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  1. No I wouldn't have took this at the start of the season, top 6 is the minimum expectation for us anything else is failure I'm afraid, at least we are only 3 points off and we can still break back in, we just need to get over this bad run of form, if Lampard can turn us around and win the next 5 or so on the bounce we have a chance of saving ourselves. This is where Lampard has to prove himself and judgements can be made as to whether he is actually any good or not.
  2. It's a squad game and Mount bar Mount none have been out for more than a couple of weeks.
  3. This is the same team that has been in the playoffs all season until very recently, the team is good enough, currently the players aren't showing it, I'd love nothing more than for us to turn it around under Frank and I don't seriously believe we should sack him but his squad is a top six side and he needs to prove to us that he can bounce back after a few weeks like this.
  4. Farke was in charge last year. You could tell when they cam to our place last year they had a style of play which he has recruited for this year and has done well, however Frank hasn't set that foundation with us this year, I don't see a style of play apart from trying to play from the back but then what do we do?
  5. Hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ... why don't you actually come back with a counter argument, or do you not have one?
  6. I don't think Franks the right man, his signings so far haven't captured the imagination unless we get some experienced heads along side him to help buy the players we need someone else... look at his signings none have really consistently performed bar Tomori and Wilson. Mount has been average. Marriott hasn't done enough. Waghorn has been a flop. Holmes hasn't really done much though I concede he does look like he has potential. Evans - not good enough.
  7. How has he done 'damn well'? he's done an average job at best... his transfer dealings haven't been too good either... Josefzoon Flop - Waghorn - Flop Evans - Flop ……. Wilson's been very good - Mount hasn't lived upto expectations - Holmes hasn't really done anything but he looks like a decent player is there and Marriott has had an okay season. All in all you look at where we were this time last year and now and you have to say he's taken the club backwards and with no particular style of play evident it doesn't look like he's building towards something.... you just have to look at Farke, Wilder and Johnson last year all their teams didn't manage to get play off but they had a style of play and you could tell something was being built. I'm afraid FL hasn't done that with us, look I don't seriously want him gone but he needs to prove his pedigree in the next 13 games as he's going to have to spend a lot in the summer it seems with so many players out of contract... I'd prefer we didn't let him spend if he can't get us exciting fans between now and the end of the season.
  8. For me Wilder you could clearly see had a style of play, and we’re building something.... same with Bristol City and further back Howe but can anyone actually point out how we play under Frank...
  9. Definitely worth the discussion, if this was another manager we’d be calling for it already but as it’s Frank why is it any different... another manager wouldn’t survive much longer if we carry on as we are.
  10. No one was taking top ten, come on we all know the minimum expectation at this club is top six and has been since Nigel Clough.
  11. Lost my patience this season now, nowhere near as good as we should be, but the worst part is there is no passion in that team. Poor results you can deal with bad performances can be frustrating but we haven’t turned up for a game since before Christmas, what is completely unacceptable is not turning up to play at all against your bitter rivals. Embarrassment.
  12. Do Lampard and Morris actually coach or do they just get the players to run in straight lines all week? Might go and stare through the see through netting they put up in response to spygate to find out...
  13. I've got news for you fella, Rowett ball was a lot more entertaining than that! We didn't have a shot of note at all yesterday, really dull and no creativity at all. So you can wobble off mate.
  14. After going to the game yesterday and watching the interviews today, no one seens bothered we lost against milwall it was very much ah well we move on. I’m sorry but we’ve moved past that point we haven’t put a performance in for weeks/months.... when that goal went in last night all that happened was there heads went down, where’s our leaders that includes Frank! It wasn’t working last night and he didn’t change it early enough... starting to doubt him and I have to say as much as I didn’t really like rowett it was a lot more entertaining that that. Can’t think of a single positive from last night. I don’t think there keeper had a save to make all game. We’re not as good as we think we are and I think since the turn of the year we’ve showed the form of a top half 10 side at best never mind promotion contenders. In addition, Jody Morris would be wise to stop joking around on Instagram and coaching our team because at the moment I feel like he’s more bothered about likes than winning games.
  15. Its if the game starts at 3! Not ends.
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