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  1. Keogh has turned fans opinion. Malone bagged a goal. Josefzoon did ok when coming on. Who can we slag off next? Oh, Lawrence hasn't scored in a while, he'll do. Have a word.
  2. He's one of the few players that's willing to get on the ball, turn and try make something happen by beating a player. Of course he's going to lose the ball in trying this, but you're not going to open up any defences by just passing it sideways or backwards. Keep going Tom Lawrence, you have my backing.
  3. Haha anyone want to see the Chris Martin compilation video from that game?! Cocu may aswell have thrown the towel in by taking Marriott on and putting him on.
  4. Hope we can send him back in Jan. Seen nothing that makes me think he'll do well.
  5. Not sure it's as simple as that. I've a feeling if he was registered with Atlanta after our deadline, we won't be able to sign/register him until January. Otherwise, we could pay other clubs to cancel players contracts and sign them out of transfer windows. I may well be wrong though.
  6. How long does Cocu stick by his man for? I blame him 100% for both the 2nd and 3rd goal at the weekend.
  7. Called this in the match thread against Stoke and got shot down for it. Playing a left footer at RB just doesn't work. Nothing against Lowe.
  8. When the reality of wanting to play free flowing passing football whilst getting the kids involved kicks in... You can't have everything.
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