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  1. Can't see him fitting the Rowett ethos at all. For the most part he has a reputation as a trouble-maker and general all round prick. Seems to keep getting in trouble off the pitch as well. Moscow were going to pay him 100k a week and pulled out because they had doubts about his commitment. Don't think Gary would take a risk on someone like that
  2. You're obviously entitled to your opinion, but if he offered that little why would he still be playing 30 games a season for Stoke, especially when considering they have Imbula who plays the same position and cost 18 million. Martin O'Neil must see something in him too. For 1 million, surely it's worth just getting him in, if just as a rotation option at the very least. I imagine his contribution in the dressing room would repay that figure alone
  3. He's obviously a decent fullback at this level, but it's probably worthwhile taking a step back and looking at his strengths and weaknesses.. Strengths: Pace, reasonable height (not that he's particularly good in the air), and dribbling (although he often ends up overplaying and either running into a blind alley or getting surrounded. Weaknesses: Most importantly, he's just not very good at defending. He's not particularly strong at tackling, and he doesn't really have a footballing brain. His crossing is also absolutely terrible 8 times out of 10. It's no surprise Rowett has preferred the safer option in Baird, who is better at defending AND also excellent at crossing the ball
  4. Can't wait for the meltdown when he returns from holiday 5 stone overweight and fails his medical
  5. As the self-proclaimed International adjudicator for Steve McClaren memes, I fully approve
  6. I had to go back and delete loads of good ones for fear of failing my Notts police vetting. Hope whoever checked my social media wasn't a Forest fan (or Fulham for that matter) ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  7. Since Dashelle liked my 'Welcome home Andre Wisdom' video tweet, I would like to confirm he has signed a 10 year contract and will be lining up in back 3 with Curtis Davies and a German centre half..