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  1. And when a player gets tested positive, then what? The FA won't risk the life of a Footballer so they can finish the season quicker.
  2. I've seen a lot of people taking the piss out of this salary cap in a similar manner to yourself. I think it's pretty boring. Look at the millions of people within the UK alone who would love to be a Footballer. Then take into account how many of these players in the Premier League and Championship are actually from the UK. These guys have put the ground work in to get where they today, and if each week 30,000+ people want to pay £30+ to watch them play football, then why shouldn't they earn as much as they do?! If those people on zero hour contracts showed 10% of the dedication footballers must have made, they probably wouldn't be on zero hour contracts.
  3. The Wayne Rooney effect.
  4. Stand down keyboard warrior. Today is not the day.
  5. Yeah, but if we played Newcastle every week we'd have made the champions league...
  6. Avoid. Don't want a player whose name is a Nottingham postcode.
  7. Falls down to what you define as doing very well. Preston haven't made the Championship Playoffs since 2009. Many clubs on just as small budgets have achieved this, if not more.
  8. I really don't see how Juve can replace CR...
  9. We didn't need a compass 18 months ago because we were In line of sight to where we wanted to be.
  10. Derby fans yesterday: "Do we have the best fullbacks in the league?" Derby fans today: "Our fullbacks can't defend for poo."
  11. Sky Sports Commentary: "It could be an issue for Lee Johnson with his leading scorer now on a yellow card (referring to Waghorn). Bamfords.
  12. If anyone wasn't aware, the game is available on Sky Sports Action. So if you have Sky Go and don't normally have access to the red button capability, you can still watch it for free.
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