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  1. I make him about 136, if he was born in 1884. Maybe he's too old! Brap.
  2. Yeah, but his american football tweets are super boring. He also hasn't so far displayed any inside knowledge whatsoever. So you may as well just follow Steve from the pub and you'd have the same insight. Won't knock it as I don't subscribe to it. But what insight do you get from 'The Athletic' that you can't access elsewhere for free? Seems bonkers to me.
  3. Arguably, Rooney wouldn't have joined us if Cocu wasn't here, so there's definitely praise for Cocu either way. I just feel that we've really missed having a geniune leader on the pitch. Someone who the rest of the team look upto and won't question their judgement. Watching Rooney baalock Marriott for his terrible lob attempt was a great to see for me.
  4. I can't agree with you on Marriott. I think he's got the most to gain from playing alongside Rooney. He's our only threat to get In behind the opposition. He hasn't been clinical of late, but his movement alone creates chances that others wouldn't get. I fully back Marriott to turn a huge corner if he can stay fit. Big IF.
  5. Tom Lawrence with an assist. It's important than if we're going to slag him off for every mistake, that we then recognise the positives. Well in!
  6. Statement has been released. Seems like Mel has whipped out the 50 cal and is taking no prisoners. I honestly don't know why some fans are against Mel. He's poured millions into the club and only has the best interests at heart. If he doesn't spend money, he'll be slated. He spends money and gets slated. Go figure.
  7. Next Seasons Excuse - "We need to allow players to settle in and gel together." We're 27 league games into the season and 16 days into the January transfer window. 4 weeks of the summer transfer window was deemed by most fans to be too short to identify any weaknesses in the squad and to bring in any suitable replacements; although I don't necessarily agree on that. The noises coming out of Pride Park seem to suggest that we won't be making too many changes in January, potentially bringing in one or two signings. It seems we are playing the waiting game and relying on other clubs to do business first. This summer could see quite a few changes to the squad with the following contracts expiring: I was very much hoping that January would see us sign a few players (on a perm) to get bedded in for next season to hit the ground running. When in reality, it looks like we will be signing a loan or 2 to fill the gaps. Which then leaves us in a situation in the summer where we need a goalkeeper, 2 first choice centre backs and another striker as a minimum... Which gives the excuse that they will need time to settle. How long are people willing to give Cocu? As I think 'success' will take much longer than some anticipate at this rate.
  8. Can't we sack the groundsman and get Anya to do it?
  9. If we are looking at playing 2 upfront, maybe we could do with another addition. Marriott - Unreliable fitness wise. Martin - 6 goals in his last 66 appearances in the last 2 years. He was starting to show some previous form but seems to have dropped down the pecking order again. Waghorn - This season he just hasn't been at the races. Rooney - I think Cocu has aspirations to play him further back. Anyone else is a square peg for a round hole. Sharp gets a big thumbs up from me.
  10. Choosing Milan over Derby? Pah! Didn't want him anyway...
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