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  1. I'm really struggling to see how we are suddenly unable to spend money because of FFP risks. Yes we've spent a considerable amount since 15/16 season but we have also commanded some relatively high transfer fees ourselves for players, most of which at a good profit. Off the top of my head - Hendrick £10m, Ince £11m, Hughes £8-9m, Christie £2.75m + Martin loan fee & Grant £1m? I don't know a great deal about FFP, I know it works in cycles and that transfer fees are spread out over the length of the player's contract, and of course we have a high wage bill but when you consider that we will be getting high earners off of that wage bill this summer such as Bent, Shackell, Baird? And potentially Martin. Along with the potential of bringing in around £15m if we decide to sell Vydra and the further reduction in wages that will bring, then why are we suddenly unable to spend to the extent where the manager decides to leave? Worried about having to reduce the wage bill further and a lack of ambition. What has changed since just a few months ago when we were bidding £6m for the likes of James McClean?
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