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  1. Just like Alan Curbishley getting the sack at Charlton in the Prem years ago coz the Board wanted someone to take them to 'the next level', yeah, where did that get you!!
  2. How many players, in the past, have ever been booked for simulation in a similar position i.e. just running through onto the penalty spot with the whole goal to aim at? I would say not many. Most simulation incidents occur when teams are drawing or losing and on the edge of the penalty area or down the sides, trying to gain an advantage. Tom had done all the hard work without going down, if it had happened earlier in the move, there may be some debate but he was through, at speed, eyes lighting up, just going to pull the trigger when he was clipped by a defender trying to stop his run - penalty all day for me, even if it had been against us.
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