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  1. People are too harsh on Bogle. When running backwards and heading it in the opposite direction it is difficult to get any real power on it. Could have headed it out towards the sideline indeed but I think it's harsh to fault Bogle for that goal. Roos should never let that in.
  2. Jesus christ we're in a bad need for a good keeper. Terrible from Roos.
  3. People saying we've outdone them I bet Bristol City are more than content with how things are unfolding. We're passing it around while not creating and they hit us on the break. You lot are too easily impressed
  4. It's just way too easy for our opponents at set pieces. We've had some neat passing this half but possesion means nothing if you dont do anything with it. Bristol are completely content with us having the ball so they can counter.
  5. Our only shots have been Waghorns and Holmes shots from 30 yards out.
  6. You really think? I mean, if we're aiming for a clean sheet and a point then sure, it's top notch so far.. But we're creating practically nothing. Controlling well but we're not looking like scoring.
  7. Really impressed by these lads. Apart from poor decisions a few times they were outstanding and dominated the opposition in the second half. Should have won by 4 or 5 goals. Sibley and Whittaker top class.
  8. I think we have a different perception of the word unrealistic. I dont mean its actually impossible, just that I dont see it as very likely at all with how things have unfolded this season and thus I dont see any reason to start a hype train just because we're winning a few games and we've won away from home for the first time in half a year. We still have to play every single team in the top 8. It would require a monumental run until the end of the season for us to even reach playoffs.
  9. I understand peoples urge for a hope and something to believe in, but promotion is unrealistic this season. Of course it's mathematically possible but with everything that's happened this season asking for promotion is too much of a stretch. As a matter of fact, we havent been good enough and imo still arent despite the improvements lately. Signs of good things to come are definitely showing and if we keep developing I dont see why we won't be a contender next season. But this is a transitional season.
  10. We do tend to lose against bottom of the league away from home season after season. No need to end traditions.
  11. Think we're gonna have to settle with the one away win at huddersfield this season lads.
  12. If there was ever a season for something like this to happen, I don't mind it being this one. It's the worst we've had in about a decade and we're not gonna make the playoffs anyways so -9 points won't make much of a difference. Don't see us going down as I believe we will have a better second half of the season. Its all gone tits up so lets just have all the crap this season and then build for a better season next time around where we'll be capable of fighting for promotion again.
  13. Our inability to score goals this season is really frustrating. Most of the games we've just not created enough to justify more goals but there's also been several occasions like tonight where we should put the game to bed after 60 minutes. Great with back to back wins though. We need the points and confidence. But I hope there's extra shooting drills in the training the coming weeks.
  14. He needs a goal badly. Clearly lacks the confidence and I don't think Cocu will give him another 10 starts if he doesn't hit the back of the net. He's quality and lethal when he's at his best. Think I want him to score just as bad as himself.
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