has a semi on the whole time talking about him. And he's not made that many errors! He's made just as many fabulous saves as he has mistakes. If you want your keeper rushing out to a ball that has no danger of going anywhere and nearly getting himself sent off with 10 minutes to go, be my guest. What? No loyalty in football? So you're saying if Keogh made a couple of mistakes you'd drop him? I love Keogh but he has made mistakes as well and from your profile picture I'm presuming you wouldn't drop him on a dime.
  15. Shaky this season? I think some fans need to wake up and see that they ain't gonna find much better in the Championship. Darren Randolph has made some atrocious errors this season and is regarded as the best keeper in the league! The Preston goalie let the ball run under his own foot into his net! It's ridiculous, that's what it is. No-one's suggesting dropping Mason Mount when he certainly hasn't been very good recently. But let's not question a guy who's been here 6 months, let's question the guy who's time and time again got us out of sticky situations. I'm not suggesting dropping Mount by the way, just making a point.
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