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Darts legend Jockey Wilson dies aged 62


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in some ways this is a blessing.Jocky has been a recluse for years,hardly ever leaving his flat.He had diabetes and it stopped him from drinking,which he loved.He stopped playing darts in the mid 90s because he couldnt drink.A lot of players from that era need a few drinks before and during their game and as darts was becoming more media friendly the ban on alcohol on stage came in.This handicapped Jocky, albeit psychologically.

I played against him in 1992 in a exhibition tournament.I played well in a game of 701 in which Jocky hit 2x 180s against me.He deliberately left 6 to finish.His first dart hit double 1,he turned round to me and said"that wasnt bad son was it?" ,his next dart also hit double 1, "that was even better wasnt it son?", the third dart landed right next to the first two in the green bit.Game shot and the match.

"that was f***ing brilliant wasnt it son?"

It was.

A true legend of the game and a bloody nice bloke as well.


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