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  1. Is everyone missing the point that MacLaren has taken Sports Director degrees or something like that in the last few years and therefore taken a new direction in his career. He is not here as a chuffing coach, ex coach, ex manager so stop saying he should take charge of the next 3 games, be the next manager, advise Rooney, take training etc etc.
  2. Apparently he refused to take training this morning as a stance as he was opposed to the ESL, then subsequently sacked. Good on him if true
  3. 1974/75 Rioch 15, Davies 12, Hector 13, Lee 12 - No out and out goalscorer there but we won the Div 1 Title for the 2nd time but deffo classed as DCFC gods! How times have changed
  4. Thank you, its just that every season, what is it 14 in a row now, have either been one or the other!
  5. How on earth have we got posts with 'Relegation Watch' and 'Path to the Play Offs' next to each other!!? God I love optimism/pessimism in equal amounts 😉
  6. Really? We have cried out for the last 5 years or so for a manager to have a Plan B rather than Mac 1 and 2 etc doing as you say and just playing our best team and hoping for the best. I am overjoyed, seriously, that WR overthinks every game and looks like he does his homework on every team we play, long may it continue. It won't always work, but he is learning quickly and playing this Division with the players he has. This is promotion form, results not performance I admit, but too many are hung up on the performances - you wont be moaning next season, mark miwurdz!
  7. I get the feeling from interviews that Shay Given offers lots of tactical ideas too, Rooney has credited him a few times
  8. Is he a recommend from Paul Scholes? Was his manager in 2019 at Oldham
  9. Perhaps its a dastardly plan just like Brian Clough watering the BBG to stop teams playing!
  10. No mention of Steve McClaren in that list!! Oops!!
  11. The defining moment for me was after Marriott scored. That goal had been coming for about 5 mins, our head of steam was up and then Mings lay in the penalty area and eventually hobbled off behind the goal. Total time about 7 minutes, completely ruined our momentum. Blatant professionalism
  12. Yeah, mixed feelings about this. I would love someone to beat our record but it would be hell of an acheivement. Back in the late 70s I used to alternate between the BBG when we were at home and Bramall Lane with a Blade mate when we played away (back in the Alex Sabella days) (cdnt afford to travel!) so I do keep wanting them to lose so we get rid of that record, just wush it was a different team to Sheff Utd. Boro, no, got no affection to Boro at all, please god let it be them one day!!!
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