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  1. NewhallRam71

    Home Advantage

    Ok fair enough, and I know we are drifting off topic but I do disagree with your comments re Keogh. If he wasn't and had never been the captain of Derby, yet had played as he has for the last few seasons, he would be looked on altogether differently in my opinion. I still cannot get over the rubbish attached to him from Wembley, when his 'mistake' came after two previous and altogether more basic errors from Forsyth and Buxton! Buxton is still revered to this day by some fans, yet he was half the player Keogh is, and Keogh was absolutely immense for the whole of that season in our journey to Wembley. Such short memories we have. I think that Keogh has been unfortunate to have been captain in the last few years when the club have been labelled as bottlers and because he is Captain and attracts the higher profile, he is labelled thus. The increased expectations once again come into play. Whether is he a good captain or the right choice is another question. He is compared unfavorably with some world class players we have had as captain in the past and there is no shame in that, but Paul Connolly, Robbie Savage???? I may need to be corrected but I'm sure that he has featured in two record breaking or equaling Derby defences in the last few years?? To me he seems to have to be the main header, the playmaker and the pacey covering defender. Buxton, Shackell, Davies etc just simply have to mark their man and head it and kick it without the same responsibility. I would wager that Keogh has the ball at his feet twice as much as any of his centre half partners ever have. He makes a mistake or has a bad game and it seems to be magnified because its Keogh. The old 'Keogh always has a mistake in him' comments come out. All of the players have mistakes in them!!! Had the Sunderland forward not missed a sitter on Friday night after Davies had completely misjudged the cross, would Davies be singled out similarly? He isn't perfect by any stretch, but he is a very good player and yet he is the often the first one that is singled out for abuse. I had hoped as much for his sake that this season would be the one, but as it looks less likely nowadays, I find myself thinking its time for him to move on in the summer and be recognized as a very good player at another club, without the baggage he has to carry at Derby. As a good player that has given his best years to our club (when I am sure he has had other opportunities) and to my knowledge hasn't put a foot wrong in being an excellent ambassador on and off the pitch, the lack of respect shown to him sums up the over expectant and toxic attitude of our fans nowadays. I should add that I think he is much more appreciated by the fans who travel to away games from what I have heard and seen in recent years.
  2. NewhallRam71

    Home Advantage

    I'm not naive at all, I would suggest that it is more commonplace at clubs with high expectations, and that was one of the points I was trying to make and I would say that yes it has been very different in recent years gone by. Under Clough and then Mac 1, our expectations were relatively modest. We were a big club in name and stadium only who were modestly trying to spend and coach our way up the league. The reality was that towards the end under Nigel, it became stale and boring and the progress wasn't quick enough despite the excellent job he did. Then we had Mac 1, who coached a young hungry team of 'never been's' to play football we could only dream of and had us within an inch of promotion. Had we gone up that year, I think we would have flourished. Our expectations were low and there was a sense of 'lets just enjoy this' as we supported that team home and away. The following year, with increased but still modest expectations, injuries to key players ruined what should have been an automatic promotion bid. My experience is that since that period the atmosphere around where I sat (North East Corner) at Pride Park has become largely toxic. With the spending of significant sums by Mel under Clement on 'the last pieces of the jigsaw' to avoid the injury issues of the previous year, the expectations rose to unrealistic proportions. The 'steady build' was replaced by the 'quick fix'. The same people I had sat among for previous seasons became seemingly more expert and vocal and were throwing their hands in the air and voicing discontent at every mistake, and became unwilling to acknowledge that sometimes our opponents simply played well. Everything always has to be someones fault, the coach, our captain, or one of our big money signings usually bear the brunt. Despite his obvious best intentions, I think that Mel unwittingly added to the expectation with Clements sacking. To sack a coach when we were in 5th place and very much in the mix suggested that Mel had greater expectations. Although I would concede that there may have been other reasons why Mel pulled the trigger. Poor old Wassall then got lambasted as I recall in his first game! So whilst I do not think I am naive, I find the increasing negative attitude of home fans, both in the ground and on social media at our club to be off putting. I still follow the team any way I can but have no interest in home games at the minute. There is an air of desperation regarding our bid to get promoted, and again I don't think that Mel has helped the cause with his statement on how things will change if we don't get promoted this year. He may well be lowering our expectations, but it does nothing to help the current campaign. Whilst I agree that this may be the world right now, I don't agree that its always been this way or is the same everywhere else. Something has changed and in my view, not for the better.
  3. NewhallRam71

    Home Advantage

    I'd say that the terrible atmosphere at Pride Park contributes. Since the Mac 1 collapse and Mel money got splashed in the Clement season I think the level of expectation at homes games has risen to toxic levels. The nervousness around the ground is in the air at the first sign of things not going to plan. I'm a (was) third generation season ticket holder since the BBG days but decided not to bother this season. I can't be doing with the melee of seemingly ex-professional coaches, players and pundits that follow the Rams at home who seem to think that because a player cost x or is paid y, then this directly correlates to him having super human footballing skills. It seems that long gone are the days when 'supporters' got behind a player who was having a bad time, and 'supported' him and encouraged him in order to help the team. Nowadays, its a tirade of abuse at the first misplaced pass or failure to control a 100mph forty yard pass. The things that are shouted and screamed at 'our' players within the first 5 minutes is a complete joke. I used to play the game and it was my dream to play for the Rams in front of our fans, but it wouldn't be my dream nowadays. We have fans shouting that players aren't playing for the shirt, and are only picking up their wages, well in works both ways in my view. If all they get mostly is abuse when they are having a bad day then why would they have any interest in us and the club as a whole. Take Richard Keogh for example. Probably our most consistent player of the last few years, yet when he does make a mistake (even when it's the third consecutive one as at Wembley) then he is pilloried by his own fans and held up as a scapegoat. He's had another excellent season, yet one bad game (admittedly very bad) and everyone is on his back again. I'll bet he can't wait to get a transfer to another club and simply be appreciated as a very good player, who does a lot more right than wrong! Rant Over!

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