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  1. October 16th 1973

    Damn...44 years ago and me a sprightly ish 16 year old and i remember it like it was yesterday...i often wonder that if there was internet and forums back then just how long would it have been before the servers crashed and probably exploded ? when you consider the amount of knicker twisting posts on here about trivial stuff that ain't gonna make a blind bit of difference to bugger all..oh well we had the chance and blew it ! it is the Derby way i suppose, a great shame because apart from a few seasons along the way, for me it's all been a bit s**** really.
  2. Johnny Russell

    Or Russell told Rowett that he's a clueless clown...maybe ?
  3. Bristol City v Derby County

    Dare i say a really great city...oozing with history if that's your thing.
  4. Barnsley v Derby County

    Bottom line is Don't break up a winning team. alright if it's some knockabout friendly then fair enough but it's competitive Cup game with a chance to play at Wembley...i bet Mel's spitting feathers.
  5. Barnsley v Derby County

    Arse !
  6. 17/18 - Summer Transfer Window

    Meh ! for me and IMO a pointless waste of time all we've done is ship out a few bang average second division footballers and shipped a few more in...where's the quality replacements for Ince & Hughes ?
  7. Sheffield United v Derby County

    Some may say we've been going backwards since the Jim Smith tenure.
  8. Rams manager when the current squad was born

    Harry storer jr for me...although i was surprised to see Arthur Cox was manager here for 9 years...seemed more like 19 !
  9. Signed: Tom Lawrence - Undisclosed fee, long term contract

    It just shows how bad things have got when fans are actually getting excited about signing a Leicester City reserve...not Real Madrid or Barcelona reserve...Leicester effin City and for silly money !

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