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  1. Linekers salary

    I wondered if anyone had picked up on this too! On the pitch - was a legend (especially for England) .... off it - a complete muppet!!! The worlds worst attempts at jokes every week ... kick him off and replace with someone (man or woman) on a tenth of that salary - it's the football we're interested in - not GL trying to chat s****!
  2. Rams Memories 1960s and 70s

    A vague recollection of a 1-1 draw ( I think) vs QPR .... midweek around '74 /'75 / '76 ?? I remember the dark, the floodlights and the atmosphere - fantastic!! Clear recollection of the home wim v Man City - that of the repaint the peno spot variety!! '76 ? '77 ? beyond that its early 80's ... bananrama on the pop side 'na na na na ... na na na na .... hey hey derby county ' ! Bobby Davison screamer midweek at Hillsboro (lost 3-1) and getting arrested in Bradford '84 I think - for dropping litter!!!! Go figure!!

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