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Is this the most exicting time to support DCFC?


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Nigel Clough as our manager.

Beautiful football.


Gary Teale fast becoming a god.

Commons getting out of his hiding place.

Beating Forest in their back yard.

Doing this for the first time in 38 years.

The most positive I've felt since Uncle George was here.

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I'l be honest, when Clough was being strongly linked to the club I feared the worst for this club, are we appointing him just because of his surname? I still say this played a major part in the reason he was hired. We needed a man who would come in and lift the fans, the players and inject confidence into the team and Clough has done that instantly.

The way we were playing under Jewell, hoofing it up and hoping Hulse would be at the end, I was starting to think League 1 is a real possibility. Clough has come in and gone back to basics, getting the ball on the ground and playing football, and you know what? I love it!

Theres a real buzz around the club at the moment, the negatives (Teale, Savage) have been turned into positives.

A couple of decent signings in the summer and I really believe next year will be our year, I'm not saying it won't be tough, some big clubs could come down this season and we'l have to fight harder to be at the top.

With Clough in charge, anything seems possible at the moment.

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mr froggg clocking on......morning all broadband now on(just moved house)

sure is exciting....i remember the conversation we had about clough how wrong we could be.....he's allready a legend in his own lifetime after last night...

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