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  1. DcfcJB

    Lucas Piazon

    Is Tim Ream german?
  2. DcfcJB

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Mason Holgate mentioned earlier in this thread - googled him and it seems he is available to get on loan in Jan. would be a really good signing for us... it does say premier league clubs interested but how many relegation battling clubs are going to want to take a risk on him...
  3. DcfcJB

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    Lets have these, as it gets closer I get nervous but hey its forest, they're probably a lot more nervous than we are, just imagine their memories over the last 5 years. Whatever the score at least with Lampard we know we will be going out their to put goals galore past them, it will be entertaining! And how nice will it be to put them 6 points behind us and potentially the playoffs. I think there's more riding on this for them than us. Not that its crucial for their season but 6 points behind going into xmas they could get left behind which i'd absolutely love to see. Come on we know that they can concede 5! lets do them - we know we will concede its common courtesy nowadays if were playing a team to give them at least one goal. I'd love to see us go out their with Mount, Wilson and Marriott tearing them apart. Even if we do concede 1/2. Carson Bogle Keogh Tomori Malone Huddlestone Wilson Mount Lawrence Waghorn Marriott Tempted to put Bryson in because he loves this fixture, but this is the side that played West Brom… and we looked like scoring everytime we had the ball we could have had 6 that game. I do think you get more out of Wilson in that midfield role too, he has a little more energy than Bryson nowadays and a lot more ability on the ball. Hoping Mount can rediscover some form too been off it of late. Up the Rams
  4. DcfcJB

    Championship or Premier League?

    With the greatest respect fella, you're talking utter tripe... we don't need to attract star players we need players capable of playing in the premier league, staying in there firstly and trying to challenge for top half. Arguably Burnley/Bournemouth/Leicester even Watford aren't great the most attractive places to be but they come for the managers/style of play/playing time/money etc not just the place. In addition for a modern footballer Derby is decently located in the country doesn't take long to get to London/Manchester/Liverpool etc. Watford and Bournemouth have managed consistently to entertain their fans and win games no reason we cant do the same. I'm sure you 'almost not renewing' each year has really resonated with Mel, clearly gave him nightmares every year and clearly appointed Frank just for you! For which I must thank you. Again its about building something here, its incredible how well FL has transformed the team in a few months, id rather make judgements of whether we'd be good in the prem at the end of the season. Just look how Fulham really kicked on last year. I'm not expecting us to go up there and dominate the league but if you need any inspiration as to why you should want to be in the prem just look at Leicester and the memories they made! Success comes from ambition and you have to be in it to win it!
  5. DcfcJB

    Championship or Premier League?

    What a load of rubbish, the championship is an exciting league but the excitement and jubilation of actually making it to the premier league via the Wembley or automatics would be the highlight of our decade or at least on par with a 5-0 win over Forest... but playing week in week out against the best teams in the land would be just as fun as putting a few past Ipswich on a Tuesday night... with the size of this club and the players we could attract I could see us staying up and establishing ourselves... if you have the right manager/owner you that can identify attractive football and stay in the league it would be a lot better than playing in the championship look at Watford and Bournemouth, I don't see their fans moaning.... The only reason I can comprehend anyone wanting to avoid the premier league is that they are still having nightmares of the last time we played in the PL... that I can understand! We go up it would be the best thing to happen to our City in a long time.
  6. DcfcJB

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Would take Palmer on loan in January if we could convince Chelsea to recall from Blackburn and send to us, like Grabban did with sunderland and villa last year. He would suit the role Bryson occupies at the moment. Don't expect it but I'd welcome him back...
  7. DcfcJB

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Fredericks from west ham - very impressive each time he played against us last year for Fulham. Ream from Fulham - seemed a very capable defender for Fulham last year but also very good on the ball impressed me each time we played Fulham last year. Think he'd be add some competition for Keogh and Tomori as davies is out, he's not played much for Fulham this season. Midfield still feels disjointed - when its good it really good but it doesn't seem balanced enough, I think a younger Bryson would have done the trick but I think its fair to say he's not recapturing his form of 3 or so seasons ago. I'd also take another striker to compete with Marriott but there's no names that jump out this year. (Another Fulham player that seems surplus to requirements at the moment is Bettonelli the GK, would be a good replacement for Carson long term as he's young, good shot stopper great distribution. I'm a big fan of Carson but this season he's not at his best.
  8. Can't sit back this window, last year we were content with the squad we had and it cost us as the rest of the top six added quality to kick on looking at afobe/grabban/mitrovic to name but a few. We've had a really good start but we cant watch others strengthen and not add real quality our selfs. I'd be hoping we can sign another top striker on loan of similar quality to get goals in tight games - January for me isn't about thinking about future prospects... they need to come in and make an impact from day one. Not a very plausible list but strikers like; Sharp - Would pay over the odds for someone of his age but you know he will score Bonatini - only 7 apps no goals this season but very good last year in the championship Jannson - at spurs no apps this season Just don't let others progress whilst we stay the same would be the lesson learned from last Jan.
  9. DcfcJB

    Great style of football

    I think yesterday is a statement to the rest of the league, if you try to play attacking football against us, you will be punished on the break! Will be interesting if we can break a Pullis team down now.
  10. DcfcJB

    Hull (A) Carabao Cup Match Thread

    Tries harder than most players on the pitch, young enough to improve, him Mount and Nugent seem to be linking up well recently too with mount and Lawrence interchanging the CAM and LW roles. He works tirelessly up and down the wing defending and attacking - opposition are scared of him and foul him more than any other players Leeds game he was running at them couldn't win it fairly and fouled him - scores free kick same against Preston. As for ducking out of headers and challenges, he is never one to jump out of a tackle, in fact he seems to enjoy them, he was one of our most booked players last year due to this and he was the same for Ipswich the year before. Why don't you support a player that's doing well rather than play devils advocate and try to find fault in a player clearly doing well with renewed confidence. Thought to leave you with, if Lawrence doesn't win the freekick and then score it on Saturday - how's that last 5 minutes feeling... last minute equalizer maybe... Lawrence has contributed really well so far.
  11. DcfcJB

    On the day ticket pricing

    Don't mind paying £28-30 on a Saturday but midweek games pricing needs to come down £27.50 on Tuesday against Ipswich is a rip off. Also I notice that we don't a category for under 23s etc like many clubs do. Pricing is too high and needs to be reviewed by the club. Attendance in the last two games has been low.
  12. DcfcJB

    Crazy Keogh hating

    dodgy couple of passes in first 20 mins but after that Keogh was at his best today. Good performance overall
  13. DcfcJB

    Ipswich ticket price! £27.50

    To be honest I don’t have too much of a problem with paying a higher price for the bigger games, my view is solely on games like this one vs Ipswich on a Tuesday night where it should surely be lower to reflect the demand to watch. £27-50 is just overpriced.
  14. DcfcJB

    Ipswich ticket price! £27.50

    Yeah I referenced it in my comment but, we had sold most of our tickets out prior to the first game being cancelled. Though they were second and we were in top 6 so should always be a good game

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