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  1. Derby County 2 Luton Town 1 FRGS Lawrence
  2. Thought Paterson got better as the game went on. Bielik much less of a liability in midfield. Lawrence fell over at the right time. Didn’t understand why Martin was taken off. Two poor goals against. A win would have been more than we deserved.
  3. Perhaps just ask them to replace the emblem of a ram with that of a newt.
  4. Nottingham Fo (can’t be bothered to type the rest) 1 Derby 2 FRGS Sibley
  5. Derby County 2 Bristol City 1 FRGS Marriott
  6. It's a self defeating process Announcer gets on mike No one responds Announcer thinks they can't hear me Turns up volume No on responds Repeat 1 to 5 till everyone's ears bleed
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