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  1. We've already won 2 games, and that's ignoring last night
  2. Where was that then? More triggered by @Andicis suggesting Huddlestone didn't put in a shocking tackle on Webster in the league match. Regardless you beat us today, and we were ahead yesterday when play stopped. I thought that game was 2 60 minute matches, apparently it was a 120 minute game of 4 quarters, nothing more to it. An opposite statement from someone doesn't mean someone is triggered, wound up or riled up.
  3. Yesterday was going to be 2 60 minute matches. Not wound up by it anyway.
  4. I mean, you took a comment that was meant as a light hearted comment about an individual players bad luck and tried to make it something more. But I'm the riled up one? Ok.
  5. Today's game was 60 minutes. Yesterday's game was meant to be 60 minutes and was abandoned after 45. Once 75% of a game is played the result tends to stand. All the best for the season.
  6. Eh? I'm not riled at all. Think it's a bit misleading to claim a team is unbeaten less than 24 hours after they lost a game. Just because I'm on your forum, doesn't mean I'm going to let history get rewritten.
  7. What happened yesterday? I could claim Lee Johnson's unbeaten Bristol City if I ignored all defeats too.
  8. Not at all. There were quite a few very late tackles by Derby players in the first half of that game. Huddlestone put in an absolute shocker on Webster and got away with it completely. On topic, 2-1 now.
  9. Semenyo is going to end up hating Derby. Sent off against you when Huddlestone got away with an identical tackle, and then today carried off the pitch.
  10. We had a goal ruled out before your second, very tidy finish apparently (from someone who is there- the comment and of course, the goal).
  11. Sounds about right. Other than our goal GIFs and announcement of players the media side of things are lacking badly.
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