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  1. Liam Walsh - Joined Birmingham on loan

    O'Rourke tweeted that he's signed for Birmingham
  2. Craig Bryson - signed for Cardiff season long loan

    At the start of the summer I thought Rowett might try for David Davis, who to me always looked like Birmingham's best player under him. Will be interesting to see if he becomes an active target should Bryson leave
  3. Tomer Hemed

    Think we can rule this one out. I asked a Brighton-supporting friend about his playing style, and he said he's the least mobile player he's ever seen (apparently even slower than Glenn Murray). We've got Chrissy Martin for the hold up play, if we're going to sign a new foward then surely it'll be the younger equivalent of Nugent
  4. Jon Toral - signed for Hull City

  5. Ryan Kent - Signed for SC Freiburg on loan

    There's been a lot of talk that he's off to a German club on loan, and apparently yesterday he tweeted something like 'I cannot wait' in German then deleted it. Obviously that's nothing significant, but adds fuel to the fire. Think we've missed out on this one..
  6. Nixon and Dorsett both confirmed he's signed
  7. In all seriousness though, if he was suddenly off to Wolves I'm sure an official source would be reporting on it by now. That'd be a proper scoop for any journo
  8. If he doesn't sign now I'm going to go full Liam Neeson on you
  9. Not having that at all. Pearson saw what was wrong with our squad and absolutely ignored it until deadline day, on which he spent 14 million on two average Championship players who have achieved absolutely nothing with us. It's been fairly obvious that Rowett would love a complete clear-out, but finding buyers is difficult. Can only sell players that clubs actually want..
  10. Get the feeling Mel might be sending the private jet after this game ends. Need a big performance
  11. Aside from the fact they both take up the budget, I don't think we can correlate the deals for Lawrence and Adams. To me, Lawrence is that creative winger Rowett knows we need. On the other side Adams is a physical busy foward, that sort of 'different kind of attacker' Rowett said he wants. I doubt bidding for Adams was with the aim of purchasing him instead of a winger
  12. He actually cost them 15/20 million, and he's a central player, not wide mate. Can't see them going in for Lawrence regardless though, because they're rumoured to only have less than 20m left in the budget, and they still want a foward. Doubt they'd risk half of it on TL
  13. Nixon has just 'confirmed' it was our second bid for Lawrence. To me that suggests we went in low, Leicester named their price, and we met it somewhere between on the 2nd go. If he 'wasn't available at all' we wouldn't have come back in for him surely? Overall I wouldn't think we were too far from the asking price, it's probably more a problem of how much we want to pay in instalments/add-ons
  14. Jon Toral - signed for Hull City

    Me too. Can only imagine perhaps Arsenal are asking for an unrealistic fee. Would make sense considering Rowett's quotes that we've put in 'competitive bids' which haven't been successful
  15. Valentin Rongier

    Ambiguous foreign signing AND a history of serious injuries... I bet Mel's readying the private jet as we speak..

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