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  1. I would change our formation to 3-4-1-2 and put thise players on, because the energi in the team has gone go up a gear.: 1. Ross 2. Macdonald 6. Clarke 3.Fordyth 4. Wisdom 7. Bielik 8. Bird 9. Kazim Richard 10. Knight l1. Sibley. Burne isn't the right player for the fortune and Mcdonald did very well when he came on last time. Buchanan did okay. but his crossballs hasn't got the qualities of Forsyth. Wisdom has been okay, but I think he would be a asset in our defensive midfield with his quick passes upfield. GhT will enable Bielik
  2. Now er just need to shift out Holmes and put in Lawrence or Ibe.
  3. Once again we couldn't keep up the good momentum in the start and Waggy isn't enough to give us gools and a possibility to score gools. Karim Richard should have started instead of Rooney - a player like him is what we are missing and it's so obvious that Cocu can't see that. He needs to go and Arsene Wenger to come in.
  4. Now that Rooney won't play I suggest Lawrence should play as CF because every time he has played here instead of left wing he has done very well. Forsyth should get the chance again instead of Buchanan in a 4-3-1-2 formation and so should Wisdom. Bird's quality isn't a holding midfielder as Cuco thinks - from U23 we know his best further up front behind the two CF creating chances. Evans should instead fill that role and Cocu should instead demand his passing defensive play to Marshall and Divies, but fast balls on the ground like Thorne and Hiddlestone at they best days.
  5. This was the most ugly and boring gameplay Derby has produced in years. Evans and Clarke losing the ball and couldn't pass the ball. At a homegame only playing Rooney up front is just not enough. We should dictate the game instead In midfield Bird did nothing apart from playing the ball back - no creativity at all. But I think it's all down to Cuco's way of playing - it's so dull. This game only opened up the last 10 minutes and still we couldn't create anything that could give us a chance of goal. I'm about to lose my patience - and if it's the same next t
  6. You're right pointing out exactly what's right and missing. But - okay I think Cocu knows it too and I also believe we can trust him in getting there, but he needs to be more brave and select the right kind off players to get it right - but it will take some time before we get there. I hope it will be a blend of the play Graham Potter, manager of Brighton is showing, because they play with creativity and wants to play in a intertaining positive manner and go for goals.
  7. Why is it Derby are playing so dull and slow? It's because of Cocu's way of thinking football. Like Van Grall at Manch. United they want go keep the ball and to do that the build the play up very slowly with lots of passes siteways and often through the goolkeeper. By doing that the defenders have to be able to pass the ball and got ability to drible and play the ball up to the midfield. When Derby try to do that especially Clarke lose the ball in the buildup play all to often in our own half and then the other team are able to catch us out and go straight on our gool - befo
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