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  1. Not his best performance tonight. However, 1 goal 1 assist and 3 points. Welcome back Scott Malone.
  2. Finally! Be good to get our promotion challenge back on course now...
  3. Sure... start a topic on this following a few bad games. Rewind 4-5 games and the outcomes would be completely different/
  4. Yep. You're right... ashley Cole looks class!! I was open to him signing as back up for Malone... but his record here at Derby already speaks for itself. How can people not see it?
  5. Anyone know why we've dropped him for Ashley Cole? IMO, he's been one of our most solid players this season. Haven't seen anything to suggest Cole warrants dropping him for Malone either.
  6. What a bunch of ducking penis pirates. duck off.
  7. We are relying on Huddlestone (manmarked), Keogh and Tomorri as our play makers... what the duck?
  8. This post is embarrassing.
  9. Not sure its just a case of how good or bad he is.... But his contribution has been awful.
  10. This would be the least exciting signing ever. Which is exciting in itself.
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