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  1. What do lot want then? Shall I lie to suit you all? While 95% were saying we'd get promoted I was getting abused cos I said we we're toss and that was before a ball was kicked. We train everyday, they turn up for training for 4 hours a week in a j reg van after 2 tins of kronenberg while they're stuck in traffic after an 8 hour shift. Forget the scoreline. They had 20 shots to our 0. That number 7 never sprinted all game! Took him off, his replacement couldnt kick the football properly. In fact, Gis a job, I can find 11 under 20s better than that tommorrow afternoon
  2. I dont underestimate non league what so ever. I've seen some proper good, talented sides against Alfreton, Ilkeston, Mickleover, borrowash and south normanton. Sides far better than blumin chorley. I'm amazed none of ya could see how awful it was. Kicking the ground, fresh air kicks by so called talented youth? Nah, never. That doesn't happen as often as it did today at sunday level.
  3. Questioning my parental skills on a dcfc forum? 💪💪💪💪. You keep burying you're head in the sand, I'll keep saying what I see. Average age of 19 isnt classed as BOYS. It was pathetic.
  4. Who are you to tell anyone to give it a rest? Agree, disagree, ignore, whatever. How is it nonsense? Spanked by chorley. Chorley, not liverpool, chorley. We had a lad up top that's bagged shed loads for liverpool, man city, Fiorentina who never had a kick. There overweight forward scored and sang adele to a bbc reporter with a bud in hand. We're a laughing stock
  5. I know. I go and watch them. I'm not saying they've been in the same league for 32 years. The Hfs loans league doesn't exist. I'm saying they're in the same league as chorley. Clear?
  6. I can tell you now, 100% fact, alfreton blue bell have never done two training sessions in there existance😂. Unless you can call running from taxis, the rozzers or scorned women ,training.
  7. I'll support whomever I like thanks. Efforts in this difficult situation? I'm sorry but training everyday in state of the art facilities v bus drivers that were on the bag last night isnt gonna get praise from me. It was awful, laughable at times. The amount of jogging back by young fit youth was embarrassing. All of it was. Chorley are that professional, that out of shape centre forward who scored, has just done an interview on bbc with his mobile phone in one hand, a Budweiser in the other, singing adele. Meanwhile, Bobby Duncan, him that was the next messi, and that wonder kid from sou
  8. Credit where credits due. Watch it again with the benny hill theme tune in the back ground. I'll be as positive as the next man when I see positive on the pitch, something that's been very sparse for the last year.
  9. If they were good I wouldnt slag them off. Like I keep saying, some of it made me laugh it was that poor. I've been to watch alfreton, same league, for the last 32 years. I know full well how 'fit' they are
  10. Agree with most but ebosele. He was like a two Ronnie's sketch. Stood on the ball and fell on his nut and fresh aired one within 5 mins of coming on. Comical to the point my nipper asked me what I was laughing at
  11. Absolutely brilliant from a team that trains everyday in top class facilities against plasterers that train tues and thurs for 2 hours followed by a chip cob and a gallon in the clubhouse. Unlucky not to have had more than zero shots I thought as some of the skills on offer were tremendous. Standing on the ball, fresh air attempts, kicking the grass instead of the ball, shin rollers, controlling the ball midfield so it goes out for a throw in. Genius tactics. Cant believe pep hasn't thought of these before. Lull them in. The centre forward looks a good prospect. 9ft tall, 7 st, touch lik
  12. Moron? Any need.? Yeah, I'm fully aware being as I'm watching it. I've even started laughing at how comical it is. Never thought anyone could be as bad as that number 7 we took off but I was wrong. His replacement has had a fresh air and tripped over the ball already. Average age of 19 isnt exactly kids either. Chorleys 13, ollie shenton, has shin rolled it twice. We're that bad its turned funny
  13. Non league football is exactly like that. I watched these v Alfreton town in an absolutely awful 1-1, Alfreton being robbed by the worst penalty decision you'll ever see. This is embarrassing! All we've heard for the last few seasons is youth this, youth that and what for? May as well of saved millions and just paid the alfreton players £400 to turn out. If these are the best kids we've got then fold the academy because I could rustle up 11 that could manage to be (luckily too) 1 down at ht.
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