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  1. Is this based on the 1 mistake against Forest?
  2. "But in a nutshell, better on pitch performances, inevitably leading to better results and a better league position. Better transfer activity. I think there was some expectation of him utilising his name and experience in the dutch league which never materialised. He probably then relied on information given to him about regarding English loan players which has let him down somewhat."
  3. Looking for bites because I don't agree with you? Good one.
  4. Warnock: With a record like that, why not? I'm going to leave this thread for now. I can see a lot of people are well bought into Cocu being a real success here at Derby and aren't taking the criticism well. I just raised the post to highlight that albeit it in a limited time frame (1 transfer window where he had 5 weeks) and just under 20 competitive fixtures I haven't seen anything that makes me think he's as good as we make out.
  5. I've never claimed it's going to happen overnight. So to claim that I'm a millennial who wants instant success is a bit far fetched. All I have claimed so far is that I'm not too sure fans would be so lenient to other managers (traditional Championship managers) who find themselves in the same situation and that he is yet to do anything that makes me think he's moving us forward. Also, FFP and sustainability are 2 very different beasts. Don't confuse them both.
  6. Are you ignoring that we have potentially spent over £10m on one player this summer? Don't talk about sustainable 😂 Yes, he's young and potentially has some sort of resale value. But even with our relatively decent support, it's not sustainable to splash that sort of cash without Premier League money... unless you know a guy with a few loop holes.
  7. The same Dwight Gayle who is on £40k+ a week? To then have Marriott, Martin, Waghorn or Rooney on the bench? Not sure that exactly matches up with Cocu's philosophies of not blocking the path for young players either. Not sure what an expensive loan signing, when its not even a key position that needs filling would achieve if this is supposedly a transitional season.
  8. I probably used an incorrect word in the title. I should probably have used the term 'Performance'. But in a nutshell, better on pitch performances, inevitably leading to better results and a better league position. Better transfer activity. I think there was some expectation of him utilising his name and experience in the dutch league which never materialised. He probably then relied on information given to him about regarding English loan players which has let him down somewhat.
  9. Recent managers that have been employed from July until 18 Nov of that season: Frank Lampard - Lost our leading goalscorer the season before in Matej Vydra. Used the tools he had available to him to bring in 3 top quality loans (none who were considered Premier League quality at the time). We were 6th place after 17 games, 3 points from the top 2. Garry Rowett - Sold arguably our 2 best players in Tom Ince and Will Hughes. 7th place after 16 games. Nigel Pearson - Are you an ostrich? 16th place after 16 games. Same position as we are in this season. Paul Clement - 5th place after 16 games. 4 points off top of the league. I think my main concern is that I don't see what value he's currently bought to the team. What I mean by this is what's going to make him stand out? Is he a great tactician of the game (Bielsa/Pep)? Can he get the best out of average players (Billy Davies - ergh)? Does he utilise his name and contacts to bring in good players (Frank)? In my opinion, all he has done so far is: - Promote a style of play that I don't think we currently have the individual quality to achieve success with. - Throw a few kids into the first team without any of them being able to nail a first team slot (Bogle excluded due being ever present the season before under Frank). - Sign some bang average players on loan. Rooney excluded. Lets hope he's still got something to offer the team; unlike Ashley Cole. Am I right @Paul71? aha. - Been a nice guy when the lads had a mad sesh. I understand that as fans people would like to remain optimistic and that we are in a good place from a managerial perspective. Please don't be under the impression that I'm saying we should sack Cocu. We need to give a manager time. I'd just say that I haven't been all that impressed so far and that I don't believe the off the pitch events should be seen as an excuse for uninspiring performances.
  10. This argument is something that I don't buy into. Realistically, what else could he have done? DCFC pay his wages... He's not exactly going to stick his neck out on the line and say disagree with Mel is he? He's just got on with the job that he's employed to do. We've played almost 20 games this season including cup fixtures. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm not trying to sound like a negative nancy here. I think that it's great that we are giving the manager time. But it could quite easily be argued on the flip side that: - Whilst his attempted style of play is attractive, he's arguably not getting the best of the players he has available to him. Square pegs round holes. - The sanctioned signings under his tenure have been average at best. I don't think we've got it right with Dowell and Paterson. Only Bielik has been a consistent starter after being bed in. Matt Clarke (partially due to injury) has only made 8 league appearances. We failed to bring in any quality in the wide areas. Which links back to the first point, where we insisted on playing a 4-3-3 for a large period of this season without enough strength in depth on the wing. Results/performances have improved since moving to the diamond. - People saying that he's had a short pre-season. 6 weeks is plenty of time if you are 'current' knowledge wise of the Championship to assess the team and identify suitable replacements. I don't blame Cocu for this. This is where Mel has taken the risk of employing Cocu rather than an experienced Championship head. I thought this was the reason that Rosenior was bought in.
  11. I agree that we need to give a manager time i make their mark and the club is desperate for stability. However, are we sure Phil is the right man to give our time to? We can only wait and see i guess. My initial views are only raised because as someone else mentioned, is he getting an easy ride because of the off field events? It's easy to say that for obvious reasons his job has been made more difficult by them, by not having Keogh anymore etc.. but actually, has this lowered expectations and given himself a free hit this season even if we finish 20th? Having seen Mel say that he thinks we will make top 6, I'm not too sure he'd be happy with a bottom half finish. We will see.
  12. Good Afternoon All, I'll start by saying that I do not intend on this post being a dig at Cocu or his staff. I'm just interested in hearing the opinion of other fans who could well provide me with some much needed optimism regarding our current manager. He arrived on 5 July, 5 weeks before our first game 1 day short of 6 weeks until the transfer deadline. The following transfers have been sanctioned during his time here at the club: -Krystian Bielik (Approx £8m), Matt Clarke (Loan), Ben Hamer (Loan), Jamie Paterson (Loan), Kieran Dowell (Loan) and the much awaited of Wayne Rooney to arrive in January. I think Bielik has shown some quality, but only in midfield where I believe he offers the most to the team. My personal opinion after 16 games is that without the other signings. we wouldn't be any worse off than where we currently are in the table; which is an assessment of what I think they bring to the team. Is it fair to judge Cocu on these signings? Or were these signings recommended to him by others? Which then begs the question, has Mel Morris then taken a risk by employing someone with minimal Championship experience? Would we give a Garry Rowett type manager (someone with Championship experience) the same slack if he sanctioned the same signings? I understand that he's dealt with many off the pitch issues, where I think he has conducted himself excellently. He has also lost 3 key players from last season in Mount, Tomori and Wilson. The academy is looking excellent and offers and exciting future, but I don't think Cocu can take any credit for this. However, I've not seen anything on the pitch that would suggest to me that we are going places. Does being a nice guy with a Dutch accent keep you in a job? Looking for some much needed optimism.
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