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  1. Could have potential, heard that they were looking to offload him. Think he would do a great job but it's that debate of whether we would be holding Knight and Sibley back by signing him...
  2. DcfcJB

    Jayden Bogle

    Someone get the straighteners
  3. I believe their ambitions were to stay in the league and they lacked a lot of quality, we my friend have Wayne Rooney...
  4. I can with all confidence say that we will not have lost the season by Christmas. You can be 10-15 points away from the top 6 on game 23 and with a strong run still finish in either playoffs or automatics. Fulham were 12 points behind us on match day 23 and managed to finish 13 points ahead... they recouped 25 points on us in 23 games. The only way you could conceivably lose the season in the first half of the season based on that is if we loose the next 22 games... and even then we could still finish on 72 points... Season is won is won between Febuary and May, as a Derby fan you should be very aware of this 😂
  5. Met her in person a few times, air brushing/filters play a big part in her appearance
  6. Totally agree, unless we use Lawrence as a number 10 I cant see this happening.
  7. Fulham were flirting around bottom half to relegation until they signed mitrovic in the 17/18 season
  8. This deal makes a mockery of the home grown players rule, united and Chelsea have done it with Green and Grant now City with Carson, signing players with no intention of playing them... the rule was brought in to help bring through young English players so realistically there should be a caveat of how many games they have to play to qualify. That said in terms of Derby it should free up some funds to get a couple of Loans in today.
  9. Ibe's only decent spell in his career was for a few months at Derby, had you heard of him previous to that?
  10. If Cocu gets the 2 players he’s after I wouldn’t rule out a sustained push for top 2 this year... hopefully we can be in and around for when Rooney comes in and his experience and goals can help us through the tough end of the season as we all expect after January. Under Cocu, we seem so much more organised as a club not just on the pitch, I noticed in the game on Monday we had Twan talking to Rosinior throughout the game, the team just seemed to know what to do tactically throughout the game without too much input from Cocu, when we started the game we were attacking taking risks playing 10 going forward and 11 coming back, then when we conceded the lads just all seemed to know that we don’t need to take any excess risks and the midfield and defence just kept forcing the Huddersfield wide leaving no gaps for them to open us up through the middle. Then in possession we kept the ball well and controlled the game we didn’t have to force it. What was impressive for me was that every single player knew what they were doing, no one looked out of place. If we add a couple more quality attacking players that pick up what Cocu is coaching them then I then I think we are set up for it this year
  11. Possibly, however there is no guarantee he would play... it will all depend on our form at the time, if we are sitting pretty on a run of 5 wins in a row he won’t play, much more likely we will see him in the FA cup I would guess. However if we are badly out of form he’ll come straight in.
  12. DcfcJB

    Jordon Ibe

    There a bit stuck there, if no one wants to buy then they will be forced to loan out similar to Derby with Butterfield
  13. Now lets get Tevez and Ronaldo and we'll get the old gang back together - in all seriousness though those three up front has to go down as the best front three combo since the turn of the century in the premier league. Annnddd we have 1/3 of it!
  14. Pushing it through this morning being reported on Talksport
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