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  1. Mel is the reason we are here, we look at individual decisions etc etc but ultimately the buck stops with him. He failed to implement any shred of a business model to the club. We have gone from Mac to Clement to wassall to Pearson to Mac to Rowett to Lampard to Cocu and now Rooney. With the exception to maybe one or two there has been no continuity in the style of plays, the recruitment was about the name not about the manager matching the players we’ve got. So over the years we’ve ended up with players that don’t suit systems and the new manager having to bring in a brand new side almost.
  2. Anyone else think the pitch looks awful compared to how it usually looks this time of year?
  3. I think he might be talking to the likes of Gorden. Saying if you train right I’ll put you in.
  4. Getting regular first team game time under Rooney or play in Man United under 18s... I’d like to think given the same opportunity I’d want to play first team football but as a 16 year old if your taken around carrington meeting the likes of OGS and other man United legends and players you can see it would be difficult to turn down and he might really back himself. If he has the same head in his shoulders that Bellingham and sancho did, I’d be really impressed, they’ve gone to a club where they will give them a chance. Hopefully he stays and gets a crack at the first team for for a couple
  5. I read somewhere that we paid this off pretty quickly after taking it out, I think it was a cash flow issue last year rather than needing the money long term.
  6. If not I’d be seriously impressed by Wayne’s willingness to be the manager. He really has put his head above the trenches.
  7. Accountant account for, they don’t plan
  8. Sell. Might be the best thing he’s done for Derby.
  9. Missing the income from ticket sales and match day revenue were not. Doesn’t matter how much you reduce your outgoings when there almost nothing coming in you can’t make a profit 🙄😂
  10. Anyone saying it’s the banks fault now due to checking AML etc is wrong. £60million pound transfers don’t sit Idle for the best part of a month, sometimes a few days maybe 1 week but if your transferring that amount of money the bank delivers a more personable service and they work with you to resolve it fast. They will certainly have their own dedicated senior commercial manager with a support team working on it. If the funds “have” been transferred and they are still being held, then the chances are the receiving/sending bank or HMRC think it’s dodgy and have suspended the funds. Th
  11. I was talking about the academy grads, out of all of them I don’t mind Bird going, I’m a bit meh with him. Sometimes he’s impressed me but a lot of the time he plays too safe.
  12. 3 or 4. Out of all the player I do think he’s most expendable. Knight is crucial right not and Sibley could, and not saying he will, but could go on to get a Maddison like fee in a few years time or better become Derby’s answer to Jack Grealish as he’s a massive Derby fan. We also have beliek who we paid big money for in his position.
  13. I’d sell bird first if we could get 3/4 million.
  14. No the point of FFP is to stop owners signing the club up to big contracts saying they’ll cover them... donation or otherwise if they change their mind 12 months later the club are left with massive wages. The owners should be held to more account, if they sign players over a 5 year contract at 20k a week they should put that in the club when they sign, and recoup their money from the income from the club if they wish but ultimately they should not be able to walk away without paying up the contracts of the players. The players contracts are the main out going and the biggest risk to adm
  15. I’m not fella, I do understand it’s the clubs responsibility and legally Mel can walk away if he wishes, but morally that’s would be so wrong. He’s the one whose offered them contacts etc he should pay. It’s annoying that the takeover is taking longer than expected but he shouldn’t just remove his money one pay day. I have mentioned this before, football clubs shouldn’t be the same as any other business the owners shouldn’t be able to walk away, they should be made personally liable or money should be put in the club upfront to cover the contracts they offer. If they want a vanity pr
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