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  1. Derby 2 - 0 Reading FRGS Marriott
  2. Holmes hasn't played so far due to a niggle in his quad. He says he feels ok and is good to get back involved though. Sounds like a precautionary measure more than anything else.
  3. Good to get 12 points in the bag today.
  4. I'm confused. Is he joining or not? Derby 'Set to land' Panzo for £4m. Reports in The Mirror claim that Derby are 'set to land' Panzo in a £4m deal.
  5. Yeah it is. Sack him for gross negligence and bringing the reputation of DCFC into disrepute.
  6. Cheer up grumps. Marriott will bag a few goals this season and you'll forget Martin ever existed.
  7. Pre-season so far highlights reel.
  8. He's hardly under any real pressure. If we can't expect our players to control a good pass with their good foot and make a 10-15 yard pass to another Derby player, we've got no hope whatsoever.
  9. I mean... at least he touched it this time. The game against Peterborough he completely missed it which led to their goal. Progress!
  10. Mason Bennett giving the ball away yet again in a critical area. Come on Phil... see the light!
  11. At least if he does... we will all dislike him and it will unite the fans. Then we can move on and find someone else to argue about.
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