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  1. Voted No. Stupid question after 3 games. Didnt us and Southampton both win first 4 games on the trot under Nigel Clough a few years ago and .. and.. yeah Southampton went up and we didnt. Aug 2003 Ravenelli's Derby 3 Reading 0. No promotion. Good start/ bad start meh!!
  2. This. I admit I have only watched the highlights but were we as bad as people have made out? Johnson hit 2 sweet strikes, the like of which he hasnt hit since we routed Hull 5-0 a few years ago. Would Man City really have lost a game 2-5, at home, with a full stadium? Football and the world is really weird at the moment. People cannot seriously make judgements on Cocu's ability in this sterile, atmosphere-less environment.
  3. No mention on here yet that Marriott is a former POTS at Luton and Curtis Davies started his career at Luton. Ex players always seem to score against us so hope it works for us! And @Ellafella also mentioned that the Shinnie brothers will come up against each other again
  4. I saw The Wedding Present in Basins, Tricorn Centre in Portsmouth on 15 Oct 1987. I remember the date because it was the night of the Great Storm! I came home having bounced my evening away on many pints of lager and the wind was picking up as I got home. I said to my wife that the cars were bouncing outside and she just thought I was pissed! Lost track of them after that but remember the one single a month stunt in 1992 to beat an Elvis record
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