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  1. I genuinely believe he should have had more time during Mac 2 as he had no chance to bring in the players he needed and get rid of those he didn't. I feel Sam Rush was probably the catalyst for all the hiring and sacking ever since he left I don't think we have sacked any managers.
  2. I actually thought it was a mistake of Lampard to let him go last season, we had Nugent, Waghorn and Marriott last season but I thought Jerome would have given us something different when we needed some strength up top. To be fair Bennett ended up playing that role towards the end of last season but I’d imagine we’d have had more goals from Jerome. I suspect it was all down to wages really, he’s a lot of money for a plan B.
  3. Yes short sighted. It’s not the footballers that determine what they get paid. It’s ultimately down to the people that pay the wages and pay the clubs. I’ve said for a while Sky should be stipulating that the money they pay should now be passed to the fans by reducing prices right down to £10 a game etc. But as this started it shouldn’t be up to the players to have their wages deferred etc one for the loss of income to the revenue, you can’t just impose a blanket over all players what should happen is to allow them to help the clubs and nhs etc as to how they see affordable.
  4. Again pretty short sighted, the vast majority of footballers have pledged support to NHS and already support lots of charities. But do I care how much someone gets paid... I’m happier when they earn more... the more they earn the more they pay in tax and the less we do. Let’s say Davies earns £20k per week that would equate to him already contributing around £469k in ni and tax. But when it comes to his pension planning for the rest of his life he’s going to need around most people now looking for a comfortable retirement are looking to save around £1 million for 20-30 year retirement. For him to pay for that as well as the next 30 years supplemental income he’s probably going to need almost £4 million considering the lack of tax efficient wrappers available to him. he’s probably earned around 6/7 million net over his career, I mean I don’t feel sorry for him by any means but I can certainly understand why they might be annoyed at people telling them to give up or defer their wages.
  5. I know I’ll get called out for this but... do you Realise what they have to give up? Not during there career but during the early years of their lives? Footballers don’t just become footballers by being born with talent, they have to give up all of their free time, take time out of school to train week in week out. Leading to most just getting by at gcse but gaining no alevels/degree or getting an apprenticeship. so your point is they should leave football without money to set them self up for life and have no qualifications or trade to step into?for the majority it will be only football they know. To give you a different perspective America treat their athletes differently, in order to get to the top of their game, they give them sports scholarships to universities and after they finish they get picked up by teams. its not a perfect system but the players that don’t make it can fall back on a career. In our game there turned it superstars at 16 and their trade is football. Also listen to some physiotherapists that look after footballers, they put their body through so much now that when they’re 30+ thier body is in bits and needs injections physio and pain relief on a daily basis to help them through. Players do earn their salaries to be honest and they deserve to be comfortable enough to have choices after football.
  6. You cant access a pension until 55.
  7. Easily afford to do it is quite a loose comment, some might. But at the end of the day the more you earn the more you spend. I used to know a premier league footballer getting 40k net per month but his mortgage payment was £25k per month car was a few grand a month and regular expenses left him with not much short of of his income per month. Put that into context you might have say Davies and Huddlestone on their last big contracts and they will need almost every penny as they’ll never earn that money for the rest of their lives.
  8. Actually a really entertaining way to finish the season in two weeks!
  9. Football over the summer would be class, what a unfortunate but coincidentally great opportunity to change the football calendar, we could finish the season in November and start again in January/Feb. It would stop so many games getting cancelled during the seasons and improve the summer. Might even increase attendances as people won’t be out off by the winter weather.
  10. DCFC27

    Who next?

    Who does he think he is? Who do you think you are... he’s not gone out on a personal attack on anyone. What he’s said is true, there are far too many people on here that have slated our manager and some of the youngsters which I find bizarre. The form of the team would have us 3rd since Christmas with the youngsters plus Rooney, we do need a couple of smart and quality signings but the overhaul that Cocu has managed on the budget he has has been the story of the season for us.
  11. I know this has been said before but I do like GR, we scored lots of goals and defended really well for the most part of his tenure. I said it at the time, the jan window cost us, loosing Russel and not getting in a replacement killed our attacking energy in the second half of the season. He never seems to loose against his old clubs and we never win in London this season but Rowetts side struggle against sides that can keep the ball for long perios of time and move the ball fast, we will get chances in the game and we just need to take them. Keep the same side, unless Rooney is fit.
  12. We’d need to win 10 on the bounce. Not that we would, but if that happened I’d be very confident going into the playoffs.
  13. I agree about the ref, he didn't want to make a decision at all. Just came and took his match fee
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