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  1. On my sofa in sunny Mickleover with my dad who is 88 now has had cancer treatment for few years now he had season ticket at BBG for years. Looking forward to it. COYR
  2. My friend works 4 x 12 hour shifts on a children's ward, she's knackered by end of the day with veins in her legs that need surgery . And all for £26k a year. Perhaps £26k a week would make the pain far more worthwhile and enable her get treatment that she cannot get on NHS. Stop feeling sorry for young men on salaries that are to be fair outrageous because they are "tired".
  3. Not the same pressure, underdogs, went to enjoy the experience..... This game we look like rabbit 🐰 in headlights
  4. Just when you think you can't love anybody more than Frank, up pops ickle Duane. Love his speed, his tenacity, his bravery to plough through the opposition instead of the easy option, his joie de vivre as head down he slips around massive defenders and slips a killer pass. Got to start against Leeds, presume he will get sharper. Oh my word, so much to look forward to.
  5. Apparently George's brother confirmed. I am informed.
  6. Cheering when stretcher comes on. Jeez
  7. Quite. Your average reptile has done absolutely nothing to deserve this comparison.
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