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  1. Derby Snow - Game called off

    or maybe our injuries problems made the decision very easy
  2. Derby Snow - Game called off

    good call! call it off early so it' off we have no midfield so why even attempt to play it (and I'm at work so couldn' make it)
  3. FFP going into next season

    I wouldn' want GR to spend big money because I think the plays he brings in never really improve us so what' the point in giving him big money and he's never had it in his past at old clubs
  4. Time to gamble **** or bust ?

    that wasn't a like that was a love if GR played this I would be amazed and probs think I'm more pissed then I already am
  5. Time to gamble **** or bust ?

    No way we ain't pushing that far up 1 in their half and 1 no more forward then the centre circle! COYR let beat the scum!
  6. Must win or must not lose?

    we have to win no excuses, they think they will beat us and possibly favourites to win because of the form but we need this so much if they can't get up and play the game of the season to get our season back on track against these then none of our players deserve to play for us! they are going to attack us hard first 10 mins to put the pressure on us more we need a early goal to settle us down but KEEP ATTACKING and don't just try and defend
  7. Team For Sunday

    Carson Wisdom Davies Keogh anya huddlestone Hanson weimann Palmer vydra Nugent
  8. Just 'silly mistakes' is it Gary?

    yes because our defence has been really solid of late! he ain't going to change our formation and we will get over ran in the midfield because he doesnt ever change it no matter what. it shows when we are attacking he are a stronger team e.g. against Fulham second half. Rowett just gives teams too much respect he needs to harden up a bit and go for it
  9. Team For Sunday

    I would drop Lawrence for Palmer tho
  10. Would you rather........

    if we were better then what we are it would be derby to get promotion but for the sheer fact I think we would break our own record the way the team is at the minute I dont think we are good enough for the prem and it could send us backwards again I would go for England to win the world cup!
  11. Live games 2017/18

    it is I preferred Brayford too at the time, just shows how moving to a big club can improve a young player.
  12. Live games 2017/18

    spurs must be laughing selling Kyle walker for all that money to have tripper just to step right in
  13. Live games 2017/18

    tripper is class he' my favourte full back he must have one of the. way delivery in the game massively under rated
  14. Just 'silly mistakes' is it Gary?

    at the end of the day GR has got rid of our better players and replaced them with hard working but not as good players which then the blame comes down to GR, at the start of the season when he sold Hughes he said it was a tough choice but it was one that would make he great or a villain and it's starting to back fire! to be honest Mel Morris has a massive problem on his hands here the support seems to be going down pretty rapid that's the club losing money because we are playing crap football! if we lose to the scum Sunday it will end up coming down very hard on rowett by alot of the fans!
  15. Queen’s Park Rangers F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    can you trust rowett in a transfer winfow tho, i dont trust the players he always targets

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