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  1. Thought long about this whole sorry situation,and my view is he deserves more respect from the club and especialy some fans.Taking the mickey of how he comes across on interviews is nonsense.To me he,s been a real warrior and has Derby in his heart for many seasons,mistakes ,yes some doozies,but his commitment can never be questioned .He made a mistake and his club,our club have turned their back on him so have some posters on here,not me ,his past service should count for something.I feel gutted too.
  2. Not quitting the forum and will always follow my team,bin doing it for so long now wouldnt know what else to do on game day. After the last season though with Lamps and all the euphoria and expectation of things actually going in the right direction at last, it all seems to be ar$e about face all of a sudden.Leaves me with an overwhelming feeling of disappointment ,with certain players and management of my club.Seems some on this forum have taken whats happened hard and some dont give a rats everyone to their own i guess,i just wish we could run last season over again i miss the optimism hell of a lot better than the gloom of today, just sayin.
  3. So let me get this right,hes playing our mentally challenged players out of position in order to stress them out and get them to eventually move on or have a nervous breakdown.Thereby showing Mr Morris they were all shiite to begin with and he needs more money. Got to say its a bit Double Dutch to me.
  4. As far as i see it captains should berate players who make a mistake or are not focused and should praise them for a good pass or tackle. Dave Mackay did it all the time and we all know what a lousy leader he was.
  5. There is no excuse for this debacle,so disappointing that my team has no threat whatsoever to our bigest rivals. Never had a chance with this selection wtf does Cocu not realise every game against the dogs is important ,especialy to the 3000 rams who spent money to watch.Total shiite.
  6. How about using a 'start from square one again'season instead then, cos thats what we seem to do every year.
  7. Didnt mean to blame Alan one of my favourite players and a genuine person.Its just i can see the ball sailing past the keepers right post like it was yesterday.Your right Juve is still cheating all these years later,scumbags.
  8. I know its a downer but Hinton missing that penalty against Juve in the Euro cup semi will always haunt me,my whole world collapsed then. However the Chelsea and Everton wins in the league cup a few seasons earlier had me walking on sunshine.Many memories since then of course.
  9. I think its the best logo in the league bar none,it will never get old Imo
  10. Try not to act like a true Dutchman Wooden shoes, Wooden head, Wouldnt listen.
  11. There are two things i hate in life,....those who disrespect other cultures.....and the Dutch. Love Michael Caine.
  12. Was thinking the same thing myself alas.
  13. Soooo it looks like we will start from square one again,my God will we ever get out of this foggin league.
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