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  1. Not sure what our formation will be. Probably the same as Saturday. We certainly won't be as fluid as we were at times in the pre season matches, and have been somewhat unfortunate with injuries already, with a goalkeeper, CB, LB, RB and midfielder all injured since the season started. The midfielder being Ádám Nagy who was fantastic in his 45 minutes against QPR, and scored our opening goal. Nagy might be back for the game as it was only a rolled ankle, but the physio team made the sub happen at HT. The player most likely to step into Nagy's place if he isn't fit is Massengo, an 18 year old we signed from Monaco. Highly rated prospect who will potentially be our record signing, only made a handful of appearances for Monaco but faced Dortmund, Athletico Madrid and PSG, he came on for Nagy against QPR and played well though we were a bit more defensively suspect. Very much in a transitional stage at the moment.
  2. We're playing you again, already?
  3. I think my best managerial achievement was getting Barrow into the Premier League in just 6 seasons, fell out with the board who refused to expand the ground past about 12000 seats though*. *Absolutely definitely not talking about a football manager save.
  4. Wasn't quick enough to edit. Here's the hat-trick.
  5. Started off amazingly which is probably what drew those who came over to say how amazing he was. Tailed off a bit in terms of goals but also had 4 wrongly disallowed IIRC. Finished the season as our second highest scorer, would have been highest without the incorrect decisions and scored a fantastic hat-trick at Brammall Lane. Has done well in pre-season and I think he'll bag another 10+ goals this coming season. Often he would make intelligent runs that wouldn't get spotted, I think Szmodics might be the player that was missing for us last season.
  6. 46 league matches, 2 each against 23 different teams.
  7. Currently about £2m in profit (before taking into account signing on fees and wages) Kelly was sold for £15m rising to (potentially) £21m* Eisa sold for an undisclosed fee but Peterborough's record, so over £1.2m Bentley £2-4m Kalas £7m* DaSilva £2m Szmodics (looks a real gem on limited viewing so far) 700k ish Rowe free Gilmartin free. Expecting to see a striker come in, strong links being made to Nketiah on a loan but I'd be shocked if it happened. *These fees are different to what the media reported, but come from someone who is genuinely ITK.
  8. Genuinely surprised we're shorter odds than Derby, given that a couple of weeks ago Luton had shorter odds than us. Obviously the uncertainty around your manager would have played a part in that. Think if you finish above us you'll be playoffs minimum as we'll likely be in contention for them again. Though with our squad as it stands we'll probably fall just short again.
  9. We've already won 2 games, and that's ignoring last night
  10. Where was that then? More triggered by @Andicis suggesting Huddlestone didn't put in a shocking tackle on Webster in the league match. Regardless you beat us today, and we were ahead yesterday when play stopped. I thought that game was 2 60 minute matches, apparently it was a 120 minute game of 4 quarters, nothing more to it. An opposite statement from someone doesn't mean someone is triggered, wound up or riled up.
  11. Yesterday was going to be 2 60 minute matches. Not wound up by it anyway.
  12. I mean, you took a comment that was meant as a light hearted comment about an individual players bad luck and tried to make it something more. But I'm the riled up one? Ok.
  13. Today's game was 60 minutes. Yesterday's game was meant to be 60 minutes and was abandoned after 45. Once 75% of a game is played the result tends to stand. All the best for the season.
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