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  1. Flipping flip, lots of effort but very frustrating. At least I won't have to watch Stoke again this season, the scrubbers.
  2. I was in a Norwich box today with 8 of their fan's. They were doing their nut about the time over and the ref in general.
  3. This was my first day off since the Tuesday after the red dogs, and I was lucky enough to see the match from one of the boxes in their south stand. I took our 8 year old and it was the first time she's watched a match all the way through without being distracted by some device or other. It was probably helped by the fact I couldn't sit still on such a bonkers afternoon, and it was just mint to see her so into it today. We're still down in Norwich and have been to see the Grinch at the flicks. First time she has sat through a whole film at the cinema too. She has a spot of autism and the noise usually freak's her out a bit. Back at our Premier Inn and she's fast on, and I'm finally having a beer watching MOTD. Wish I bought a lottery ticket!! Football is so much more than the 90 minutes ☺️
  4. After reading this thread I somewhat reassured the majority of us have some perspective. Some folk should really
  5. From earlier, now at the Bishop and bar staff reckon it's already got a bit lively in the station pubs and walkabout, trouble isn't for me. #stayclassyandCOYR's
  6. Gosh, what's scary is he has clearly felt empowered to compose another 40, 969 of those literary gems. The scrubbers 😂
  7. It's never the time I start drinking that defeats me, just the quantity 🤤 It was just a fine excuse to get time off before my Christmas run at work. I couldn't have made it if it had been on the Sat or Sun, so it's been a bonus change of fixture for me, although I appreciate it will have been a pain for others. So the dog will get a longer walk in the morning, me and the daughter (who should be at college 😮😜) will embark on a bus and train odyssey into town to meet a mate about 1ish, and from there is just enjoying the build up. I love the buzz of fans building in the pubs, I've got red dog mate's, so there will be plenty of banter over what's app etc, and I love a night match on a freezing winter night. Not many derby's I can actually say I 'enjoyed' watching, but if the result goes our way what a better start to the festive run, and we've got some right matches coming up. Looks a proper nail biter on paper, but 3-2 is my guess for a great early Christmas present! COYR's
  8. Was making a brew at work and as the kettle's on a colleague asks; 'You all set then?' 'Yeah, I've got the Monday/ Tuesday off, can't wait!!' 'What! You got Christmas Eve and Day off! How did you manage that?' 'Erm, no working both.....you weren't asking about the Derby /Forest match were you?' 😏 I'm already clock watching the week through, can't remember the last time I wanted a weekend done and Monday to come so bad!
  9. Would like to see Brad swapped for Huddlestone, we got bullied there and would rather see us win the match rather than the fight.
  10. Yep, Sheffield Tap next door to the station has a cracking range of beers in a great building, but they might not let fans in if wearing their colours, particularly as Utd fans could be heading out to Rotherham.
  11. Sheffield Tap attached to the station is great for 🍺 Food wise you are about 5 minutes walk from the Peace Gardens where there are chain eateries of all types, and some town centre type boozers. Smoke BBQ is good if you want a meat feast in the PG's. Kelham Island is good for both, then an Uber to closer to the ground. This is my proper pubs map, that I have researched extensively... https://goo.gl/maps/LQSfjNhPhDL2 My guess is the Four Lanes Fisheries on Leppings lane, and not the Hillsborough fish bar. If you come via the tram from town and get off in Hillsborough then the Riverside fish n chippy is also good.
  12. Owls 1 - 3 Rams. Frgs Marriott Early brace, home fans will get on their backs. We'll get caught knocking around the back late on to bin the clean sheet.
  13. Sorry, the boring but true answer is that matches and family time are hard as me and MrsER work irregular shifts. DCFC has always been there for me, but I love my girls more than anything else. I should probably go back to being a forum lurker rather than poster 😁
  14. I'll be in their North stand with my better half and 2 of our daughters (1 ram/ 1 owl). Me and MrsER met on the train back from London the Sunday after Chelsea did us 4-0 at theirs, and she had stayed in London after seeing their lot at Southampton....heady days for both clubs 🙂 We had a lunch time kick off and by Sunday morning I was hanging! 🤢 So I've seen a fair bit of Hillsborough over the years, and I have a bit of a soft spot for the place, it's a proper ground with proper fans. But the away end is a shed. Ticket pricing is a sore point for them too, particularly given the season they will have. I've sat in the home stands at a few ground's when we've played away, and I always love hearing our away giving it loads, fills me with pride. Much as I spend most of my life keeping the better half and the other daughter happy, I hope we smash them!
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