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  1. He’d be better than what we have though
  2. We are also talking about January... a lot can happen in between. But come on you can’t be telling me it’s not plausible for him to come to us?
  3. Correct they triggered it last season, we are currently no where near falling foul on of FFP and why might he come here...? If you asked prior to Lampard, Cole, Cocu and Wazza you may have a point however this is Mel Morris’s Derby county and we sign who we like!
  4. I’m not suggesting we sign all of them. It’s a list of targets after all...
  5. Targets I feel are achievable and would improve the team - Hart - Experience, would come in with something to prove and would be the best in the championship. Van de Hoorn - Brilliant defender plays really well out from the back, watched him against us last season he was quality (also out of contract in the summer) Jordan Ibe - Another one with something to prove, did really well at Derby for 6 months, career hasn't taken off in the prem, however would make be a much needed winger. Scott Sinclair - Quality in the championship, would be an improvement on our current wingers, would prefer a more youthfull winger but if we get him in on loan first as a 'try before you buy' it wouldn't be too much of a risk. Vydra - Apparently available, would like to see him on loan here again. Billy Gilmour - Send Dowell or Patto back and I'd like to see this kid at Derby. Angel Gomes/Chong - Couple of Utd youth players who could benefit from a loan move. (Very unlikely but if Utd sign a striker in Jan then Greenwood might be given the opportunity to go out on loan for 6 months to build some confidence).
  6. Point being they both went through bad first seasons and weren’t competing but season after they were immense once they brought in the players they identified. It’s pointless adapting your system to suit players that aren’t in your plans, better teaching the ones that are!
  7. Opportunity for Knight... he won’t have a better chance then now
  8. Klopp and Guardiola must be Idiots too then... both took over Liverpool and City, didn’t change their systems just made the player get on board with it or leave. They haven’t done too bad...
  9. I like many last Tuesday against fulham thought why on earth are we bringing on Whittaker instead of Marriott? Last couple of games he’s come on as first sub and I think it’s time for him to start, been impressed both times. I also thought Knight looked sharp on Saturday, I’m sure he’ll be knocking on the door soon with Shinnie and Hudds and potentially Beliek our at the moment.
  10. Cant understand him playing Waghorn instead of Martin at the weekend. Martin gives you the ability to hold up the ball and play in players like Marriott Holmes Lawrence etc... I'm actually wondering what Waghorn actually does... he doesn't hold the ball up and he's not very quick his finishing has now dropped off. One thing he is good at is set pieces he should be taking all the free kicks and corners that how he got such a good return at Ipswich!
  11. I agree goals change games, if Roos hadn't made an error for the first goal we could have go on to frustrate them and may have scored ourselves as we almost did with Lawrence shortly before. Goalkeeper lost us the game. The outfielders limited them to half chances, the goalkeeper has to do his bit... and I'm saying that as a keeper myself.
  12. What chances? Other than the mistakes by Roos we defended well and limited them to half chances. You can’t lay the blame at Davies and Forsyth, both goals he’s hesitant and then the defenders don’t know what to do. I backed him for a long time but unless he can get his head right we will continue getting results like this, I think a spell on the bench might help him. It’ll give him time to focus on getting over his mistakes and hopefully come back stronger, I would like to see us try Ravas whilst we’re in this position.
  13. No ones scapegoating him, the team played well and defended well, individually Roos cost us the game today. The first two goals he should be cleaning up. If it was just the third goal you could put that down to a miss kick sometimes it happens. But the two previous are a sure fire indicators of what we have been seeing from him all season, indecisive when it comes to claiming a ball in his area. You can try and blame Davies and co but I feel they are dropping deeper and deeper because they don’t trust Roos to collect the ball anymore. I remember a really good example of this in the Wigan at home game Davies dropped just outside the 6 yard box to clear an easy ball just because he didn’t know Roos was coming or not. It’s a shame because he’s a great shot stopper but unless he can claim a ball properly then he’ll never make it long term for us.
  14. The real problem is we were going there to frustrate them get a goal, but a Roos mistake I’m the first 5 has us chasing. We defended quite well from open play however and they didn’t have any easy chances bar the 3 gifts from the keeper.
  15. It’s 0-0 with a solid keeper. They weren’t far superior it was just a good home team performance. If we turn up with a solid keeper we either draw that or nick a goal on the break.
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