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  1. Or B4 heard her say that she thought Sean Dyche has done a great job at Burnley?
  2. Ensure you're logged in. If it's still grey, you probably don't meet the criteria for phase 1.
  3. What makes you think he's a top manager? Don't get me wrong, I like his footballing philosophies and I think he'd make a head coach. He's done a great job at taking Leeds from mid table to 3rd. But when you look at his managerial career (a long one at that), he's not exactly won a great deal has he?
  4. I did. I'm just highlighting facts and wondered if Frank had a Plan B. Does the truth upset you?? Aha. I'm also going to enjoy the final as I do not expect us to win. The team have achieved my expectations of finishing top 6 and gone 1 better by beating the leeds scum on their own turf. Made all better by letting them win 3 times prior to it!
  5. Ashley Cole played 45 mins against Villa and we conceded 4 goals.... Any makeshift left backs in the team?
  6. I think you're daft to base our summer transfer window signing strategy based on 1 signing and a few others linked. Its the perfect time of year to sign decent players who are still wanted by their parent club but are open to speak to us. We could still splash out 7mill+ on a signing who we think adds value, there's just no rush to do that right now.
  7. We are so much better with Scott Malone.
  8. https://www.partyperfecto.co.uk/products/1966216?variant=1567732891692&utm_campaign=gs-2018-10-08&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI16Sc0JeF4gIVjp3tCh13nQjfEAQYAyABEgLRWfD_BwE 99p a pop. I'll order 10 for you.
  9. Who cares if we are ready? You can't pick and choose when you'd like to get promotion.
  10. Still bossing it from a results perspective.
  11. Does anyone else get really annoyed with the articles in the DET? Most of their articles online are along the lines of "X Person had this to say about Y." You then have to scroll down to read its utter poo. I used to like the DET as it was a quick and easy way to see what was going on with the club. But recently, it seems to be run by click hunting wonkers. Does anyone have a good alternative? Apart from this forum of course!
  12. Not my Scott Malone thread! Despite his best attempts to lose us the game, it's another positive result with him in the side! He's our secret to success.
  13. Ever considered people don't read every post? Belter. Already highlighted my mistake. What more do you want?!
  14. Sam Lammers Age: 21 Position: Forward Current Club: SC Heerenveen (on loan from PSV) He has a good record this year of 14 goals in 23 games. After seeing Mount do so well on his transition from the dutch league to the Championship as well as seeing Norwich do so well with their European signings, I would love to see us dip into this market. Unrealistic? Maybe. Unlikely to be able to attract him on a permanent contract, but is there potential for a loan? Obligatory YouTube clip: (Appologies about the trashy trance poo)
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