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    What a manager we have

    Having been a Rams fan for 40 odd years, I've seen plenty of lows and the occasional highs of the Cox, Smith & Davies Promotions, and the total football under McClaren v1. After being in the relative doldrums for so long, the McClaren v1 era reminded me that football is about entertainment. I can honestly say that I enjoyed that period as much as any other time as a Ram, simply because I enjoyed the way we played. Ultimately it wasn't completly successful in terms of delivering promotion, but personally I enjoyed more games than I I didn't. I love the youthful energy, the honesty and the fact that we went to attack. I appreciate that Football is a business and the big bucks are in the Premier League so can understand the owner looking to try and capitalise. I stuck with Clement, Wassall, Pearson and Mac v2 but I'd seen enough of Snake Ball before the end of 16/17 to know that whatever the journey was going to be, I wasn't going to enjoy it the same and so I didn't renew my season ticket. IMO the Snake went for promotion or bust, sacrificing style and future for the short term objective of promotion, and to be fair he nearly made it. Whilst sad that we missed out last season, can anyone really say that they would have wanted to watch that style in the Premier League?? I think a glance at Stoke this season shows that he's going about the task exactly the same way albeit with a better budget. Good Riddance. I was sceptical about the Lampard appointment, I thought that we are too big a club to be a learning ground, but after a third of the season, I have to say that I am in Love. Quite simply the style of football has me wanting to go and watch the Rams again. It's entertaining and we are trying to win games with some good honest young players, who are hungry and looking to forge a future in the game. I can't praise Lampard enough for his bravery in trying to achieve his objectives in what I think is the right way. If this team got promoted, I'd look forward to watching them in the Premier League as I think there is potential to improve, unlike last year under the Snake. Its all about opinions I know but I want to be entertained pure and simple. I want to win for sure, I'm a fan, but I've come to realise that the league we are in matters less to me personally than the way we play. Keep on going Frank, your making a lot of people very happy.
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    I can't help but think that Butterfield has undeservedly become our latest boo boy. The first season he was with us, although inconsistent, he put in some superb performances and scored some great goals. One of his problems was being brought in to replace 'one of our own' Will Hughes after his injury, and with a multi million pound price tag as well, he had a lot to live up to. I think hes another of these players we signed and then didn't play in the position he had previously excelled in, see also Andreas Weimann, Nick Blackman, Bradley Johnson ..... As for the comments he made when he went to Wednesday, didn't he just say that he didn't think that Gary Rowett's style of football was for him??? Rowett then went on to smugly refer to this comment in one of his pressers I recall. This was at a time when we all thought that Rowett was also 'one of our own'. Well given how things have turned out, you would have to say that Butterfield was right! You might have thought that him being critical of Rowett might actually endear him to us fans that little bit more!!!

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