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  1. England under 21 centre half plays LB now again for BCFC
  2. Not even Colin. NB At least he has brought our traditional rivals back to our level and gifted us £13m in the past 12 months.
  3. Well it is you for you lads and lasses anyway. Just back from Dull City via numerous hostelries where even the CAMRA Guide let us down umpteen times in search of the proper fruit imbibed in a glass . I have read about Cider on this forum before and nearly choked on the bile eschewed in matters concerning the hallowed Apple. So you did it, well you have done one quarter of the job. Next you must condemn those Dirty Yorkshire Tykes to another year of misery playing below their rightful station. And then, either those Villains or those Baggie lot. What a treat it would be to see all of these three fail miserably. As for us lot, well, our season was summed up rather today, at times excellent, at times woeful, hit the bar from a couple of feet out, hook over from six inches and generally flatter to deceive and then deceive to flatter. Cheers and praise to the Apple one and all and may you not only be the victors and then don't come back before Xmas, but not at all!
  4. Evening my Babbers. Interesting last day of the season. We (BC) are mostly just pleased to have competed and be in with a small chance of a Play off spot, wasn't much of a prospect having sold three of our better players last Summer. Whereas I'd venture a decent proportion of you expected to be at least in the lottery and the Smoggies definitely will have expected top 6 as an absolute minimum. Perhaps that may be the difference come mid afternoon on Sunday :) Anyways, it's yours to lose...………….
  5. Agreed however you'll find Swans are a lot better at home than us Robins
  6. Ohh my congratulations on Saturday were a wee bit premature. Swans in good form. Could be an interesting Sunday. Pressure is definitely on 🙂
  7. Congratulations and I sincerely hope you go up. Good luck
  8. Only one fruit is necessary for Cider (NB Heineken) COYReds
  9. Phew, nervy second half at Ashton Gate. I can't see us dropping from 4th to 8th but still not convinced we will be top 6 either. A third of this season has been great, a third mediocre and a third shockingly poor. No doubt all clubs from 4th to 16th or so can relate to.
  10. Which Boro are you expecting to draw at Bristol City? As a City supporter I'm not at all confident and am just enjoying the fact we are competing. Saturday's 94th minute Wigan equaliser sure was a downer.
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