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  1. Nick_Ram

    Tom Huddlestone's influence

    Glad we've got another thread about a future managerial appointment.
  2. Nick_Ram

    Lampard too expensive?

    It's not the Boy Scouts.
  3. Nick_Ram

    Transfer policy

    I don't understand the stick for Lawrence. We've been successful with him in the team this season, simple as! When you look at the wide players, he's my first name on the team sheet. The other wing in my view is the issue.
  4. Nick_Ram

    Derby County F.C. v Norwich City F.C.

    Sign who? Easy to say sign a striker, but I've yet to see a name put forward who would be worth signing who is a free agent.
  5. Nick_Ram

    Pick a Ram, any Ram

    Gary Teale.
  6. Obviously didn't go to the game.
  7. Much improved against Burton? I couldn't disagree anymore. I think we played well against Ipswich and actually carved out a few really good goalscorer opportunities against a decent side. In the Burton game, I felt we were running out of ideas. If it wasn't for a poor decision by the defender, there would have been a lot more people criticising the performance. Didn't see what Chris Martin offered the team in this game either. Clearly showed on a few occasions why Rowett hasn't opted to play him with Vydra before. I was always curious as to why Rowett hasn't tried this, but Saturday was enough evidence to convince me. You could see the non-verbal communication between the two. They were getting very frustrated with either themselves or one another. The prime example was the through ball that got played into them both. Vydra ran towards the far post for the cutback, Martin thought Vydra was going to get it, then by the time he realised it was left for him, he didn't have the pace to get on the end of it; chance wasted.

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