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  1. I really miss Lionel PickeringšŸ˜”
  2. Got to say not impressed,seems off the pace all the time,passing awful ,decision making far to slow for me. Dont think hes enjoying playing at the mo.confidence a bit shaken maybe.
  3. I dont think your being crazy,i know he said all the right things,but i have a real problem with managers with no passion,maybe im crazy.
  4. The man just seemed on a different planet somehow,not really with us,the fans i mean. After getting pummeled by Forest saying things intimating ,whats the big deal ,we play them two more times. Just not able to adjust to the fans expectations,fixed on a keep possession and pass back attitude,awful.
  5. Remember going to Bolton Wanderers,my first away game supporting the Rams back in the old division Two.They had a good team then but since have gone from struggle to struggle and dropped and dropped.They are mired in a league they have no chance of getting out of for a long while. It can happen to us make no mistake,.....We must not go down.
  6. Go to the head of the line because they play football........hmmmmmmm.
  7. Its the losing mentality thats so hard to break.Affects everyone at the club. We,ve all seen it ,players so scared of losing their confidence is shot,not wanting to risk a forward pass,not running into space etc. As has been said we need experience at the helm to change this."Winning is,nt everything ,but wanting to win is" We need a Big Sam imo.
  8. why do you refuse to believe we are in a fight for survival,
  9. Any new manager would be a gamble but some are a bigger gamble than others.The whole team needs an attitude fix,to stop them playing like they are afraid to lose into playing like they want to win.Its a big ask for anyone but for someone on his first gig it could be disastrous .
  10. Really hoping when/if we get said funds we,ll attract a decent manager first.
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