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  1. Top class journalism there.. ??
  2. Ryan O'Meara

    James McClean

    The most significant part of the Schuerrle links with WBA is that they are currently on the edge of breaking FFP rules to do with wages (believe wage budgets can only rise about 7m within in a season, or something similar). With Schuerrle on 140 grand a week at Dortmund, and being predominantly a left forward, it would probably make perfect sense for WBA to now let McClean go. Only snag may be that they would prefer a big fee rather than a loan to clear up the books
  3. Ryan O'Meara

    James McClean

    Nixon tweeting that, then a couple of hours suddenly tweeting all the updates about the move like he's itk. Definite fraud
  4. Ryan O'Meara

    January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    Hasn't Ollie Burke already played for 2 sides this season?
  5. Ryan O'Meara

    Nelson Oliveira

    Really rate Oliveira. Would love this to be true, but I imagine if 8m was enough to buy him then a lot of other sides will be interested
  6. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Had we not brought back the Mac, Chrissy Martin would probably be a Fulham player right now, and we would be 8 million quid richer. Think we'll only get half of that now
  7. Ryan O'Meara

    Ryan Kent - Signed for Bristol City on loan

    If he really was a genuine target in the summer, it'll be interesting to see if we're interested again
  8. https://twitter.com/SNicholsonDT/status/950358387488849920
  9. Got my hopes up for a second, but I found the original article and all it says is that Lambert would be willing to take the job should Stoke ask him, which I very much doubt they will
  10. Ryan O'Meara

    Martin Zuniga

    Hopefully he remembers to pack his orthotic insoles
  11. Ryan O'Meara

    January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    Kasey Palmer has cancelled his loan at Huddersfield because he's not getting enough game time. He was excellent last season, would definitely be a realistic loan target and good competition for Vydra and out wide (in my opinion at least)
  12. Ryan O'Meara

    Adam Clayton

    It may not particularly matter, but my Boro mate has just told me that he bought a new house in Harrogate literally 2 weeks ago. Of course he may not mind travelling, but it could also be argued this gives a team in that area like Leeds an advantage over us, it we really are both interested. On the player himself, he was brilliant for Boro 2-3 years ago. A lot of their fans said he was the unsung hero of the team, but he obviously struggled in the prem and fell out of favour. Only downside of the move is that he's another player approaching 30, and his wages won't be cheap.

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