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  1. Rubbish, did you not see how far they were up the pitch all game. They attacked together, both went forward, in fact the first attack we had was Buchanan crossing for Byrne but there cb cleared it. They are both up and down the wing doing both a full back and a wingers job in one proper wing backs.
  2. “Ibe hope not” in the position he plays he’d be okay coming of the bench next in the first team now, he needs match sharpness which he’s can build in 20/30 mins in the first team. It’s not like he’s coming back from and injury like Beliek, I’ve just hasn’t been playing he just need to get some championship minutes to get up to speed now. He’s not going to get anything by playing in the under 23s
  3. Whereas it’ll be great to see, I think Shinnie is key to this formation at the moment, he covers every blade of grass and cut out so many attacks last week.
  4. Same team again with Sibley and Ibe ready to come on for the wingers later in the game. Thought it suited Sibley coming in off the right on Friday.
  5. No mate you’re wrong there, the linesman didn’t put his flag up until the ref called it, its why it took so long to be called back. The ref has asked the linesman “was waghorn in an offside position” linesman - “yes” ref- “put your flag up” alternatively the linesman might have asked the ref if he was interfering... in which case the ref made still made the decision. The linesman will know he can’t make that call as he can’t see if he’s in the keepers line. If the flag goes up straight away I’d agree with you but it didn’t and you’re wrong. As for referees,
  6. Just look at where the referee is! How on earth has he given that, it was totally his call as well as the lineman didn’t put his flag up for about 10 seconds which means the ref must have told him. Typical ref with an itch to make the game all about them, try and pull a great call as he hasn’t given any big decisions all game, backfiring as he’s just trying to find something out of nothing. The sad part is, had he not made that decision he was probably the best ref we’ve had in this fixture for years. Ruined in a moment of madness.
  7. Where do we play Beliek in this side? I would say he has to play in the back 3... I really like the industry of Shinnie and Knight they both cover more yards than anyone on the pitch and knight has some quality alongside it.
  8. Need to back this performance up, far too many times we play well one game and don’t turn up the next. I’ve been Cocu in all the way but it’s now he has to show he can get us playing and keep us playing. This is his time prove yourself Cocu
  9. By the same logic there goal should have been disallowed as they also had a player standing offside, if anything worse as he was closer to the keeper. Genuinely I felt we controlled that game for about 75 minutes we had a 15 minute spell where they scored but otherwise we dominated it. “999 what’s your emergency” - “I would like to report a robbery”
  10. Real shame that Shinnie goal didn’t go in as there here for the taking today.
  11. anyone having trouble with Now TV streaming?
  12. Whoever we bring in I’d want Steve Mac as coach, our squad is similar to where we were with NC and you just know he could get us playing.
  13. Ajax are the team in Holland he broke the mould with PSV
  14. I wish he was still our keeper coach best we’ve ever had. Pivotal to Steve Mac I believe.
  15. Don’t really understand the game do you?
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