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  1. The pics of smashed up car togetherwith vid of Bennett throwing up his pints prior to driving suggest that's its slightly possible that Mr Bennett was driving whilst over the limit. Innocent my arse
  2. My OH drives on that stretch during week on way home from work; usually about an hour before this or thereabouts. These fools could have killed somebody. It illustrates how, in the blink of an eye, people's lives can be ruined, changed forever by drink driving.
  3. I voted to leave the EU. I would never boo Cocu or tell anybody to go back where they came from.
  4. Agree booing Palmer pathetic. Equally pathetic booing our team off the pitch at half time. Like that's going to make the boys come bouncing back for second half, full of confidence . Idiots.
  5. Always had high opinion of him, fine bloke. Good luck to him
  6. Sounds good idea but I'm not prepared to queue up at a drinking fountain. Have a rush to get to my seat as it is.
  7. In 1984 the IRA murdered several people and seriously injured many. When the terrorists came to trial Corbyn was outside court in "solidarity" waving his placard for the murdering cowards. Vote Labour? Mcdonnell just the same. Never.
  8. Well our freedom party well in the planning. Winners win losers lose. That's the way cookie crumbles. Never mind
  9. If Mrs Thatch had been prime minister after the referendum in 2016, we would have left within 6 months. Since 29th March we have given billions to the EU. If Boris fails Nigel will get us out.
  10. I don't give a flying rats ass if he turns up for training in his wife's underwear and high heels. I would have preferred to see him start at Wembley to give us at least a chance of an early goal.
  11. Frank excused training today and tomorrow to continue talks with Chelsea. Jesus Mary and Joseph
  12. Wish Frank well. Hope the replacement manager will know that to play our best striker on important games is more likely to produce a win. Like the one at Wembley. Watched the match with my great aunt aged 89 . Ten minutes in she asked "where is that one who came on last week and scored straight away why is he not playing, if I was manager he'd be the first one I picked".
  13. If London loving Christine has anything to do with it Frankie will be off if they offer it. All their families are down there, London is their home not beautiful Derbyshire. We are a stepping stone. I wish him luck but we needed a manager to give us stability for a few years. It's been a great season but so disappointing if Frank goes.
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