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  1. If you look at the Cricket thread on otib you'd realise there are plenty of City / Gloucestershire supporters.
  2. Wish I hadn't bothered really. Awful game, truly poor all round. We were woeful in the second half other than defending which was organised and resilient apart from giving marriott room to spare in our box. We must improve considerably if we have ambitions of top 6.
  3. Ignoring the score what a turgid 45 minutes like pass the parcel with a bomb in it. Been here before at 0-3
  4. Nagy injury big blow for us, hell of a box to box footballer
  5. Cricket hasn't gone quite to plan! 305_3 so 86 runs ahead are Derbyshire
  6. Indeed in fact to confuse even further, Somerset have also played in Bristol
  7. Wot no Likes :) We can get a win, the second game of our double in Florida was mainly second strings. Where exactly are Sjoke in the table or for that matter Udders? I'd take a point.
  8. and two wins, though the Derbyshire batsmen might grow a backbone and delay Gloucestershire's win until Wednesday. :) ;)
  9. Depends if you want a winger who tracks back and helps his fullback, can tackle and can cross a ball. He's more suited to playing just behind a target man and running on to knock downs, lay offs, probably be ok behind a Chris Martin of several years back. We've got a couple of upgrades on him now so surplus to requirements. Hopefully for you he can be more consistent than he was for us.
  10. I'd have thought if we want him as a makeweight in a potential sale of Webster then we hold the trump card. However, if he is not good with the ball at his feet then maybe not.
  11. That Welsh flag deserves a lightning strike
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