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  1. So a wake up call is required, despite being the best team in the Championship as you say, because we drew 1 game? It's a bit dramatic, don't you think?
  2. Get a grip. We won 5 on the bounce before today and drew today against a well organised Forest team who are in the playoffs on merit.
  3. Would Cocu have had success if it wasn't for Rooney's arrival? The difference between his arrival is astonishing. It doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but I think it's worth noting.
  4. We are the best team in the league since Rooney arrived in January.
  5. I'm happy he scored for us. I celebrated because Derby scored. I still think he's a Bamford who should be in jail.
  6. The formation is a bit narrow don't you think? Player wise I'd agree, but I'd go with Waghorn over Martin. Cocu himself said Waghorn and Sibley worked better as a pair - and between them they bagged 3 goals.
  7. Genuinely feel sorry for Sheff Wed fans. This guy is a liability.
  8. Please provide some examples of where you have shown the moral courage to significantly reduce your personal salary to benefit your employer. Otherwise - Get off your high horse and bore off.
  9. Booing. Doing it to the missus isn't half as fun.
  10. People said the same about Gareth Bale. IMO: Get him up there at RW. Get Ebosele in at RB. That's 1 less winger we need to buy in the summer and another exciting prospect on the pitch. Without signing any players: Roos Ebosele Wierik Bielik Lowe Rooney Bird Knight Bogle Marriott Lawrence PS - I hate Bielik at CB. I think he was worse than Clod Davies; to slow and has the turning circle of a tank. Completely different at CDM, but we don't have much else in that pos
  11. Have we ever had a bigger bamford at the club?
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