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  1. Perhaps someone at the Club needed to put a bit more effort into providing supporting information in the spreadsheet listing the player values used for the basis of the amortisation charged in the accounts.
  2. Depreciation and amortisation aren’t relevant when it comes to determining taxable profits or losses.
  3. That would be OK wouldn't it? We finished on 64 points last season.
  4. Good work V d M - respect for what you’re doing. Any chance you could train him to scoop and bag the poo himself? Then he really would be an assistance dog.
  5. Realistically, surely we can’t afford to pay off the 2 years left on WR’s contract, especially if we do go down to L1?
  6. Was leafing through Telegraph Sport section for Percy’s article and saw the headline El Drama adds to Derby quandary . . . but it turned out to be about horse racing.
  7. Looking at their message board, there’s an attempt by some Wednesday fans to get Jack voted their POTY.
  8. Derby 0 Wendies 3 Windass, Bannan and Parterson for them
  9. It looks like it as Roos was defending the zone inside the goal.
  10. As the EFL seem to love us so much, it will probably be 3 points this season and 6 points next.
  11. Can we have some good news from Swansea please?
  12. We were bottom of the league when he took over so staying up must be success. Should it happen, the manner of achieving it is up for debate.
  13. Derby County 0 Birminators 2 That bust of Steve Bloomer has more chance of scoring than our current forwards.
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