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  1. Final concept this year… a camouflage take on the 1996 Puma maroon away kit when were first in the Premier League under Jim Smith. Ahhh, the good old days. 🙌✌️👍🐏
  2. Here’s my away kit concept. Mash up of 1886-1888 four colour one, 1984 centenary home kit and then the universally loved yellow/blue/red (even though EVERYONE hates red on our shirt, right?!?) 1993/94 away. Thrown on a few different sponsors who are our current and then the biggest local employers. What do you lot think of this then… 👍🐏
  3. Here’s the one I worked up for last year – so it’ has the 32 Red sponsors logo, and it’s using the Bukhta away kit from 93/94 that @Ramarena mentioned too. I shared it on my Twitter and Facebook, but not here.
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