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  1. DCFC27

    EFL appeal

    The idea is to stop clubs going bust, there needs to be a massive overhaul of the system as at the moment the championship are trying to compete with premier league wages and transfer fees without the income. Clubs should spend what they generate, but if an owner wishes to spend more they need to be accountable and affordability needs to be assessed before they commit the club to such fees. Fortunately for Derby, when it all went wrong and Mel realised he’d messed up, he has paid for it. But had Mel walked away in 2016 or 17 the club would be massively in debt due to the massive wage bill.
  2. DCFC27

    EFL appeal

    So my understanding is that GSE sold the club Debt free to Mel. But even if I concede that, mortgages aren’t just due at some point in time you generally pay in instalments and you even refinance them if you wish as you go along. I have just taken a look at some of the losses and generally as a football club your not looking to make a profit and generally this looks like clever accounting rather than the type of losses were making now on massive wages and transfer fees. Let’s put it this way, we didn’t look like we might not pay the wages. To be honest I don’t see that as a bad thi
  3. All or none, you have to be consistent. I would have kept all three on as why should they ruin the clubs finances. We may have won the court case had we taken the same approach to all three but it was unfair. Captaincy is not a good enough excuse.
  4. DCFC27

    EFL appeal

    It was a time whereby Derby stayed out of the headlines unless it was for the right reasons. They are the type of custodians you want for your club. I remember the protests, but they were in the season following relegation from the premier league and maybe a little the following season. Ultimately responsible owners that built the club that Mel took over.
  5. DCFC27

    EFL appeal

    I personally feel there needs to be independent regulation over the transfers and how they are funded, clubs should put together a budget send to a league regulator that approves the budget, based on the individual club and its income. Derby should be able to spend more than Rotherham, because Derby generate more income via their turnstiles etc. The EFL should take a look at Derby’s projected income and say okay Derby you can spend £10million this season as that is what you can afford, even if your owner pulls out, You’ll be okay. They’ll then do the same with Rotherham, and they’ll give t
  6. But then didn’t sack the bloke that drove him or the one that crashed into him or fled the scene of the crime and left the captain of the team in their cars. Out of all three he was the least guilty but because he was no longer and asset and we couldn’t claim on the player insurance he was sacked. (FWIW I think morally all three should have been sacked but financially I’d have kept them all. I think Mel just gambled on sacking him hoping he might not have to pay the wages, but if Keogh appealed and won he hasn’t lost really as he had nothing to loose) again another embarrassing
  7. DCFC27

    EFL appeal

    By the sounds of it, they won’t be pumping money into the club, but they will balance the books each year. I actually rate the job the GSE did for us, they managed to get the club in to a very financially secure position, paid off the stadium got rid of all the high earners and in the end they had us very competitive under Mac, who knows how it may have turned out had they had continued? We would have sold out best players but probably have spent wiser knowing that what is spent must come back in.
  8. DCFC27

    EFL appeal

    People aren’t allowed to spread rumours on this forum. I was well informed about about Mel and the sale on quite a few things but my comments deleted because I’m not John Percy. Some of what I hear ends up being rubbish too, but that’s the thing about rumours you’ll get some stuff like that. FWIW another takeover is being lined up by a local consortium, they can’t get the funds to make it happen as it stands but if the fans are in next year and we haven’t been sold off to whoever will take us before then it may well happen.
  9. 11 points better off. I think 30 games ago we’d have taken 4th from bottom. I just think if we’ve given him a contract let’s let him see it out. Changing managers every season doesn’t work for us.
  10. He wouldn’t be my first pick but I really don’t agree with cutting managers contracts short. Ultimately we have given him a two year contract give him the 2 years and then review. I think we were 7 points off safety when he took over and were now 4 points clear, if he keeps us up he deserves his chance.
  11. Mac did have a very good back room team with him, Eric Steele & Simmo all very good football guys and I get the feeling with Steele with his coaching pedigree really helped. I do feel if I was a young manager coming into my first job I’d have liked some experience around to help.
  12. Nothing wrong with that but it would be a good idea to have someone to bounce ideas off in that process
  13. Looking through the team we lack experience all over, no just the team and not just the manager but even the coaching staff. Next season, regardless of which league we are in, we need to go out and get some older heads on board. I genuinely don’t rate Liam R as assistant coach, I think he talks well as a pundit but he doesn’t strike me as someone who could help inspire a team. Given isn’t exactly blessed with years of experience either. We could have done with Rooney bringing in a coach alongside him that could help him in times like these. Some one like Eric Steele or someone that h
  14. I like Alonso from what I’ve heard so far, seems like he has his head screwed on and sounds to me that he’s likely to actually have a business model for recruitment. (Something we have really lacked) however it doesn’t seem like the money he’s bringing to the table is his from the murmurs I have heard. What happens when he upsets his rich friends and they just turn the tap off? I’m not actually convinced this will go through, again it seems we have found a buyer that’s desperate enough to get into ownership that they are prepared to buy a club in our covid and relegation threatened state.
  15. Please don’t let given go back to coaching keepers again. I can’t take it. Our goalkeeping department has improved since he took a new role. Even Roos has looked solid recently. That’s said I do rate Given in his defensive coach role. We have been much more organised and hard to score against since he took that role. The current problem is our ability to score goals.
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