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  1. I've got news for you fella, Rowett ball was a lot more entertaining than that! We didn't have a shot of note at all yesterday, really dull and no creativity at all. So you can wobble off mate.
  2. After going to the game yesterday and watching the interviews today, no one seens bothered we lost against milwall it was very much ah well we move on. I’m sorry but we’ve moved past that point we haven’t put a performance in for weeks/months.... when that goal went in last night all that happened was there heads went down, where’s our leaders that includes Frank! It wasn’t working last night and he didn’t change it early enough... starting to doubt him and I have to say as much as I didn’t really like rowett it was a lot more entertaining that that. Can’t think of a single positive from last night. I don’t think there keeper had a save to make all game. We’re not as good as we think we are and I think since the turn of the year we’ve showed the form of a top half 10 side at best never mind promotion contenders. In addition, Jody Morris would be wise to stop joking around on Instagram and coaching our team because at the moment I feel like he’s more bothered about likes than winning games.
  3. Its if the game starts at 3! Not ends.
  4. Like I said Ipswich Town away is the perfect match for him to come into. We need him hitting form for when we play Forest and Villa away. Ipswich on paper are the least competitive team we will play this season. Get him in to build his match fitness.
  5. Tbf King has been brought in to play, I imagine he is best in Bryson's role, against bottom of the league is a good game to get him going in the championship... id also like to see Cole come in but I don't think he has been brought into play week in week out like King has.
  6. I mean if we did get rid of it... what do we replace it with? Do we bounce? or shall we chant since I was young and get that over the speakers too? There does need to be more done for the atmosphere at PP I'm not sure that changing this would be the answer... I just think we need to win more games and reduce the prices for the smaller games vs Hull for example. Prime example last year we reduced the price to £10 for the Cardiff game and the stadium was near enough full and the atmosphere was electric, we talk about Snowgate etc but we wouldn't have had that atmosphere without playing well and attracting more fans away from Sky to come to the game. I genuinely think if they started charging £10-£20 for all of the home midweek games we could improve the atmosphere, its too easy for fans to just watch it at home or the pub now... clubs have got to be more competitive to encourage fans to get back into the stands.
  7. Roos Bogle Tomori Keogh Cole King Huddlestone Holmes Wilson Waghorn Josefzoon Perfect game to get Cole and King in, especially king who is going to big for us over the next 16 games.
  8. DcfcJB


    Playing Waghorn up top with Wilson and Marriott either side of him could be the way to go.... our fullbacks tend to give us the width anyway so could be the answer for the rest of the season hopefully, one things for sure you don't drop a striker in form.
  9. To fair to Mason Bennett he’s a great ‘squad’ player, you can confidently put him into the first 11 or on the bench knowing he will give you everything and not give the the defenders any peace for however long he’s out there. He also works really hard going backwards and I feel like you get more out of Bogle when Bennett plays because they are both rapid going forward and cover each other at the back. Some players just take a while to come good and are worth waiting for, just look at Harry Kane he looked bang avereage for years on loan until he was abou 21. Bennett has been riddled with injuries since he first came into the scene but hopefully that was to do with him growing and it will settle down now.
  10. Well we’ve had since Pearce left about 3-4 weeks ago to get someone get someone in. Nothings changed really we should have had someone lined up.
  11. Not overly concerned but, the question of why it’s been left so late? Has to be asked. The positives we take are that we have wisdom and Evans that can play there but if it was a priority all through January why are we in this position with 2 hours to go
  12. We have put green netting around the training ground in an attempt to make it more difficult for outsiders to see in... Surely Black would have made it less transparent as you can see through the netting on the photos and more 'on Brand' ...
  13. Why would you be "hugely concerned" he dived, keepers are taught to dive for everything and leave nothing to chance it doesn't always look brilliant when one blazes over or wide but Carson does it also. I've been pleasantly surprised by Roos he's so tall but whenever he plays he gets down so quick. At the moment he's showing he has shot stopping abilities of Carson and better distribution for our way of playing, Carson's distribution is good but he's better at hitting the forwards not playing at the back. I haven't seen enough to work out if he's any good at commanding his area though. so far he's showing really good form and if he's able to displace Carson that's only a good thing.
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