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April fools day ?


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I saw Daveo closed the Jari litmanen thread,saying it was only till 12.00, etc ?

I have an issue with that sentiment, as its called April Fools DAY... I have tried to research it further and its very confused,and inconclusive, historically since the 1300's it has been all day, more recently some have said 12.00 in the UK, a few other contries following suit, but there is nowhere that says it finishes at 12.00 definatively,and is seen by most to have been introduced by kill joys, and the 12.00 deadline has been traced back and attributed to Adolf Hitler !

Need more be said ?

Therefore it seems that if someone wishes to to play a joke after 12.00 it is their prerogative... 'http://www.dcfcfans.co.uk/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':rolleyes:' />

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