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    RESS511 got a reaction from Adslegend in Harry wilson   
    George Thorne on loan was pretty good. 
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    RESS511 got a reaction from Andicis in Harry wilson   
    George Thorne on loan was pretty good. 
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    RESS511 got a reaction from Alpha in Harry wilson   
    George Thorne on loan was pretty good. 
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    RESS511 got a reaction from RoyMac5 in Harry wilson   
    George Thorne on loan was pretty good. 
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    RESS511 got a reaction from RadioactiveWaste in Harry wilson   
    George Thorne on loan was pretty good. 
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    RESS511 got a reaction from Vulcanboy in Harry wilson   
    George Thorne on loan was pretty good. 
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    RESS511 reacted to Pastinaak in Player power strikes again   
    If you get a new job and immediately everyone you work with, everyone you work for, everyone who works for you and everyone watching you work thinks you're a nob... then you're probably just a nob.
    So you'd better be doing really well at your job otherwise...
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    RESS511 reacted to duncanjwitham in If NP left who would you like in charge...   
    To be honest, you could replace him with a magic 8 ball and we'd be better off - at least some of the decisions would be right some of the time. 
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    RESS511 reacted to nottingram in Only 1 League goal since December   
    Bit like how he was poor here cause of Pearson's tactics? And some are saying on there he's been poor cause of Jokanovic's?
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    RESS511 got a reaction from whiteroseram in Squad surgery   
    Anyone else got the feeling Camara could fit into Pearson's style of play perfectly?
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    RESS511 got a reaction from seths-cap in Squad surgery   
    Anyone else got the feeling Camara could fit into Pearson's style of play perfectly?
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    RESS511 reacted to JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta in Poll: Expectations   
    I expect us to win at least 46 league games next season.
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    RESS511 reacted to Alpha in We have no good wingers   
    Russell is not the best of a bad bunch. 
    He runs and running apparently means "passion"
    What does he do? What contribution comes with the running? His first touch is poor, his balance is poor, he regularly Bamford passes (under hits the most simple passes by thinking about the next move rather than the pass, his crossing is smashed to the CB on the nearest post, he doesn't score. 
    Ince is the best of a bad bunch. 
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    RESS511 got a reaction from satty atwal in Bent to leave?   
    Weimann's scored 1 less league goal in half as many starts
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    RESS511 reacted to Kernow in Déjà vu   
    No, not the collapse a la last season. Our blip in form has now seen no win in 5.
    At the start of the season we had no win in 5, but our run ended against Preston and we ended up going on an 11 match unbeaten run and pushing ourselves to the top of the table.
    Our next game is against Preston. Time to get a win and set another run going.
    Feel a little bit of positivity and optimism is needed after that very strange game.
    Keep the faith.
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    RESS511 reacted to loughboroughRAM in Is automatic promotion beyond us?   
    Of course their points average per game is better than ours seeing as they have more points from an equal or in Boros case, less amount of games. So its a redundant debate because at Christmas our points average was better than Hulls but you wouldn't have argued that automatic promotion was beyond us then...yes its going to require a turnaround in form but don't forget we are in a blip which Hull have had and Boro look to be having after losing twice in a row.
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    RESS511 got a reaction from YouRams in Burnley v Derby   
    Christie, Keogh, Shackell, Warnock
    Butterfield, Thorne, Hendrick
    Ince, Martin, Camara
    Grant, Shotton, Baird, Johnson, Blackman, Weimann/Russell, Bent
    Yeah... Our squad's definitely too big. Couldn't even pick a bench that covers all positions without leaving one of Blackman, Bent, Russell or Weimann out. 
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    RESS511 reacted to Bris Vegas in Our fans are ****** part deux   
    Just like to thank our moronic fans who kept getting on Chris Martin's back.
    Fun fact; Before Nick Blackman arrived, Martin had only scored two in his last 11 starts - or 1 in his last 10 starts.
    Last 11 games, Chris Martin starting at CF with 4-3-3:
    Huddersfield A (W), Rotherham H (W), QPR H (W), Forest A (L), Cardiff H (W), Hull A (W), Sheff Wed A (D), Brighton H (D), Ipswich A (W), Fulham H (W), Boro A (L).
    So just to clarify, that's 7 Wins, 2 Draws and 2 Defeats = 23 points and certainly promotion form.
    OK, so let's kick off Hudderfield away and make it one goal in ten starts = 20 points and certainly promotion form.
    Now I'm not saying that your constant ridiculous criticism of Martin on here drove us to buy Nick Blackman, but that decision has ultimately rocked a boat which didn't need feckin rocking.
    Like I said before - If it aint broke, don't fix it. Martin wasn't scoring, but our team was and his presence at CF gave our team a good shape. We were winning games, and on course for promotion.
    But moronic fans compained he wasn't scoring, clearly some didn't think of the collective and aimed abuse at him. I hope those that have are happy now, because we've just set ourselves up for a repeat of last season.
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    RESS511 reacted to drgoodspeak in Fans vs Cars   
    Can imagine the reaction to this next statement, but I really don't care. I have only stayed to the final whistle once this season. The result? Ninety minutes added on to my journey home due to closing the road that runs parallel to the ground and increased traffic. Ninety minutes! First time I've had a season ticket and I took the Velodrome parking pass. I live in Leeds and doubling my journey time is not an option. I do feel a bit dirty, but I leave on 83 minutes every match and it works for me. On a night match I get home for about 2330, so no way am I adding that extra time.
    Presumably the traffic management has always been like this though, so I can't see any changes coming.
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    RESS511 reacted to TheDeadlySaul in Burnley v Derby   
    Christie Keogh Shackell Warnock
        Hendrick Thorne Butterfield
        Ince         Martin       Camara                
     Lets get this season back on track by shutting up old gravel mouth with our big spenders. 
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    RESS511 reacted to Tombo in Stupid stuff I've heard at the match today: Burnley   
    I think if the players could just hear everyone in the south stand for just one half, they wouldn't come back out for the second half and we'd be dealing with a mountain of transfer requests. Some shameful lot there.
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    RESS511 got a reaction from rammieib in Road Closed   
    I'm 19 and had a season ticket for nearly 10 years. I just don't understand why pedestrians are given the right to walk on the road whilst cars are forced to wait. They used to let all the coaches leave first then let the cars out but now everyone has to wait until all pedestrians are gone.
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    RESS511 got a reaction from TheDeadlySaul in Bolton Wanderers v Derby County   
    Baird, Keogh, Shackell, Forsyth
    Thorne, Hughes
    Russell, Ince, Weimann
    Subs: Grant, Christie, Pearce, Bryson, Hendrick, Dawkins, Bent
    Not even in squad: Mitchell, Ssewankambo, Buxton, Shotton, Warnock, Hanson
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    RESS511 got a reaction from Rampage in The Best Eleven Players That I saw play live for Derby County   
    Grant, Wisdom, Barker, Shackell, Forsyth, Thorne, Hughes, Bryson, Ince, Martin, Commons
    Subs: Fielding, Brayford, Tomkins, Hendrick, Ghaly, Bueno, Bent
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    RESS511 reacted to Leicester Ram in Perceived Value of the present Derby County Squad   
    How much a player's worth isn't decided by how good they are, it takes into consideration so many other factors.
    -Contract situation
    -Are they a fan favourite?
    -How key are they to the team?
    -To what level have they played before?
    -Are they seen as a disruptive personality?
    -Are they injury prone?
    -Their status with the media
    -Have they scored big important goals for the club?
    It's not just a case of 'well I think Dawkins is **** because he's not as quick as Russell and doesn't try as hard as Wardy, so I'm going to say he's worth £0, haha that'll serve him right for not having a song as good as Wonderward'. I'm not claiming to be an expert but I highly doubt we'd get £0 for Dawkins.
    Also, I wasn't sure who thought Forsyth and Christie were both worth under 500K, but that's just ignoring basic common sense. Christie is still extremely young and has a lot of potential. Just because he had a bad season, doesn't mean he's not shown flashes of brilliance and is worth well over 500K. Forsyth is statistically the best LB in this league over the last two seasons, as well as an international, we could EASILY demand over 500K for him, if not beyond that.
    Some people also don't pay attention to how escalated the prices of Championship players have been this last year.
    McCormack- 11 million
    Ulloa- 8 million
    Gestede- rumoured to be looking at 7-8 million for him.
    Rhodes- was bought for 8 million from a League 1 side! Been quoted at 10 million ever since if anyone's been interested in him.
    And yet people still think Martin's only worth 6 million? He's scored over 20 goals two season in a row, as well as featuring for Scotland and his absence from our team signalled a catastrophic slump that took us from 1st to 8th. He's a proven goal scorer and target man in his prime, I'd be distraught if we sold him and I'd feel we'd been ripped off if we got anything less than 9 million for him.
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