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  1. Imagine what they felt like after the rescheduled match!!
  2. Aye, nutter that Humphrey Smith is, doesn't stop him owning a fine array of boozer's around the capital. Some are in outstanding buildings, I doubt the Smith family will ever go hungry
  3. Thanks for the kind words @ariotofmyown they are appreciated. I hadn't really intended it to be a 'woe is me' post, I think I was just venting as it was just a mad few minutes in what has been a topsy turvy few weeks. I was gutted on Sunday when I couldn't get tickets, so I didn't really log on with much hope or having really thought things through. I rang my mum as I thought I would be sat there twiddling my thumbs, and in no way thought I would be picking from hundreds of tickets at 12:01, and it all happened so fast I couldn't really make it work without effectively standing up my stepdad. At the end of the day, he was the bloke that started taking me to matches, and without the Ram's I would have never met my better half and wouldn't have our 3 daughters and the 4 of them are the best things that ever happened to me. So I owe him this one. I hope whoever got the tickets I had in my basket have a day they remember for the rest of their lives! Given the state of my stepdad, I think I'll remember this match with him where ever we see it. If you've got tickets have a great day, and start us a 'since I was young' chant, it always gives us goosebumps.
  4. If anyone heading to Wembley on tube from central London is after a slightly more sedate pint, it's worth hoping off the tube at St John's Wood and within 2-3 minutes walk you will find the Ordnance Arms, on Ordnance Hill. It's a Sam Smith's pub and the food is alright too. Despite its location they have never had issues with wearing your colour's. We have a family trip to the challenge cup each year, so use it then, and Spurs fan in law used it when they located at Wembley. Nice quiet spot, outdoor seating and back on the tube it's only 15 minutes to Wembley. Have a good 'un.
  5. Why is life so complicated!! Initially missed out on tickets, despite having hotel booked etc. Then when the tickets to watch at Pride Park came up decided I would pick up those so we could take my Stepdad whose just been diagnosed with lung cancer this week so he had something to pick him up a bit, he's a life long Ram and all round good bloke. But couldn't resist logging on to still see if I could get me and the daughter could get tickets as originally planned. Placed 209 in the queue and have tickets in basket within minutes, daughters log in queue placed 7689 so no chance. Even if I ditch the daughter, stepdad isn't really fit for a trip to Wembley. Whilst doing this I'm on the works phone speaking to my mum about this morning's hospital appointment and she mentions how much my stepdad is looking forward to Monday at Pride Park....... pause......shut the browser, bye bye tickets. I know I've done the right thing, but I still feel a bit sick!! Let's smash Villa!!
  6. 2 adult tickets for me and daughter, we are already booked on train and into hotel in London as it seems I'm stupidly optimistic.......
  7. I missed out on a ticket, despite feeling totally entitled to one, but after a five minute sulk (which was cut short by the better half reminding me the lawn needed hoovering), I decided to just to get on and remain excited that we are in the final with with a team that just made history at dirty Leeds 😁 It's weird, we got tickets in the Chelsea club seats from friends when we played down there, and seeing our away support giving their all, made me proud to be a Ram in a way different to being in there. I don't really have the words to explain. But I know seeing us pack our end at Wembley will probably make me feel the same. Social media, well it is just social media, I really don't know what reaction folk expect when they get there rage on. I tend to think the folk with the most anger are the one's that would be the first to rub your face in their good fortune. I'm sure in their own minds they just think 'smash post and......
  8. I remember reading that it was a random place, but can't remember if that was on the queue info page, that you could click off or the main one.
  9. Most likely from a pub in Shoreditch, surrounded by bearded hipster's half my age wearing offensively tight jeans, which probably means I'll be drinking some over priced cloudy fruit based IPA, called 'Mango Monkey Spaff' from the Vomit Donkey Brewery or similar. Me and the daughter had already booked a hotel and got some relatively cheap train tickets, and just hoped we would get lucky on the tickets. But at 12356 in the queue it was not to be. I said this on the other thread, having seen Wednesday's point system in action, we would have been pretty much nailed on for tickets, but no point dwelling on this. Still can't wait for the final though, and I expect to hear you lucky Rams raising the roof across town. Let's smash 'em!!
  10. Yeah, the better half is a Wed fan, as is our eldest girl. We both work irregular shifts, so with family stuff on top neither of us currently have season tickets for our respective clubs, although both previously have. But in the season they lost to Hull in the playoffs they had seen enough matches to take all the stress out of it. Tickets sold out before they made it to general sale if I remember right, so everyone that went had been to at least one home game. I've no doubt me and daughter two would have secured tickets today if we ran a similar scheme. Instead we lost out by minutes. It's not something I'll be crying about, we had already booked train and hotel tickets and took the chance we would end up watching it in a pub in London if we couldn't get tickets. So still looking forward to the weekend away, and hope those with tickets have a fabulous time too! More importantly I hope we smash the Villa and we all bounce home!!
  11. Got on, could only see 1 seat, that I couldn't get. Gutted!! All the best to those that are going, have a great day!!
  12. Snap, I've locked the kids in the cellar without device's!! Seems proportionate today! 😁
  13. 11622 in the queue, your expected wait time is 'more than an hour'. I'm beginning to think cracking that bottle of wine to calm my nerves may work against me as there isn't much left already!!
  14. Keogh and Wilson And Mount shushing the Leeds fans after Marriott's goal 😂 can't find a picture of him doing it after his...
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