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  1. Without doubt the funniest thing that I ever saw at a game was at the end of the Play-Off semi final against Blackburn in May 1992. The only thing is that as time has gone on I've started to think I imagined it as only my brother and I seem to have seen it or can recall it. I was in the Baseball ground Columbo Terrace, as Blackburn celebrated in the centre circle getting to Wembley for the play-off final at our expense. The odious David Speedie had been giving it to our fans all game and at the end we watched some big tall guy, long dark hair, a brown jacket and jeans run on to the pitch from the Vulcan Terrace area. He was fist pumping the Derby fans and we were all cheering him. He did no other than run into the centre circle and one-punch Speedie who went down, to much applause before running back to the Vulcan terrace, fist pumping to applause again! Now did we imagine this or did any other Derby fans share this comedic episode with us? I'm sure I read later that Speedie came round and hit an employee or another Derby fan and landed himself in trouble. Apologies in advance if my middle aged memory is not working, or perhaps the hallucinogenic properties of Lager that evening gave way to this tale........
  2. I called Ed Dawes out on twitter after the recent Millwall game where he tweeted that Derby made their opponents look like world beaters. This was sensationalism and irresponsible journalism to my mind. I watched that game and Derby huffed and puffed, but couldn't break down Millwall who then caught us with a lucky break. Ed Dawes reacts like a fan IMO, he over dramatizes when things are not going well and this just feeds into the keyboard warriors and twitterati that know everything about everything. He reminds me of Adrian Durham on Talksport, always looking for a reaction. Like an earlier comment said, I'd prefer that he just commentated on the game and saved his pub talk with Ramage to the pub. As for Ramage, at least he has played the game, however I would suggest that Frank has probably forgotten more already than Ramage has ever known about playing at the highest level. I find these two clowns over critical at the best of times.
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