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  1. I must admit I long lurked this forum before joining, I was always a bit put off by the 'proper' fan debate's and in truth, I was probably a bit old fashioned. But I got over myself, and I love this place, it provides a real connection with the club and a variety of good folk. In fact, when I get on a bit of a footie rant my youngest just says 'tell it to the forum dad!'.
  2. Hold her close mate, mine now treat me like a total oddball for constantly interfering with their social calendar, they're the best thing ever
  3. Lol, they are already obessed 😂
  4. In the middle of the Frank storm, I could do with a break. DCFC wasn't in my DNA, but it's in my heart. I was born in Warrington to a dad that was a rugby league 'pro', and arrived in Derby aged 5. I grew up in Ripley, got interested in football and ended up with a step dad that started taking me to the baseball ground at age 9. And the deal was sealed. I've only had 12 season tickets in my 47 years because work and family stuff dictate. I still follow the Wire, but DCFC became my life from late teens onwards, and I'm nearly 50 FFS. I met my better half on a train back from London in 97 after Chelsea bummed us in the midday kick off the day before. She's a Sheffield Wednesday fan and her and my eldest have season tickets up there. Daughter 2 followed me down the right path, and she's my Pride Park company. Daughter 3 the youngest, ride's horses scarily well and we had a lad who got cancer at 7 and we lost him when he was 10, it was awful. Football at Derby and Wednesday has been a glue that has held us together as a family and still does. I think my girls think I'm one of the most over protective dad's there could be, and I can't tell them why. So if you were just born into the club or it became your club, I wouldn't mind hearing why?
  5. Darren Flipping Moore's Derby County.....!
  6. If it is Kovacic, then he was already on loan with them and already registered, so they could buy him regardless of the ban. I think.
  7. I generally enjoy the coverage from Steve and the DET, but just thought yesterday's story of Frank being back at work today was just clickbait lazy journalism. In fairness, they are also in a vacuum like the rest of are, and they are also tasked with keeping traffic up. So I don't blame them. Even if someone had checked if Frank turned up today, I doubt it would have added much of substance to the debate.
  8. You are doing a great job guys, I had a fine fake chicken burger from Huns last night, and lot's of fine ale. Heading down with the daughters 2 & 3 this arvo, as it seems one of the few places a 9, 19 and 47 year old can go without any moans!
  9. Seems that the DET didn't feel the need to follow up the Frank returns to work story by seeing if he has. I guess sending someone there would be significantly more tricky than just cut and paste journalism.
  10. Just when I thought this whole saga couldn't get any more weird, I find myself agreeing with something written in The Star.........we are through the looking glass here people!!
  11. I'm more annoyed that the current media circus regarding Frank is losing us valuable Chris Martin thread opportunities ......
  12. But it's Frank's birthday!!! 😜
  13. Great servant of the club, I wish him and his family all the best for the future and wish him every success with Aberdeen. He'll always be a 🐏
  14. So the odds are now out! https://oddschanger.com/football-news/next-Derby-manager-odds Much as I flipping love Jim Smith, I don't think I'll be tempted even at 100/1!!
  15. Wednesday, as the better half and daughter 1 are Owls fans. Now Ram daughter 2 is of official drinking age, we have some great family 'Derby' days! Or Leeds as there just might be a bit of edge to that one.....
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