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  1. Perhaps needs prem football for him to flourish now. Question is who do we replace him with? Our squad isn't the youngest especially in midfield. Jon Toral from Arsenal would me my shout as he needs regular football. Similar age/player/wages. Has GR got something already worked out given the relationship from their Brum days.
  2. My mates (Ipswich supporters) who sit literally right behind the goal where Bent scored reckoned the Town defender had his shirt torn but I didn't know if they were fishing for excuses. Looked at my colleagues Sun paper at the write up today with a picture of Knudson moaning at the ref with his shirt looking like Hulk Hogan had been doing a number on it. 😉
  3. Very tough on the lad. Every time he got the ball he was sent infield with no one in a derby shirt helping him with an angle or option to pass to. Or was surrounded by Leeds players who suffocated him out of the game. Think he'd have worked better with Hughes who is always hungry and comfortable to receive the ball. Can hardly say Vydra did any better, and that's not a dig at him. Out of position on the left! With our squad I think a tweak of formation is needed to get players playing in more comfortable positions with a 4•2•3•1 more suited to what's available. (Vydra, Anya, Weimann nor Blackman are NOT left wingers, so why play them there then crucify them. They're our players for the foreseeable so let's see if we can use them more effectively. Carson Baird\Christie. Keogh. Pearce. Ollson\Forsyth DE Sart\Butterfield Hughes\Johnson Anya\Weimann. Ince\Vydra\Blackman Camara\Russell Bent\Nugent\(Martin?) I think this formation would allow players to play in more natural positions. You could argue that Ince should be on the right and Weimann down the middle. Although Ince is playing well, I feel he could really thrive through the middle supporting the lone striker as could Vydra or Blackman With a bench of those above (as I've named two or three in several positions) plus the likes of Shackell Bryson and Hanson to add to that. We've been unbalanced for a while now and I pray for a natural leftback to be fit again and i'm sure the performances and results will take an upwards turn.
  4. Watched his welcoming interview and pronounced us as Deeeerby!!! To the tune of the Jam song (massive Weller fan here): Its not important for you to know our name, Or we to know yourrrrs If you can celebrate for two goals only It will be DE START!!! Well its a start anyway