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  1. I reckon at least over 10% of footballers still play primarily because of the financial benefits of the game. It's very easy to sit behind your keyboard and question the morals of a footballer because he's opted for the money rather than what would be considered a better footballing choice. He's arguably reached the pinnacle of his career, winning the CL 4 times and living in the high life in wonderful Madrid. You also have no idea of his future aspirations. $100m for some is very little. Maybe he see's a final pay day that'll open some other doors in life?
  2. Wish I could give up my career and then just earn £1,000,000,000.00 a week.
  3. If you think any football fan using the N word even once to describe anyone on the football pitch is ok, you're wrong. Please don't ever come to Pride Park again. You're not welcome. From all non-racist DCFC fans.
  4. Yeah you're right. It's too late. See you in 2020. On a serious note, Johnson lost his man on numerous corners costing us goals. Tomori's aerial game was his weakest area. I don't think we are any worse off, and we reached the play-off final.
  5. Having watched Cocu's interview after the Burton game, it seems like he really rates Tom Huddlestone. It's not that I don't rate him as an individual, but I always thought that under Frank Lampard that we were worse as a team with him in the middle, as the rest of the team would go flat. I often thought we'd rely on Huddlestone's long passing game rather than any other creativity upfront. I hope Cocu can find the right balance with him in the side. I thought the abuse that Huddlestone was getting at Wembley was toxic. Maybe due to the perceived shortage in midfield that potentially we are overlooking this debate? Or perhaps due to the positive start in pre-season that he's had? Anyone else experienced fans getting on Huddlestone's back? Either way, it seems like he's going to be pivotal in the way that Cocu wants to play. See 1:36 PS - in future, can we ensure that when Cocu has an interview that the wind is flowing in the same direction as his hair? Seems like he had a nightmare brushing it back over again.
  6. I take back my previous comments. What DarkFruits said.
  7. Because being fat or bald are not protected characteristics... You may as well be a ginger. Fair game.
  8. Probably just making the point that they're only interested in the football, rather than who sleeps with who. There's some comments on Twitter saying that the account could even be fake... I hope as a fan base we do not tolerate any homophobic behaviour. It's not easy to call people out at a football match when they're saying something they shouldn't, but it's the right thing to do. It's very easy to ignore inappropriate comments.
  9. If it's not on the list, you're fair game.
  10. Even though they've lost Lee Gregory, their top goalscorer for the past 4 seasons?
  11. You've seen their squad right?
  12. If we consider Millwall rivals then we're in trouble this season. I'd argue we're improving another team that'll have more chance of taking points from our rivals. He's not going to be available to play against us.
  13. Even in his 10 minute cameo today, I could see he's not quick enough and has the turning circle of a HGV. Sluggish.
  14. Saves you £25. Nobody will care that you're wearing last seasons shirt. Not everyone can afford to spend £50 on a t-shirt.
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