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  1. WestCoastRam


    What an amazing day. 100,000 at the G and the mighty Eagles fighting back from 5 goals down. Epic. Up the bloody Coasters!!
  2. WestCoastRam


    Grand Final here we come!! First visit to the MCG. Melbourne showed themselves to be criminaly overated on Saturday. Surprised to be facing the Pies...good on them, but we've already beaten them twice this year so there's plenty of optimism over west.
  3. WestCoastRam


    It's been an interesting season with some surprising teams heading into the finals. Hoping my team can go all the way and defy so called experts. Predicting a West Coast v Richmond Grand Final in a few weeks time. Any Rams in Oz with on this forum, or does anyone else follow the sport in the UK? I was delighted to see Sky broadcasting games during my trip back home earlier this year. Carn Eagles!
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