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  1. When he's been selected in the starting 11, we have played 4 won 4. When he's either benched or not in the squad, we have played 3 lost 3. Whens he back?!
  2. Nick_Ram

    Pride Park Pies Price

    Cash is a thing of the past you dinosaurs!
  3. Nick_Ram

    v Leeds (H) - Predictions

    Derby 3 - 1 Leeds. FRGS Lawrence
  4. Nick_Ram

    Is it just me?

    Derby County are doing there bit for the community in giving young people an opportunity. If you want a Michelin star restaurant, go to Michelin star restaurant. Are you really kicking off that you have to spend a few more minutes waiting for your pint and pie? The talk of the queues getting heated too... Jesus Christ we have some terrible humans on this planet. First world problems or what?
  5. Nick_Ram

    Midweek games on Sky

    Thought RamsTV could only show games that were not televised elsewhere?
  6. Nick_Ram

    v Reading (A) - Predictions

    Reading 0-3 Derby FGS Nugent
  7. Nick_Ram

    Derby 14-1 for to win league outright

    I got 2/1 for Top 6. I reckon thats a more realistic and sensible bet! Coupled it with Salford to get promoted for my big bet for the season. Came out around 13/2.
  8. Nick_Ram

    Florian Jozefzoon - Signed on a 3 year deal

  9. Nick_Ram

    Fantasy World Cup League 2018

    A Nigeria clean sheet today and England to do well on Sunday and this round will go down a treat!
  10. Nick_Ram

    Squad. What do we need?

    Carson Wisdom Terry Keogh Fozzy Huddlestone Johnson Weimann Lawrence (New LW) Jerome Out: Vydra and Davies. Would be open to Carson going if the right offer came in, and would look at the Shrewsbury town young keeper who they had on loan. Supplement the squad with a few loans and I think we will have a decent season.
  11. Nick_Ram

    Scott Carson

    My point is purely based on us not 'going for it' next season. But infact looking 2-3 years down the line. In 12 months, Carson could have no value. So we've not achieved promotion and have a keeper worth nothing. Whereas if we sell now while his stock is high, we could reinvest in a keeper who will be with us long term. There is obviously the arguement that we could get promoted next season and he's worth his weight in gold. But that's not a decision for us to make I guess.
  12. Nick_Ram

    Scott Carson

    But he will still be playing in 3-4 years time. His stock is on the rise, Carsons not so much.
  13. Nick_Ram

    Scott Carson

    You say he's an integral part of the squad, but if we see next season as a rebuilding season, we'd be stupid not to cash in on some of the assetts that arnt in our plans for the 19/20 season. If I was In charge, I'd cash in on both Carson and Davies, using the Carson money to sign the young United keeper at Shrewsbury.
  14. Nick_Ram

    Tom Huddlestone's influence

    Glad we've got another thread about a future managerial appointment.
  15. Nick_Ram

    Lampard too expensive?

    It's not the Boy Scouts.

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